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MotoGP 2012 Starts this weekend!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by minglis, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Just a reminder that MotoGP starts this weekend:


    From what I can tell, Qualifying is on at 2:50am Sun'dy morn and the race 1:45am Mon'dy morn. Early start, but, the night race is worth the watch. (Thanks grue for the update).
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  2. Qualifying Sunday AM, race Monday AM.

    Long weekend though, not like people have to be up for work!

    Full schedule for Syd/Melb time

    6 April 2012

    01:00 - 01:40
    01:55 - 02:40
    02:55 - 03:40
    03:55 - 04:35
    04:50 - 05:35

    7 April 2012

    01:00 - 01:45
    02:00 - 02:40
    02:55 - 03:40
    03:55 - 04:40

    8 April 2012

    01:00 - 01:40
    01:55 - 02:40
    02:55 - 03:55
    04:20 - 04:40
    04:55 - 05:15

    9 April 2012

    01:00 - 01:20
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  3. Thanks matt... I'll lock this in.
  4. Go Whore-Gay and Yamaha!!!
  5. Can't wait. Bring it on. Go casey...
  6. I will of course be backing Our Lord Spiesus Christ.
  7. Can't wait. Looking at the time sheets at least the yammys are up to speed. Fingers crossed #46 is too.
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  8. Allez Randy! Time to embarrass some "motogp" riders.* =D>

    *Or crash trying.
  9. C'mon stoner, time to stick it to them again
  10. Backing Stoner but damn id love to see Rossi at his best again.
  11. Thank god for a long weekend!!!
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  12. yeah, would be good to see some great battles this year. Stoner, Rossi, whore-gay, Spies etc...
  13. Slightly OT, but has anyone had experience with the motogp season pass. Is it worth getting if you don't have access to foxtel? Also will one have it free to air?
  14. Foxtel? Its all OneHD, mate. Those passes are dam pricey too. Wsbk on Foxtel, not Gp.
    Last i heard anyway.
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  15. Yeah what Smitizen said. Ironically I have Foxtel Satellite but they do not re-transmit One (only on Foxtel Cable) - and I don't have a normal tv ariel. So I pay $100 odd bucks a month but can't watch the frickin' GP. (Good for superbikes on SPeed though...)

    Channel 10 replays the GP race with about an hours delay (at least they did last year) but it is literally the GP race. No Moto2/Moto3, no qualifying, no pre-race commentary etc.

    Last year I watched it live via some website I found which re-transmitted the live coverage (will try to find it again and post here).

    So, to cut a long story short, I am considering the GP pass this year - just to get all the qualifying etc.

  16. With the extreme lack of coverage of all things 2 wheeled on free to air, everytime i go to my folks place and put the Foxtel Speed channel on it's like xmas! BSB, WSBK it's all good!
  17. Yeah it is really good for that. And they show continuous live coverage of every race - so all the supersport and superstock etc...
  18. He's shithouse, I expect Casey to lap him in the first half of the race.
  19. Fingers crossed for Crutchlow too. He had a great testing season.
  20. Yeah that's awesome. WSBK race weekends are so sweet.
    Moto Gp should take a leaf outta their book - multi race weekends.