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MotoGP 2012 tipping

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Captn Spock, Apr 8, 2012.

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  2. Might I suggest, if any sponsors or vendors are interested we can put up an ad banner and in return the sponsor can have some prizes for winners.

    Thoughts mods?
  3. We've had a couple of variations of tipping comps. MVrog set up a basic "post up before the race" style and then Goz set up an oztips one for a couple of years. Funnily enough the first one was more interesting (for me at least) because despite the (almost) absence of scoring updates the lack of prizes, it stimulated discussion on the way. If you do a search youll find them.

    The oztips one was much more professional but lacked the interaction.

    Good on you for taking the initiative because it no one starts a comp then it will never happen.
  4. I tip Rossi to get no podium finishes this year... :p
  5. i wanna see those odds :p
  6. I think the bookmaker would keep your money even if you won the bet. ;)
  7. That link doesn't work for me.

    For Jerez I'm going to go with:


    I reserve the right to edit that until the end of FP3 :rofl:
  8. Woo! Hayden on the front row!
  9. Yeah very admirable job by him. Hayden on 3rd and Rossi on 13th. Just tells you one thing, Rossi is not determined to push any harder unless Ducati make ALL the changes he wants. This is just his way of communicating that,