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N/A | National MotoGP 2016

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Tommo617, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. So, two tests down and I think we're still none the wiser as to which bike is likely to perform the best at round one. Perhaps the two tests have raised more questions than answers?

    Maverick Vinales was very quick at Phillip Island, and it would be great to see Suzuki challenging for podiums once again.

    Will Pedrosa finally shake off his 'most successful rider to never win the top class GP championship' tag? I don't think he will. I'd go so far as to suggest that if he wasn't SPanish he'd have been dropped by Repsol Honda a long long time ago.

    Will the Marquez/Rossi/Lorenzo shenanigans of late 2015 continue into this season? Too early to tell, but I think there will be some 'hard' overtakes this year between those three if they happen to share the same section of the track.

    Will honda tone down their search for epic horsepower in order to make the thing ridable? And will they get their head around the electronics quickly enough (my thoughts are no, and probably)

    What of the Ducatis? Well everyone seems to be going quick on Ducatis...except for the factory riders!

    This could, just maybe, be an even closer season than last year...well, until a wheel turns at Qatar anyway!
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  2. My tip..

  3. I'd like to see Maniac Joe win a race this year. Let us not forget that the last person to win a motogp race on a ducati was...Casey Stoner...

    from memory (I could be wrong, it isn't as reliable as it once was) wasn't Chris Vermuelen the last rider to win on a Suzuki?

    hmmmn...seems like the factories need MORE Australian riders...:eek:

    anyway, more manufacturers winning races, and closer racing (much like that seen at PI last year) would be nice to see.
  4. Going to be a great few first races.

    How did Maverick fare at last year's Australian GP during qualifying? Is the track just suited to his riding style or is the Suzuki truly fast this year?

    Where's the new Aprilia?
  5. Can't recall exactly where Maverick qualified for PI last year, but from memory he did pretty well in the race. Perhaps his style is well suited to the circuit. The Suzuki now has a seamless gearbox which should help acceleration (the Suzuki's achilles heel last year)

    The new Aprilia was a no show at the Island. It is reportedly going to appear at the last test in Qatar.
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    ... I could be wrong, but I think Aprilia are developing their bike, but I don't know that they intend to actually race it until next year... ?

    I hesitate to make any real prediction about how this is going to go. When Jorge was blindingly quick in Malaysia, I rather thought he'd just glide into the new season on the momentum of picking up another WC and make 'em all look silly, squatters in Lorenzo's Land, but once we got to PI, it's a whole different world... Things are ... evolving. Michelin are using pretty much the same rear tyre they've had since the '90s, but the front is going through some serious development right now, and while it's still not as easy to use as the Bridgestone was, it's getting a sh1tload better very quickly...

    Ducati need Stoner back - Racing, not testing... They have a bike which can do the job. They also have a rider who can do the job, but he's a brand ambassador these days... All the other blokes, some of them can be very quick sometimes, but none of them feel like a soon-to-be world champion...

    I predict Maverick will do well, but I don't think he can even seriously threaten this year. I think Jack Miller will do rather better this year, but I don't see him getting anywhere near a championship either. He might win a race, but I won't be holding my breath...

    I've been predicting the end of Dani Pedrosa since about 2006 or something, when he was bashing fairings with Casey in 125s. He's still there. I get the sense he's a kind of magic charm / conduit for trillions of $ in Spanish sponsorship. Exactly why, I don't know, but it looks that way... He's not useless, he can and does get a BJ from one of the umbrella girls a couple of times a year and suddenly he's a god - for that weekend anyway... Trouble is he can't seem to do that often enough or consistently enough. And it's not like he hasn't been given the chance...

    Rossi v Marquez... I don't think we've heard or seen the last of that little stoush just yet... I don't know what else they're going to do, but I don't think that's over yet...

    Which leaves Marquez... Again, I hesitate to make a prediction. When this kid arrived and knocked the world + Dog a$$ over head in his first year, I thought we were seeing the start of another Doohan era, another one of those long spells where everybody knows who the boss is and the rest are fighting over the scraps. But it hasn't quite played out like that. And unless Honda can get that bike on those tyres to work like it did a couple of years ago... But that most certainly COULD happen. What I don't know is if it WILL.

    It's looking to be an interesting season. I wouldn't like to make a confident prediction. I'm not sure what's going to happen. I had some ideas about what would unfold during testing and shake down, and they've proved to be about as wrong as you can get... It hasn't even started yet but already it's not doing what I expected...
  7. Which is why it's so great to watch I guess.

    I'm sticking with my early prediction that Lorenzo will win another championship this year. As all the Aliens come off contract at the end of this year, Stoner will make a racing return in 2017.
  8. Any reports in on the form of the RC16 KTM? I know it's a year away but i'm a bit of a KTM fan.
  9. The KTM has tested at a few different tracks, but not where the current MotoGP riders are, and they aren't publishing anything about times. The riders are making the right noises about how the bike is going and its adjustability etc, but we just won't know until they test/race at the same circuit with the regulars.

    The WP suspension is an interesting choice - KTM owns the company, and so potentially has access the breakthroughs. However, they could just bolt on a set of Ohlins and instantly take away a key variable.

