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MotoGP 06- Round 11 - Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix (USA)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. 23 Seconds after the finish of the sensational German Grand Prix, the teams furiously pack up there transporters, grab some fresh undies and jump on a plane to cross the pond for the 2006 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix held at Laguna Seca in the sun bleached Monterey hills. With only 26 points separating Nicky Hayden from Rossi, we enter the US with a tight championship on our hands.

    Its 3.6 km of 11 undulating curves make Laguna Seca a truly classic modern track. Its fearsome front straight is actually a long curve that gets the bikes two wheel drifting all the way into the first turn hairpin. Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards are very strong through this section as they don’t seem to fear the close proximity of the walls like some of the European riders. It also contains The Corkscrew, one of the most amazing sections of track you’ll ever see. How they wrestle a 250 hp MotoGP bike through this quick change of direction while falling off the side of a mountain is beyond me.

    Rossi put in a masterful display at Germany, outfoxing Marco Melandri for the win. This is the second time in two races he has shown his younger compatriot how to win/come second in a race, and I think Marco may be taking down some notes for next season. Last year Rossi warned ominously that he had “learnt a lot” from following the Americans. Vale’s stable mate Colin Edwards came in an awful 12 Th place, and over 30 seconds off the pace in Germany and I think he might have to look for a different ride next year, perhaps making way for Casey Stoner or Nicky Hayden?

    Both Respol Honda boys put in a strong showing at Germany and Nicky Hayden will be looking to hose everybody at his pet event. Dad, Earl and brothers, Tommy and Roger Lee (No I am not kidding) will be on hand to cheer Nicky on and last year he dished out a lesson on how to ride the tricky Laguna Seca circuit. I can guarantee not many technique tips will cross the garage to rookie sensation Danni Pedrosa who also put in a great showing in Germany.

    The Aussies had a mixed showing at Germany with Casey not allowed to ride after a decent whack to the noggin. Unsubstantiated rumors said he woke up next week asking his mum if he could watch some cartoons. Chris V. put in a great showing being the third Bridgestone runner home and well outclassing his usually faster teammate John Hopkins. Kawasaki had an invisible race but ended up with a strong 6 Th placing on crap tires. Good on ya’ Shinya!

    Ducati had an awful weekend not getting the Bridgestone’s to hook up at all. Loris threatened for a few laps, but as the tires turned to goo and he had to tough it out for a 5 Th placing. Any obviously still injured Sete Gibernau could only muster a brave 8 Th place. They will be requesting an improvement from Bridgestone at Laguna were the hot weather conditions and different tarmac surface can cause tire wear problems. Ducati’s recent success means not fighting for at least a podium placing is considered a failure.

    Kenny Roberts Jr should also bounce back strong after his stupid off and have a strong showing at Laguna. He has apologized to poor Makoto Tamada who didn’t get hurt too bad after body-surfing the errant KR211V into a Sachsenring gravel trap. Tamada must have been thinking:

    “Hold on, this bike isn’t mine?”

    So its time to smash up your Fender Stratocasters, douse them in lighter fluid and set them alight in musical celebration as the MotoGP boys rock out in the hills of Monterey. Kicking over your Marshall Stacks is the advanced rock option.

    (Mark ducks off to hire said Fender Stratocaster)
  2. Yeee Haaaarrrr............well fry me a pig & hand me the moonshine.......we are off to watch the only race where I will happily cheer on Cleatus-the- slack-jawed-yokel (Hayden) for a win.

    This is one truly amazing track & if Germany was any indicator, the race should be hotly contested. My money is on Cleatus.....local knowledge seems to pay off on this track.....will be interesting to see how Rossi runs this race.

    great write up as usual mark
  3. I especially liked the fresh underwear bit ....... :wink:

    And if the race is anything like last nights event, I will be mesmerised - so don't bother talking to me 'cos I won't hear you :)
  4. nice work mark. good write up..

    cant wait for this.. i think cleatus will win too, he;s awesome at laguna.. rossi for 2nd, bringing the decider down to the island for the championship.
  5. It looks like it could be a late start on Monday, if I start at all, Foxtel has the Supers on Sunday at 7:30pm, and then MotoGP on Monday at 6:30am. So if the race is good and the sun is shining and I've just watched Supers and GP, there is every possibility that I could be "cough" "cough" ..... dear me.. coming down with an acute case of Igottogoridin
  6. Yeah that Igottogoridin is really contagious, I've come down with that and have today off... well only one cure for it :wink:
  8. That's enough out of you lot. We aren't interested in your highly contagious, incurable venerial diseases. :LOL:

    Mark scratches away furiously at a raging case of Igottogoridin...
  9. Can anyone tell me when/if Channel 10 is telecasting?

  10. hope its agood one with as little crashes as possible. hope stoner can make a good race of this one.
  11. Another great writeup :)

    Just set my alarm for 6:55 so i can catch the race on ten :shock:
  12. At least this time people cant complain about it being broadcast on Ten too late :LOL:

    Vermin on pole! Aussie Aussie Aussie!!! Oi Oi Oi!!!
  13. race is on at 6:30am on Fox Sports 2, than again at 6pm on Fox Sports 1 for all you kiddies with Foxtel at home or a nearby pub that's kind enough to put the races on :wink:
  14. My kids have to leave for school in 20 mins .. damn house has come to a stand still. LOL
  15. I happened to walk into a room whilst the tele was on this morning .......... just couldn't walk away - saw the last 3 laps! :roll:
    but I'm not saying anything :p
  16. so it was on this morning?

    i see on RPM that it was this weekend, stayed up late sunday night but it wasnt on?

    so when was the ch.10 telecast?
  17. so it was on this morning?

    i see on RPM that it was this weekend, stayed up late sunday night but it wasnt on?

    so when was the ch.10 telecast?

  18. Yeah...I gotta admit I ran a little late for work - as when switched on tv the race had already started but only about 6 laps in...

    Was broadcast on 10 I guess from 7ish...

    Unexpectedly there was a delay in me getting ready to leave the house on time and get to work...those damn lorries that stopped me from splitting hehe....
  19. Yeah it was on this morning at 6:30am on Fox Sports 2 or 7am on Channel 10

    It gets replayed at 6pm on Fox Sports 1... I'm trying to get out of work early so I can go to a nearby pub to watch the replay coz I was too lazy to hook my Foxtel up to my VCR to tape it :oops:

    Anyone going to a local tonight to watch it at 6pm??

    [EDIT:] also replayed tomorrow morning at 11am on Fox Sports 1 :cool: