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MotoGP 2011 R6, Silverstone (Great Britain)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Azamakumar, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    OneHD 9.30. Just popped over to the motogp site and looked at the qualifying times. Stoner Sic Lorenzo on the front line and Rossi all the way down at 15? what?
  2. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    No idea what Rossi was doing in qualifying, spent most of the time in and out of the pits.

    Sad day for Crutchlow missing his home GP.
  3. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    Gonna be a wet one, Rossi is still a chance.
  4. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    7.45pm the live stream starts there's 125's & moto2
  5. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    'study' means I won't be able to sit in front of the tele all night :(
  6. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    We don't care.
  7. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    Rossi should retire.
  8. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    He will. After he turns that piece of shit Ducati into something proper and wins another championship. That will be on the 1000.
  9. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    Maybe. Everybody seems to be looking forward to getting back onto the thousands. Stoner seems to be rubbing his hands together in fact. I was a Rossi fan before I was a Stoner fan, so I kinda hope they get something together that allows him to finish his career with some dignity.

    What it really does show, is just how good Casey is. He was winning on that bike, when he wasn't falling off it, all the way to the end of last year. Now the Greatest Of All Time can't get the thing higher than 13th / 15. Last Ducati on the grid.

    [edit] Looks like he's binned it in the warmup as well.

  10. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    Casey fell off it loads and that cost him any chance of another world title on it after the rocket ship he had in '07. It is not the same bike as last year either, even just the new engine rules are enough to guarantee that.
  11. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    this will be an interesting Race. The rain is great. Kills the power advantage and accentuates skill and talent. Not long to wait now, Chaps and Chapettes.
  12. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    @Bazza - Ok, it's not the same bike, but it's very similar. They're all very similar.

    ... Sounds like it's started. I'm going to watch.
  13. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    Moto2 is just a crash fest. Quite entertaining.
  14. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    what a race by Brad Smith... 28th to 2nd... awesome ride.

    Go Casey!!!
  15. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    C'mon Lorenzo
  16. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    casey will crash with the way hes riding
  17. They won't see Casey now that he has the lead. That was one fast overtake
  18. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    good to see bautista going not too bad.
    suprised sic aint binned it yet though he did have a moment there .
  19. Re: Moto GP Silverstone *Spoilers*

    wait till the tyres get torn up a bit
  20. A race of 4