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MotoGP 3 Demo Released

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by koma, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Just giving everyone the heads up that the MotoGP3 demo has been released. The download is a 157mb file, and it comes with 2 tracks, a couple of riders, and 4 bike classes (one of each to try).

    MotoGP 3 URT Download

    -initial impressions are that its not much of a step up from MotoGP2.
    -still faily poor physics (although the modders of MGP2 are keen to fix that!)

    -graphics have taken another step up with DX9c implementation looking pretty schmick! (lighting blooms, nice reflections, etc etc - i've got a nVidia 6800nu and i run it at 1600x1200 with everything maxed & 4AA/8xAF)
    -new game modes include night racing through some weird tokyo floating road thing; but its alot of eye candy and quite fun!
    -Gran Prix, 600cc, 1000cc, 1200cc bike classes provides a good range of bikes, although all of the ones NOT in the GP class are fictional but based on real bikes ;)

    I'm still hanging out for the full release. :D
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  3. 200k per second? That sounded fast to me until I looked at my download speed from iinet - 850k a second.

    That's just obscene. Gotta love this iinet connection...
  4. I think I'll wait till it comes out on a magazine cover cd!!!
  5. yous bastahds.

    I can run faster than my download speed.

    It's the next model up from this one

  6. My download speed is OK, but I'm getting close to my download LIMIT for the month so I think I'll wait.

    Us old blokes are patient!!!
  7. I just saw MotoGP4 for the PS2 at Target today.
  8. Explain that

    Dan, you'll have to explain THAT, probably more than 50% of the forum has never SEEN a modem, and certainly not an old 300bps model. I suspect you may be foxing a bit, though!
  9. Re: Explain that

    nup - 28.8kbps internet - orrible.

    My only option where I am is ISDN or satellite, and I'm not willing to fork out for either. :roll:
  10. Ahh the good old phone coupler modem.... got one of them kicking around somewhere!