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MotoGP 1pc roo compression suit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fitryder, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. So i came across this suit on Flyin Brains site and the price looks great, the suit looks great and after reading some reviews im pretty keen on getting it.

    However i just have 2 quick questions, anyone here got any experience with this suit or the MotoGP brand in general?

    Also, is there any place in Syd that stocks these so i can try it on!


  2. maybe a link to the suit for sale, or a picture, or something a bit more so people can figure out the exact product ur talking about?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. haha love it, well he did say roo suit
  5. Bah, if you want to find out, it's easy enough to use Google. Just type in things like 'motogp kangaroo flyin brian ebay' and you'll see his (Flyin Brian's, that is) ebay shop has those suits for U$619 - which seems like a pretty good value for a kangaroo leather suit.
  6. I've been reading about them and they have problems with stitching, a lot of riders in usa had the stitches tear apart when sliding and they ended up with some nasty skin rash.

    Now I'm looking into RS Taichi suits, but I can't find any one in australia stocking them and the japanese sizes are weird, like what the hell is LL? By the way, they are not kangaroo, but they are very well ventilated, lots of perforated leather everywhere. Perfect for aussie summers.
  7. and for those too lazy to google it, here is the direct link -
  8. Japanese LL is probably Small in Australia :) Taichi have good reputation for quality, but they have prices to match. If you want to spend this sort of money I'd suggest Tiger Angel who actually are Australian. Or Gimoto, Italian company but they have an Australian representative and also make kangaroo suits.
  9. Good one Joel :LOL:
  10. bought numerous icon gear from flying brian.. great contact'