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MotoGP 2006 - Round 14 -Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. I usually type up a standard preview of the next round of the MotoGP championship. Some of you read it. Some of you throw bottles yelling at me to stop.

    Seeing how this round is the best GP of all time, I will do something a little different. This time of year you start to see heaps of “hot laps” detailed in magazines by many fast racers who are greatly talented at riding these murdercycle thingos.

    So I’m going to post a hopefully humorous look at a flying lap of Phillip Island on VtrElmarco’s trusty old VTR1000F.

    As for the actual pro’s, Rossi will win cause he is the fastest rider in high speed, high stakes corners, of which Phillip Island has in abundance. That is all you need to worry about apart from finding a bit of wood to place under you bike stand and where to buyyour next beer.

    Say hello if you see me down at the island.
  2. Nonchalantly roll out of pit lane with your hand on your hip. The goal here is to look as cool as possible for all of the bored girlfriends waiting and waiting for the boyfriends to get back so they can complain about the weather. Shoot them the trigger finger if you are feeling particularly cool. Usually inside my helmet I am screaming in fear.

    A warm up lap or three allows you to check that everything is working, builds heat into your Shinko’s and will also give you time for your hyperventilating to settle down. Being a typical Honda there is never any problems, but be aware of falling pieces of machinery if you are following any Truimphs or Italian bikes.

    I belt out off Turn 12 bouncing off the rev limiter. I have a wicked habit of forgetting to change gears. So after 10-12 seconds of the bike complaining, I remember to grab fifth, then sixth by the time I cross the pit lane exit. Right about now I have made the jump to hyperspace and can’t actually focus on anything. I vaguely spot several litre sports bikes of some kind flying past and breaking the sound barrier, but soon I have bigger things to worry about.

    Turn 1.

    It appears out of Bass Strait like a 90 degree exit from a Coles car park. I sit up into what feels like 650 km/hr wind blast several hundred meters before the turn, and battle the missile like VTR1000 down two gears (I think). By the time I reach the apex I am going way too slow so I have to give it a massive fist full to head up the little hill to turn 2.

    This crowned, quadruple apex turn seems to go on forever and I am always so late on the gas, I should phone it in ahead. Never needing the outside ripple strip, I simply stand the big girl up and mash the throttle to the stops in some sort of gear and take off towards turn 3.

    I always arrive at Turn 3 far too quickly going far too fast so I have to hang off the side off the bike and simply lean way over and hope for the best. After opening my eyes I find that I have sailed past my usual conservative braking marker for the Honda Hairpin. I really have to pull the big girl up quickly now so I squeeze hard on the brakes while stamping down nine gears. This usually gets the big v-twin swimming around. I always get a huge grin doing this, but it’s completely out of control. Other riders chose to avoid my self created dancing motorcycle by running off down the exit road at Honda in self preservation.

    Once the bike decides to straighten up, I bomb it on its side while craning my neck around looking up the track towards Siberia. You brush past the apex, and stand the bike up as quick as you can. I gingerly get on the gas here and hustle up to Siberia in third but I am always mystified as to where the turn in point is for Siberia, so I usually change it up from lap to lap. This really pisses off the guy on the MV Augusta who has been trying to pass me for three and a half laps. But don’t worry folks I’ll cut him off again at MG. Ha Ha. Same as turn 2, I am way late getting on the throttle out of Siberia.

    It’s a fast run up through to the Hayshed, but don’t ask me what gear I am in as I worried about other stuff. It’s about the only fast corner I can do okay, but I always struggle to change direction after the Hayshed for the run over Lukey Heights. So I pick whatever line I can over the top and wait for the bowl-like MG hairpin to appear.

    It always feels like I will never pull up the fat old Honda up in time for MG and it has jumped out on me before and slide sideways down the hill under brakes. So I chose to use the pray-to-your-preferred-deity-method at this point and hope for the best. You can actually nip through MG quite fast due to its positive camber, but I am a big sook getting on the gas out of this corner, and hence am always way to slow going through turn 11. So I patiently wait for Turn 11 to end so I can really role on the gas for what is my favorite corner on the planet.

    Turn 12.

    I drift way out wide with the throttle pinned to the stop in fourth gear. I think. I roll out of the throttle slightly and aim for the seam in the pavement followed by the inside ripple strip. The ripple strip is where I usually close my eyes and roll the throttle open gently to the stop. You can’t see the exit so have to trust the bike, and usually you have heaps of room left over. I soon forget to change gears again and my bikes rev-limiter lets me know to grab fifth.

    You make the jump to hyperspace again and the 2 minutes and 47 seconds of terror begins anew.

    Later on at the pub, you can boast how fast you weren’t.
  3. I was with you all the way (and lots of it sounded familiar) :LOL:

    I find myself wondering how fast one has to be (lots faster than my slightly sub 2 minutes obviously) before one can ride PI with ones bike in the right spot, at the right time and angle and with correct bike inputs that those corner entries and exits actually feel great... not just sometimes but reguarly :?

    I freely admit I haven't got big enough balls for turn 1 at full wick :oops:
  4. Wonderful, bloody wonderful!

    VTR, you are a legend, both at the track and in your writeups!
  5. :rofl:

    Replace VTR and Honda for ZX9R and Kawasaki... and that could be me! LOL.

    ...note to self... don't get on the gas too early out of siberia unless the lean angle is declining... otherwise... owwwch!
  6. man.. classic as always.. love it.
  7. Some fresh practise times from Phillip Island curtosy (SP?) of the dead set legends at www.mcnews.com.au

    MotoGP Second Practice (Dry)

    De Puniet 1m29.74

    Capirossi 1m30.31

    Hayden 1m30.47

    Nakano 1m30.71

    Gibernau 1m30.71

    Rossi 1m31.04

    Checa 1m31.13

    Melandri 1m31.15

    Tamada 1m31.34

    Roberts 1m31.35

    Stoner 1m31.51

    Hopkins 1m31.71

    Edwards 1m31.78

    Vermeulen 1m31.84

    Hofmann 1m31.97

    Pedrosa 1m32.30

    Cardoso 1m32.41

    Elias 1m32.69

    Ellison 1m32.77

    Bridgestone look like the tires of choice for the weekend as they take up 4 of the top five places. I expect the qualifying lap record to get smashed tomorrow if the weather holds out.

    Pedrosa may be struggling due to his knee injury, so here hoping he finds a bit of relief and can move up the order.

    Stoner and Vermulen are in no-mans land and may be struggling with set up?

    I am soon to head off down to the island for a massive weekend of very fast motorcycles and too much bundy. I will post up some race weekend observations Monday.

    Ciao All!!