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MotoGP 2011 R3, Estoril (Portugal)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Kermie, May 1, 2011.

  1. MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Bit disappointing not to see thread started yet, no one watch the yesterday's practice session for pole?

    Simocelli to make it a hatrick of crashes, will "the doctor" "exhibit more ambition then talent again"?

    The race is on tonight peeps, live stream here from 8pm.

  2. Re: MotoGP Estoril

    Hahaha... yes, looking forward to Rossi's 'ambition' (or was it 'talent' ?), indeed :D
  3. Re: MotoGP Estoril

    Didn't mean to jinx simocelli!
  4. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    ... you could have given him a lap or maybe 2!!
  5. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Great race by Pedrobot and rossi getting pipped right on the line by Dovi was priceless.
  6. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    You think Rossi is having happy thoughts about Dovizioso?
  7. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    How 'bout Llanone in moto2........??](*,)

    Glad Pedrobot beat whoregay........... but I'm going'ta bed all huffy that Stoner couldnt make a showing.........[-(
  8. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Iannone's ride in Moto2 was unbelievable, unfortunately low-sided, i think he pushed his tyres that little bit too hard. Not surprising coming from 16th to 1st.

    And words cannot describe the joy i had seeing Pedrosa pass Lorenzo on the straight, i didn't think Honda had the braking to get passed but he did it, you little ripper!

    Fantastic ride considering he just had shoulder surgery. Well done Pedrosa.
  9. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Probably the best thing I've ever seen when Rossi got snipped on the line. Cop that.
  10. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Casey Stoner. I just knew he'd have a whinge as soon as he opened his mouth in the post-race. If he's trying to come across as a petulant spoiled brat he's doing a great job.
  11. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    I love watching Rossi biatch-slapped! For me those last seconds made the whole race worth watching... because let's face it, apart from the first lap it was pretty boring most of the time.
  12. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Congrats to Danny. I think he rode the perfect race. Not great to watch. But he let Whorehey know he had him all the way through. Without being an idiot.
    Crutchless rode a good one too for a guy with a gammy arm.
    I like Stoner but he needs a personality pill. Takes it all a bit too seriously. A bit like Biaggi use to.
    As for Rossi. The man is a living legend. He brought the personality back to racing. I wouldn't ever count him out.
  13. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Man, you sure did jinx him. 2 massive High sides within the first 2 corners, and Stoner almost made 3.

    Best part of the race!!

    what he said.
  14. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Did you hear what the commentators said after the race? Rossi's time in 5th a was 10 seconds quicker than last years winning time.
  15. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Yeah, apparently Dani's time was 26 seconds faster than the winner last year.
  16. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Did anyone see all the highsides from the Moto2 race earlier, one guy came right down on his coccyx, would have hurt a tad.
  17. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    Great race to watch, Perosa rode a perfect race unbelievable job.

    As for Stoner, do yourself a favor mate and stop sooking -
  18. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    I fell asleep, what did he say in the post race interview?
  19. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    That's what he's referring to. It's not what he says, but the manner in which he says it. He's a very serious young man. Adrianna needs to blow him more.
  20. Re: MotoGP Estoril *Possible Spoiler*

    He said everybody who rides faster than him is an idiot, and everybody who rides slower than him is a wimp. He believes he's the only 'true' racer out there and should be treated as such. Fucking muppet.