    It will be good to see more manufacturers...but they can't all win so I doubt if they will all stick around long term. I'm suprised Ducati has actually stuck around for so long after so many winless seasons - particularly as the bike they now make in MotoGP has nothing in common with their road bikes...
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    2016 Phillip Island MotoGP Test Friday Round Up: What We Learned, And What We Still Don't Know | MotoMatters.com | Kropotkin Thinks

    As Hornet would point out, it's classic Emmet. Lots of words that somehow don't tell us much. But that is partly the message that has come out from the test. It's complicated, and it's changing, and each track you go to at the moment, the results are likely to be different. The way people are adapting to the new rules and the new bikes and the new tyres and stuff, it's all a bit up-in-the-air right now.

    My initial assessment of the Michelins was pretty much on the money, but while they're hanging on to their rear tyre, (because it works), they are now doing a lot of rapid development of the front, and while their progress is a bit patchy in some respects, they are making substantial improvements. They haven't exactly "fixed" it yet, but there is work going on and it is leading to substantial improvement.

    [edit] One thing nobody much seems to have mentioned, the Bridgestones were 16.5 inch, but I think the Michelins have come back with 17 inch tyres from the start...
  11. Yup, the Michelins are 17s because they want to develop a tyre that they can then pass on the stuff they learn to their road tyres (or at least that's one reason given).

    We could have the situation where one manufacturer turns up at a track and find that their bike/electronics package just 'works' and they clear off into the distance, and then at the next race are nowhere. There could also be some really interesting results...

    ...but equally we might just see the same four riders (2 x works Honda and 2 x works Yamaha) dominating again...but I seriously hope not!
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  12. Go Go Crazy Joe!
  13. Well it is interesting. And it's not quite going the way you'd think. The Suzuki (at least with Mavric on it) is blisteringly quick, at Philip Island anyway. Now they still don't have class leading power, so that's because they're fast through and out of the corners, and because the boy with the Top Gun name really is pretty damn good.

    But that's all going to change when you try a different track....

    Honda boys are saying the big problem for them, is first second and third gear corner exits. Now P.I. is mostly very fast corners, and that masks the problem. Go to a place with a lot of first and second gear corners, and they hope like hell they get the TC working a whole lot better. They are making progress, but so is everybody else...

    As far as I can see, if Stoner got out there, he'd be at (or very near) the front. What they need is a rider (racer) who can go fast, and sort the bike out, because it's basically a pretty good thing...
  14. One thing is for sure, this is going to be a very interesting season for all sorts of reasongs. Can't wait!
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    Vinales going very fast on the Suzuki again.

    Marquez well down, making comments they have found a setup combination that gives pretty good chassis and handling, but it suffers for rear grip getting off the corners, which is costing them big in laptime. They can find several things that improve the rear grip again, but when they do that, the feel and front end grip and user-friendliness go away entirely.

    Qatar MotoGP test times - Thursday (Final) | MotoGP Results
  16. Qatar MotoGP test times - Friday (Final) | MotoGP Results

    And the last day.

    Lorenzo back on top, by about a half second. But that was a one-off lap on softs. He has also done race sims, and they are also quick, but not really any quicker than the rest.

    Notice how close the times are. Jorge is a clear half sec in front, but after that is a very close bunch, well down through the field. It's only when you get down to about 16th or something, that it starts to open up. Unfortunately, Jack Miller is on the wrong side of that divide. I think, he will get quicker. He has very limited time on that bike and he did just break his leg. I don't think he would have been getting too ballistic during this test...

    It does bode well for a close, entertaining season. At least the first part. There is a chance somebody will find a perfect combination and thump everyone, but that's all likely to change again at the next round...

    Maveric Vinales also quick again... This kid can ride a bit. That bike is probably quite good, but it's not quite as good as he makes it look. The rider is the key...
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    And on 4 wheels, which I'm not going to link here, Ferrari are looking like they might be competitive with Benz. And Honda McLaren are not suddenly on the front row, but word is they've found a very big jump in engine / power unit performance. From back of the field and struggling to qualify, they look more like being 5 ~ 10 at this point, and rumour is they have more power coming.

    PS: And Daniel Ricciardo is happy. Like McLaren they're not suddenly about to hit the front, but they (he says) are in a much better position than they have been at this point in the last two seasons.
  18. Relieved Marquez boosted by 'huge' step | MotoGP News

    Interview and comments from M&M. He is not leading, but they think they're starting to get on top of it. His worry is that it's all very slow to do the setup. First you need to get the TC in the ballpark. Then you can start fiddling with the chassis. But there's not enough time in a normal race weekend to go through this. They need a base setting, which would pretty much work anywhere, and then tweak it for that circuit. This is what he's happy about, because he thinks they may have found that base setting, or at least be close to it.
  19. I'm not a betting man but I see that Maverick is at odds $34 to win the championship. Not a bad bet. I think it's agreed that he has the talent. Vale was also up around $5.
    I have told the misses that if Mav wins a world championship I'm buying a Suzuki. I won't repeat and of her response was other than to say it wasn't favourable.
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  20. LOL. I am not real keen to start talking odds this early. Too easy to be very very wrong.

    I'd think Jorge has got to be favourite. I would not offer any more than about 3:2.
    Rossi at 5 is about right.
    Danni at about 7 ~ 8.
    Not sure about M&M. Now ... about 3:1, perhaps lower....
    $34 for Maveric seems about right.
    I think the Ducati is roughly a 4:1 bike, but I don't think they have a 4:1 rider.... Not about to quote odds for the riders they do have.... Let's say 8 or higher...