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MotoGP 2006 - Round 13 - Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix MAL

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Well we have a championship on our hands again!

    The MotoGP circus heads overseas to start the crushing finale of 5 races in two months, with three of these races requiring massive transport logistics. It’s tough work for the mechanics but we don’t care because it’s great for us fans.

    The first overseas hop is Sepang. It’s a 25 metre wide, Hermann Tilke designed masterpiece of twisting tarmac. There’s a beautiful balance of slow and fast corners rewarding excellent handling, as well as 2 km of straights that reward massive horsepower. These straights also allow crazy slip streaming antics and last gasp overtaking under heavy braking. It also gets stupidly hot, so rider fitness and tire life are also at a premium. Tiger beer will be drunk by the bucket load.

    Nicky Hayden had a shocker at Brno finishing a lowly ninth. Further embarrassment was heaped upon him by being rounded up on the outside of the final turn by Nakano on a Kawasaki. Oh the shame!! He will have to turn the tables at Sepang and strike back with a good result, as Rossi is super strong at Phillip Island and probably won’t be beaten there.

    Rossi did himself a world of good by finally finishing a race, and Pedrosa showed maturity beyond his years by settling for third. I can see the Rossi vs. Pedrosa rivalry getting ugly in future years as it seems the quiet Pedrosa is the polar opposite of the loud and brash Rossi. I am still yet to fully listen to a post race interview given from Danny Pedrozzzz….

    Brno also showed the underlying brilliance of Loris Capirossi and the Ducati missile. If only they had fit riders and great tires for the whole season who knows what they could have achieved They would have even been faster with Sete Gibernau also pushing hard and getting better data as Alex Hoffman is so slow, they are still waiting for him to finish at Brno so they can pack up the transporter. I am shocked to say this but Reuben Xaus would have been a better fill in. Expect them to be fast at Sepang as well.

    Casey Stoner’s future is up in the air a little bit at the moment, but a few more decent placings could cement him a full factory ride next year. Marco Melandri is still a dark horse to disrupt the races with a win or podium placing highly likely. The hopes for a championship as somewhat remote now, but he is always great to watch. Kudos also has to go to KRJR who looks happy for the first time since winning the championship for Suzuki.

    Suzuki have had a mixed year, but I think the have a sweet, but albeit underpowered bike. They will struggle at Sepang due to the long straights, unless the Bridgestone tires are a jump ahead of Michelin. Both Hopkins and Chris V. are riding really well, constantly pushing each other to ride this average bike faster that it has any right going. Kawasaki is having similar problems and are really suffering due to there awful paint colour (Plus lacking another rider as talented as Shinya Nakano…)

    A few guys who should have a stern word to themselves are Makoto Tamada, Colin Edwards and Tony Elias. I think I hear there are some choice rides going in Turkmenistan’s Superstock competition.

    Well it’s time to gear up for the triumphant season finish to MotoGP 2006. I will drink a belly full of Tiger beer and cheer like a loud American tourist as the championship is battled out under the hot Malaysian sun.
  2. I lurve reading your GP posts...!!!! :cool: :LOL: :cool:
  3. I can hear the stoner chear going up already...

    Bin it... Bin it... Bin it... Bin it...

    He would be doing well if he had seen the finish line a little more often.
  4. Re: MotoGP 2006 - Round 13 - Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix

    Do you reckon Edwards could get a ride there? :oops: There has gotta be some sensational riders waiting in the wings for the vacant rides that will be available at years end.
    And I reckon there's probably a couple of Netriders who could outride Hoffman!

    VtrE' another great read, look forward to these everytime there's a race on.
  5. man.. these things are brilliant.. love reading them.

    carn rossi!! would love to see him win the champoinship from here.. be just phoenominal.