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MotoGP 06 - Rnd 09 - British Grand Prix (ENG)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Bruised and battered, the MotoGP circus packs up, albeit gingerly, and heads across the pond to merry ole’ England for the GAS British Grand Prix. It’s held at the historic Donnigton Park and is a favourite of the riders and this includes Rossi himself who almost considers it his home GP. There is a VERY GOOD chance of piss poor weather so the teams have packed extra snorkels and canoes.

    The first half of the circuit is fast and flowing and includes the awesome and feared Craner Curves. This is situated in an almost natural amphitheatre and is very popular with the drunken British fans. Rioting and looting is expected and almost encouraged! The fast and flowing sections of the track that are then followed by the Fogarty Esses (BOOO!!) and Melbourne Hairpin sections that many people claim was simply an after though added on to meet the required length for a MotoGP circuit. Either way, Donnigton Park is now regarded as a modern classic and is one race not to be missed.

    A balanced set up needed to handle both fastish corners as well as hard braking sections and many teams battle for grip due to the funny track surface. Some myths claim a layer of jet fuel deposited from the nearby airport is the cause for this (cue twilight zone music). An idea of some sort of wet weather set up is almost a must as well.

    There is also set to be a ding-dong battle between Yamaha and Honda (probably Nicky Hayden). Edwards is very strong here and Rossi has been unstoppable as well. Injuries to Rossi (and most of the grid!) will slow him down to only superhuman levels while the Texan will be super pissed at his choke at Assen. Revenge will be the dish of the day. And to all those that claim he can’t ride, I suggest you revisit a certain SBK race from Imola in 2002…

    Meanwhile the Kentucky Kid finally broke the US hoodoo and won at Assen. (Well actually he chose to lose it less than Colin Edwards did). The Hondas are starting to look very fast and appear to be using there tires less than the Bridgestone shod teams. Ducati was absent from Assen in most regards due to injuries, but a massive effort was put in by Loris C. to start breathing again and even make the grid. Melandri was in the same situation.

    Well I suppose I had better get this over with.

    I here by offer an official apology to the Rizla Suzuki GP Team. I retract my statements regarding bright blue coloured smurfs, pieces of junk and exploding hand grenades. I make this formal apology in the hope GSXR1000 riders stop pulling horn monos and smoking me every where I ride. My sincerest thanks go out to you for all your attention.


    Kawasaki as well as Suzuki were also a shining light at Assen and providing Bridgestone can come to the party race day, the could run well due to injuries to some of the other top factory pilots. Shinya Nakano is a class rider and the grid tends to forget him.

    While the championship is still very much alive, Nicky Hayden can almost put it to bed over the next month with a strong showing in Donnigton, Sachsenring and Laguna Seca. I hope Rossi pulls out something special as we can have a fight to the finish this year.

    I am going to pour myself 17 pints of warm ale, grab a curry and chips (urgh!), and kick back and watch some sore and sorry pilots fly around one of the best modern tracks MotoGP has to offer.
  2. Yes, the poor old Texan will be forever thiking about what could have been on Saturday. In hindsight, Nicky was always going to go over the grass and Colin could have not gassed it so much, but he was pretty impressive anyway.

    Donington is a good circuit, except the Melbourne part which is simply shocking. Not one of my favourites to look at, but there have been some good races. Who was it who went grass tracking there a few years ago?

    And the legendary English crowds....Not so much of the warm beer though, most of them drink the weak piss the Aussies brew over there. Yuk!

    Other highlights are looking out for sun burnt bikini wearing girls and ever so slightly(!) overweight examples of the best that England has to offer. Ah, there are times when I ponder over fond memories of Ol' Blighty and then...

    Forecast for East Midlands on Sunday is 29 degrees and Sunny.
  3. so we can expect rain, sleet & sub arctic blizzard conditions then.......cant wait !!!
  4. The much maligned English weather eh? Lovely place England...that's why I moved here!
  5. Here is the Foxtel listings for this weekend of motorsport;

    1 July Busch Series 250 LIVE 9.30am (Fox 1)
    2 July Nextel Cup, Pepsi 400 LIVE 9.30am (Fox 2)

    2 July British MotoGP LIVE 8pm (Fox 2)

    As for those of you without Pay TV Ch10 will get around to replaying the MotoGP at 12 midnight for 3 hours, they also have the V8's from Darwin on Sunday arvo as well.
  6. We need a list of Netrider households that have FOX 2.
  7. Top idea - perhaps a roster of motogp's can be drawn up, with a each volunteer household to host a Netrider GP watching night...

    except for local timezone GP's of course, Ch10 often shows them close to live.

  8. Hmm I never see the motoGP races in the tv guide (close to live) at all this year? What's the go with that? Am I missing something or ch 10 just spontaneously show it or something?
  9. You mean 'time zone' as in, the same time as us :eek:

    I was just about to head out to Timezone to see when they were showing the MotoGP and play some video games :LOL: :p
  10. :LOL:

    Actually I mean the 'right' timezone, ie, the live race occurs somewhere in the world at 12pm our time :)
  11. How can they do that? How will the Aussie commentators be able to "predict" what is going to happen a minute or two before it does, unless they get to watch it before us? :wink:
  12. Or we could all head to the Glenferry pub again.
    8PM is a perfect time to head there.
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  15. Ah, that will teach me. Until my off, I haven't watched tv for 7 years or so. I'm not up with the way online guides have a different set of rules for 'before 6am' hehe

    Found a better way anyway :>

  16. +1 for the glenferrie... lets set it up for the next race.. we got 3 weeks to sort that out dont we?
  17. Obviously going to a pub with mates is a great way to watch the racing. But there is a cheaper alternative than Foxtel for watching Motogp live. Whilst we have Foxtel for both Motogp and WSBK, we also subscribed to the premium package through the Motogp site 36 Euro for the year - cheaper than a subscription to Foxtel. What we get for this is live video feed of a minimum of Final Qualifying for all classes with commentary, Warm up and the races, plus other stuff. As we can use our TV as a second desktop we just drag the Window over to the TV and full screen it - its the same as Foxtel's coverage. It was a boon for Assen which Foxtel had on starting at 11.00pm. The Motogp race had been won by the time Foxtel starte, but we go to see all the races live starting from 7.30ish. If the WSBK site wasn't so pathetic we would buy their content too and dispense with Foxtel altogether.
  18. Yeah I've been streaming from MotoGP.com as well...

    But I'd still prefer to be at a pub, these things are very much a 'more the merrier' event.

    Somebody sort it out for next race please!
  19. For sure, we generally make a night of it with some friends at our home, or theirs and enjoy a few alcoholic beverages and some tasty snacks followed by a sleep over (due to alcoholic beverages). Monday is generally a blurry event! But tonight is just me and the dog, Husband at work and friends have been stricken with some dire illness.
  20. Or pay your money & get your own like I did!