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MotoGP 06 - Round 10 - Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland (GER)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. The MotoGP grid leaves merry ole’ England with a fresh look to the 2006 championship. After Haydens poor showing, rumored to be caused by HRC wanting to “develop” the RC211V over the race weekend, Pedrosa and Rossi capitalized and we have a championship on our hands again as we head off to Sachsenring. The week break should also allow the hammered bodies of Capirossi, Melandri and Rossi to heal up. Gibernau may also make a return for Ducati, after the poor showing by substitute Alex Hoffman. Harsh I know but he was well beaten by a bruised and battered team mate.

    Quote Loris Capirossi:

    It only hurts when I breathe…

    Sachsenring is a bit of a multiple personality type circuit. It has a very tight infield section demanding good slow speed handling. The MotoGP bikes can feel a little ponderous in the infield section, but Sachsenring slowly opens up and get progressively faster in the outer section, with one of the hairiest corners in all of MotoGP. Turn 12 is a slight kink to the right that ends up flying down hill through the black forest into a fast Turn 13. Colin Edwards has very fond memories of jumping off a very fast, very flaming Aprilia BBQ into this second last turn. The circuit is also known for being very hard on the left had side of the tire.

    The Repsol Honda boys are really in form now with both little shy Pedrosa and Nicky Hayden both in contention. People may biatch about Pedrosa’s demeanor after winning, but personality means squat when you hand out bike riding lessons to your more experienced colleagues. Hayden may have to get a bit rude with HRC management to stop them fiddling with his bike, as he needs a good showing here (i.e. win) so he can carry the form over to Laguna Seca.

    Despite being on the back foot, Vale looks like he is actually having fun. He knows it’s just been a bit of bad luck to put him his current position, so by some bizarre physics warp, all of the pressure is now on the HRC squad to stop him. Colin Edwards must still be pissed about his off at Assen, because his showing at Donington was not to flash. Rossi needs him firing to take points from his rivals, but he can’t wait till Laguna Seca for that to happen.

    I feel for Ducati this year as they seem to have a top bike, but have been let down by injuries to top class riders and intermittent tire performances by Bridgestone. They can at least sleep at night knowing they once made the world’s baddest arsed 990 cc MotoGP bike in history. It’s red too.

    Suzuki also looks to have found some speed but was also let down by tires, and Kawasaki has not improved much from the start of the season. Both teams keep showing promise, but I feel they are a little step away from the likes of Ducati and Yamaha. If I don’t mention Kenny Roberts Jr, people have threatened to kill me, so here goes. He actually seems to enjoy riding again, and has battled at the top end of the field several weeks in a row. It is actually good to see because many forget that he is an ex world champ and he did it on a Suzuki which makes it more amazing. Gasp!!

    (Oh Oh, I feel another apology coming on…)

    Well I am set to fry up some bratwurst and drink a waist high beer and watch a race that will make some little competition called the World Cup look like a kindergarten party.

    I humbly apologize to all Soccer and Suzuki fans worldwide for my callous and thoughtless remarks that trivialized such and important and significant event.

  2. Bravo, Sunshine Boy. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. Once again - the write up of upcoming said event, sends out a neon glow deep within the land where us mere motorcyclists dwell - forever luring to indeed be present in front of one said tv screen on the specified date of choice :shock: :p :grin:
  4. If its green it will grow and prosper :shock: I just hope its in my lifetime Go kawasaki :grin:

  5. hahaha.. he said neon!! hahaha..

    another awesome write-up man.. good work.
  6. he (?) :shock:
  7. 'emmm - hasn't looked too closely at my avatar then! :shock: :? :LOL:
  8. Thanks for the kudos everybody.

    I am so never living the neon episode down, there is no choice but to leave for Mexico, where I can start an anonymous life as a rugged, gunman for hire with a past he is trying to run from. :wink:
  9. hehehe, why not NT; where there are parts with friendly speed limits.... :wink: :LOL:
  10. Re: MotoGP 06 - Round 10 - Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland (

    Very informative other than the fact the only guys of real interest to Ozzies is Casey Stoner and Chris Vermullen and you didnt mention them... :?: Well patriotic Aussies anyway. I do love MotoGP regardless of the aussies but how are they going?
  11. Re: MotoGP 06 - Round 10 - Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland (

    Check them out here ....... :)

    casey stoner

    chris vermeulen
  12. Re: MotoGP 06 - Round 10 - Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland (

    My mistake... :oops:

    Unfourtunetely both aren't really in the champoinship hunt with maybe Casey Stoner the expection. I think Casey has a real good shot at a FULL Factory ride next year, but I feel it may not be on the Honda. Yamaha perhaps?

    He just has to keep his head down and keep piling up the good results i.e. top 10.

    As for Chris V. I really feel for this guy. He must be wondering what he has jumped into. John Hopkins has beaten him most rounds which is never a good thing, cause the first thing you have to do is beat uyour team mate. I reminds me of Troy Bayliss' awful time in MotoGP. He doesn't seem to fazed by it all, so perhaps that is a good thing so here hoping Suzuki and Bridgestone can lift there game here. (I included Bridgestone because I don't think the Suzuki is a bad bike anymore, but it is let down by tires a lot)
  13. in AMCN today they said stoner is in talks woth yamaha to ride alongide rossi, and also with the honda factory team.

    i feel for chris. he is a very talented rider.. but has stepped up to the least competitive fast bike on the grid IMO.. i thinkhe will end up as another bayliss, coming back to superbikes cause he isnt getting anywhere on GP machines, which is sad, cause he has the skiill to go places i think.
  14. Apparently Stoner has already signed to ride alongside Rossi next year for Burgess' Yamaha team.
  15. & that has been written/voiced where :?: .......... just like to get my facts straight before I pass on the info :)
  16. Re: MotoGP 06 - Round 10 - Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland (

    Chris V MUST have known what he was signing up for. He'd only have to be a casual observer to know that the Suzuki is probably the most underperforming bike on the grid. However, considering that Hopkins was being courted by other big name teams, whatever Suzuki told them both was obviously enough to get them both to sign.

    The flashes of performance we've seen on occasion over the year show that the Suzuki has improved beyond all measure. It doesn't have the staying power of the others and that's probably a reflection of the tyres and the fact that they've never been at the pointy end of the field before and therefore have little data to work with on how to make the bike stay quick for a whole race. But the fact that they've led races, been close to the front and qualified on pole a couple of times points to some marked improvement in their performance.

    Maybe Chris would go quicker if he ditched the hat?
  17. Re: MotoGP 06 - Round 10 - Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland (

    :LOL: :LOL:

    Can't be too aerodynamic can it.

    Despite the flashs of form the Suzuki can show at the start of the races before fading terribly (I think this has a lot to do with the Bridgestones more than the Suzuki bike itself) Chris V. hasen't really stuck it to John Hopkins yet. He may just require a full season in the big league to really get to know the tracks plus helping with development of the 800 cc version next year may also be an advantage for him :?:
  18. This is of course assuming that Chris V is actually a better rider than John Hopkins. Natural patriotic pride aside, Chris V is a good rider but he may not be better than John H or any of the others.
  19. Foxtel times

    Here be the times for the Poxtel telecast for the GP & the NASCAR's this weekend........

    16 July German GP LIVE 6.45pm (Fox 1)

    17 July Lenox Industrial Tools 300 LIVE 3.30am (Fox 2)
  20. Re: Foxtel times

    Poxtel? Geez, at least they committed to GP and WorldSBK....