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MotoGP 2011 R4, Le Mans (France)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Kermie, May 15, 2011.

  1. MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    Yes the night is upon us!

    Will Simoncelli finish this time?
    Will Stoner cry a river again?
    Will Pedrobot make it double?
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    I hope so.
    Doubt it.

    Bring it on.
  3. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    4 works Honda's taking the top spots. Hard to see the Yamaha's making a dent and the Ducati looks a long shot.

    And Stoner and RdP will be investigated after an incident in morning warm up that saw Stoner (once again) making his displeasure known to another rider.
  4. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    I wonder what's up with Spiesus Christ… something is afoot this season.
  5. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    WOW.. what a finish to the 125's... amazing race.
  6. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    Stoner punching de Puniet during warm up because he got blocked... what a wanker. Quite embarrassing, really, can we put him up for adoption to another country?
  7. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    What a gutsy move.
  8. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    He's always getting pissed off when people follow or block him. Fair enough, but it's just what happens.
  9. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    The 16 year old showing how its done!

    He lives up to his nick name "maverick"!
  10. Moto2 eventful so far.
  11. So when the riders get the tail whip out on them, is that due to the change of gears causing the engine speed and the tyre speed to be very different?
  12. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    Stoner punching de Puniet ........ anyone have a link to footage ?
  13. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    Fined 5k. Furiously searching for a video of it.
  14. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    was just on one, this bloke needs to control his temper
  15. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    thanks azam.. just saw it on telly... with all due respect De Puniet did look over his left shoulder where stoner was seen. But if De Puninet moved onto the racing line......
  16. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    you GOONS why didn't anyone record it? live stream for those that don't have onehd, or cbf moving to the tele
  17. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    Rdp did the wrong thing and should have not moved onto the line. But stoner should control his temper a bit more. He loses it in situations where others don't.
  18. Aawww crap... I missed it.
  19. De Puniet in the wrong but once again Casey comes across as an enormous knobjockey.

    Android tapatalking
  20. Re: MotoGP, France. *possible spoilers*

    Stoner should have kicked him!