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MotoGP 2011 R5, Circuit de Catalunya (Catalunya)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by davidp1984, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    Surprised no one has started a thread yet.

    How dirty was the end move on the 125's...
  2. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    Sucked in to Zarco, should've been fair and he would of at least taken 2nd if not 1st. Dirty Pr1ck.
  3. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    Does this make me crazy because I'm having having a conversation with myself?
  4. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    Whorehey has to shine here. Go casey...and smile you little prick.
  5. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*


  6. I was waiting for someone to start this! Harsh result in the end. I wondered if they may push him back to second, but 6th was a huge penalty. Didn't look to be a great over take for sure, but racing can't be all roses I guess.
  7. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    you can't push someone out into the wet grass so you can win a race

    I know the sport is competitive, but that's just not on
  8. Just watched the replay again. Didn't look good when he lent into him did it. Looked like a deliberate move to push him off (the track) rather than just an aggressive move that resulted in him going wide.
  9. Might not be anyone left soon!! Some horrible crashes there.
  10. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    Yeah, poor bloke landed on his head and then the other bike collects him in the back.
  11. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    ghastly crash with Sofoglu hitting first the other rider's back wheel, and then the rider :shock:
  12. Then he slammed into the barrier pretty hard too.
  13. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

  14. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    No you can't, but is a 20s penalty the correct punishment? Are we going to penalise each and every move, by any rider (Spanish in Spain anyone, run by a Spanish company) that might be considered dangerous? Lorenzo a couple of races ago used Dovi as a berm. No penalty. SuperSic did a crazy dumb move and cops a ride through and then another talking to by race direction.

    Just about every Moto2 overtake could be considered marginal (that's what happens with a control engine). Kenan could damn well have killed Simon tonight, but will receive no penalty because he also came off. Why shouldn't he cop a penalty for next weekend? He deprived Simon (a title contender) of a certain podium.

    I have an issue with race direction deciding races, because their viewpoint will always be clouded by their own experiences and the results are always subjective. Just my opinion, each has their own.
  15. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    Anyone have a link to the Zarco or Sofuoglu incidents?
  16. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUU is the oneHD stream down? :(
  17. Seems to be.
  18. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    Crisis averted, everyone else is asleep so i can use the tele for once
  19. Haha... Good news.
  20. Re: Moto Gp Catalunya *Spoiler Alert*

    Man the whole thing with Simon/Pedrobot is getting old, so much news on it pre-race. Let's get the bikes going already!