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MotoGP 2006 - Round 15 - Japanese Grand Prix (JAP)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. After the bedlam of Phillip Island, the GP circus jumps on yet another plane and head off to the Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Japan for the last of the end of season fly away rounds. We get to look forward to a 4.8 km paper clip of boredom instead of the most fearsome motorcycle circuit in the world, Suzuka. The Twin Ring is not a favorite among the Riders as it places a heavy emphasis on braking, and acceleration out of slow corners (ie. Horsepower…) The Teams simply set the bike up for excellent braking stability and out right acceleration.

    Nicky Hayden heads into the third last round of the championship with an ever shrinking margin of 21 points. Despite this, he is still riding well, and he threw down one of the best ever qualifying laps I have seen at Phillip Island. He may need to actually beat Rossi at this round the regain the mental edge. He does have one less problem to worry about after Danni Pedrosa’s awful showing in the wet at Phillip Island.

    On the other hand, Rossi is starting to come on song with some masterful overtaking in the treacherous condition at the island. I would still be digging my Aprilia out of the tire wall at the bottom of MG if I rode in those conditions. He still amazes me sometimes. While third may not seem a great finish for the god-like one, he clawed back 5 points and he is very strong at Portugal and Valencia. Colin Edwards looks to be out of MotoGP in 2006 following some rumors he is having difficulty organizing a 2007 contract, but time will tell.

    One team set to go great at Motegi is Ducati. They are on Bridgestones, which suit Motegi well. Bridgestone must of done about 74 million laps of the twin ring developing there GP tires, so they know the surface really well. Ducati have the grunt, but hopefully the can sort there braking as they seem to have trouble even riding in a straight line.

    Suzuki and Kawasaki will also be looking to do well as they very much consider this there home Grand Prix. Both teams on Bridgestone tire at there home track, will probably give a definitive answer as to which is the better bike. The points standing indicate Suzuki, but closely watching the Kawasaki practice times from Phillip Island (Yes I have no Life!) I reckon the Kawasaki has the slight edge. GO SHINYA!!

    As for the rest, KRJR will look for another strong finish for Dad, while Casey Stoner and Marco Melandri are both dark horses. If Tamada-San does not win on a factory Honda running Bridgestone tires in Japan, he will be expected to fall on his own sword in true warrior fashion.

    We this one is a little shorter (Hooray I hear you all cheering!!!) as I am a little tired and emotional from Phillip Island. Grab some Sake, Asahi Beer and California Rolls (I bet they don’t even eat them in Japan) and kick back and marvel at how the MotoGP boys can make the Motegi Twin Ring look somewhat exciting.