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MotoGP 2013 Round 1 Qatar

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Mouth, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1364922894.371291.

    Under lights, with full VIP privileges :)

    Has everyone got there tipping in yet?
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  2. Our membership fees must be too high if you're able to jet-set all about the place :p
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  3. Yeah, going to change them to annual so I can go to Malaysian too :p
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  4. Wow I reckon it would be a real experience going there. I can't wait for the season to kick off
  5. I read Qatar is a unique event where they pretty much give you free reign of the track because of the low spectator numbers.
    I should have booked Malaysia when Air Asia had flight specials on, $608 for two people return!
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  6. That's just a ridiculous price.
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  7. Don't remind me!
  8. lucky bastard!

    i can't wait for Qatar, it's going to be a VERY exciting season, i can feel it in my waters!
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  9. Well done Mouth and enjoy, you deserve it!
  10. Wow, only an absolute dickhead would turn down a price that good! Oh but I'm sure you had your reasons...

  11. No, no good reason...I listened to my wife who procrastinates every decision! fcuk it! Stop reminding me!
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  12. Hadn't heard that, will be interesting to see. Never been to a night race too, looking forward to that
  13. Nah I do the same thing, missed out on a lot thanks to procrastination.
  14. I think I'll wait for practice before I make my choice for this race.

    Have fun Mouth.
  15. who knows what is in store...

    will rossi rise from the ashes with yamaha?
    willl dani make a stand and take what he deserves?
    will marky marquez kick some arse and take a rookie championship?
    will spies and edwards have some better luck this year?

    best of luck to aussie CRT rider Brian Staring!!

    personally i like crutchlow and hope he gets some!
  16. yeah me too - i was devo at the MotoGP last year when he was too sick to attend the autograph session, other than Rossi and Arthur Sissis, i wanted to meet him the most :)
  17. anyone know what the tv coverage is for this with the new qualifying setup?
  18. What do you mean?

    Are you implying that there is any doubt or uncertainty as to what will happen?

    I and many others do know what is in store.

    There is no question surrounding it.

    The haters and traitors who abandoned The One True God are in for the most sobering of years.

  19. Pffft hardly. Rossi isn't going to get an easy run, not even from You're Gay Lorenzo.
  20. any of those four guys have a good chance