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Motogp 2012 : R18, Comunitat Valenciana (121111) *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by carver, Apr 29, 2012.

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    MotoGP 2012 : R18, Comunitat Valenciana (121111) *SPOILERS*
    121111 : R18, Comunitat Valenciana - Ricardo Tormo (Valencia)


    Rather than someone having to make a new thread every round, i created this one, same format as last year.
    That way you will only need to subscribe to one thread, and as soon as someone posts in it you can receive notification.

    I will come back each round and update the title, and put a link to the start of each round discussion.

    MotoGP 2012 Calendar and links to each Round are in the next post.
  2. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    120408 : R1, Doha/Losail (Qatar)*

    120429 : R2, Jerez (España)

    120506 : R3, Estoril (Portugal)

    120520 : R4, Le Mans (France)

    120603 : R5, Catalunya (Catalunya)

    120617 : R6, Silverstone (Great Britain)

    120630 : R7, TT Circuit Assen (Netherlands)**

    120708 : R8, Sachsenring (Deutschland)

    120715 : R9, Mugello (Italy)

    120729 : R10, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (USA)

    120819 : R11, Indianapolis (USA)***

    120826 : R12, Brno (Ceské Republiky)

    120916 : R13, Misano (San Marino)

    120930 : R14, MotorLand Aragón (Aragón)

    121014 : R15, Twin Ring Motegi (Japan)

    121021 : R16, Sepang (Malaysia)

    121028 : R17, Phillip Island (Australia)

    121111 : R18, Comunitat Valenciana - Ricardo Tormo (Valencia)

  3. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    If Ben Spies keeps racing like this he'll be on a CRT bike next season if he can find a ride at all in MotoGP. Seriously poor.
  4. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    Gah! This breaking up satellite picture is beginning to irritate me.
  5. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    Picture's better now, btu we got local commentators :(
  6. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    Gah, commercial break, but HD satellite is back :)

    Awesome race so far, Casey made a great come back from dropping down the grid at the start.
  7. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    What are these cartoon strips Channel 10 are trying to pass off as race coverage? What happened to the HD broadcasts?
  8. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    Yeah, I had a bit of a WTF moment. Moto2 and Moto3 were on OneHD, then all of a sudden while we were watching the guys on the grid, it disappears and we get some movie and the MotoGP coverage pops up on Ten.
  9. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    Seems like a bad feed, been switching from HD to SD a few times :(
  10. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    I don't think i took a breath the last 6 laps... Great race stoner
  11. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    Yeah that was a good ride by Stoner. Pity Hayden couldn't hold his position, he started off so well.
  12. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    p[retty good race, loved the start!
  13. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    OneHD, home of motorsport. Just change to Ten for the main event guys, we have to show a movie now.

    Good race. **** Channel Ten.
  14. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    Good race 1st couple of laps excellent racing good too see .. well done stoner.
  15. F*cking awesome race!
  16. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    Great race!
  17. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    Casey rides a classic; give the guy behind the idea he can beat you then ride away from him in the last couple of laps. Bazza would have been proud of him.

    and don't those Moto3 bikes sound like constipated gorillas?
  18. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    Lorenzo might have taken out Stoner if he hadn't cooked that corner with a few laps to go. Looks like he settled for 2nd.
  19. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    LMAO THIS MOTO3 RACE IS GREAT ! ...i've honestly never really gotten into the gp's ...i generally had the mindframe that i'd rather ride than watch people ride ....BUT THIS...this is gold......ten laps to go and there's about 6 riders already gone....the two leaders were i think both 16 and they've had 2 motogp races under their belt's ?! ahhh good on fenati

    was cheerin' rins on...shame he couldn't hold second...especially after his efforts
  20. Re: MotoGP 2012 : R2, Spain *SPOILERS*

    That's true, but Stoner upped the pace and Lorenzo overcooked it trying to go with him.....