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MotoGP 06 - Rnd 08 - Assen Grand Prix NED(Catalunya Spoiler)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. After the carnage that resembled a race in Catalunya, the MotoGP field crosses the continent to the Netherlands with Rossi rapidly reeling in his opponents lead in the championship. The A-Style TT Assen (It’s held on SATURDAY people so you have been warned!) is in the middle of a 5 races in 6 weeks, mid season grind that Rossi is a master of dominating. He has regularly destroyed any opponents championship hopes in this part of the season and he is in the process of repeating this again in 2006. He was unstoppable on worn tires at Catalunya and made Colin Edwards look, well, slow.

    Assen is a truly holy place of MotoGP racing. It used to be a track that some very talented riders truly feared due to its high speeds, variable weather conditions and weird track cambers. The old 500 cc animals used to maim many a rider around here and I remember Rossi spraying bits of yellow Honda NSR500 100 metres down the track after a particularly nasty high side. Recently some slight track alterations have resulted in a slower, slightly shorter version of the classic TT circuit that many riders claim has emasculated a once classic circuit. This has allowed Phillip Island to lift the mantle above all others at the fastest MotoGP circuit on the planet. Hooray!!

    Ducati are left reeling after the first corner drama at Catalunya. It is doubtful Sete, Marco and Loris will all make the grid at Assen at the time of writing and I will make no jokes here but to wish all hurt riders good luck in there mending. Doctor Costa can work some miracles with bent and broken riders so hopefully we see some of them back soon.

    This will definitely require a call up of some Ducati test riders or maybe Troy Bayliss from World SBK? (I will throw that one out there to spark outrage and nationalistic arguing!!)

    Hopefully Kenny Roberts Jr will have recovered from the week long bender celebrating his 1 st podium finish in 73 years. Kenny Roberts, John Hopkins and Junior were last seen in a Barcelona strip club arm in arm with some saucy flamenco dancers. Suzuki look to have finally made a little progress with there piece of junk could put in a good showing at Assen.

    It was an awful weekend for the Honda riders at Catalunya. Melandri was hurt. Pedrosa, Stoner and Elias all crashed out. Tamada, a spent force, was now where to be seen all race. That left Hayden to try and fight Rossi. He put up a valiant fight and accepted second place with good grace, but privately I bet he is wondering what he has to do to beat the mighty Vale. His ride to second was good for his championship, but he is going to have to beat Rossi in Assen, Donnigton or the Sachsenring because he can’t afford to wait until Laguna Seca for his next win. Honda should throw all there cards behind this young guy as he just needs a little bit more bike at the end of races to be able to fight for the win.

    Kawasaki were a non-factor again last race and I don’t really expect them do put in a showing at Assen. This has disappointed me somewhat as I expected better from the god-awful green coloured machines.

    If you watch only a few races a year, then this is one not to miss. So I’m going to slip into some comfy clogs, and crack a case of Heineken on SATURDAY night and watch a bunch sore and sorry mad men race around one of the best tracks in the world.
  2. Awwwww m'gawwwwd, the CARNAGE! Gibber's friendly poke of the brake lever against Capirossi showed just how bitey those GP brakes are when used in anger, that Duke flipped over faster than a Greek girl before the wedding. I didn't feel so sorry for him though, it was his own silly fault, he couldn't accelerate in a straight line.

    Melandri and Capirossi, poor buggers, here's hoping they come through with bodies and balls intact. God knows what happened to Stoner, Pedrosa, Elias and everyone else who exited the track on their arse with apparently no provocation - but one thing's for sure, the racing was pretty pedestrian with so many contenders doing the slidey slidey dance.

    Hayden looks to me like a sheepish and broken individual. Top of the table he may be, but in every post-race interview he's a defeated little bridesmaid. Rossi's got him bent over a barrel and he knows it. If Hayden's there at the end of the race at all, he's a consistent few seconds behind and never threatening.

    As for Kenny Roberts Jnr, how about that clown sitting there and taking credit for a podium finish when virtually the entire field had stacked out? All the Hondas, both the Ducatis. So you overtook a feckin' Suzuki? Good onya, chump. Back to the bottom of the table, you won't be sniffing a post-race microphone again this season.

    Rossi took it pretty easy through for the win, it was very enjoyable to watch him smoking up the rear tyre all the way through the last lap, waving to the crowd and pulling wheelies. And, teflon coated though it may be, that Catalunya track offers some of the most exciting camera angles I've seen at a GP circuit - exciting stuff.

    Oh, and by the way, Catalunya's in Spain, right? And so's Jerez? How does that work, do the Spanish get two GPs?
  3. Fortunately, all three injured riders escaped serious injury (this from www.crash.net ):

    I was really shocked at the sight of those horrifically flailing bodies, and Marco didn't look good, lying trackside. Glad to hear it wasn't quite as bad as it looked. It seems that maybe Sete ended up coming out worst. I wouldn't count on him being at Assen.
  4. Spains made up of many regions, and the Spanish tend to classify themselves by region first, then country. This does cause some problems over there. Barcelona has the GP of Catalunya while Jerez is the location of the offical Spanish GP. Barcelona is also the capital of Catalunya.

    Was it very hot or very cold, because an amazing number of riders just laid down on the track for a closer look?

    I think Sete may have hit the white blend line from the pits and locked the front just before he hit Capirossi. I remember seeing some definite black lines left behind when he touched the white line. Still he should have known that as he was drifting towards the other Duke into quite a tight right hander. I think Catalunya causes starting crashes pretty regularly due to entering the first corner very quickly, followed by a quick change of direction.

    Catalunya has only been resurfaced a few years ago so maybe grip is not so great?

    Rossi pulled some truly horn mono's on the victory lap. Awesome.

    All up the race was pretty average due to the high number of crashers, but here hoping Assen is better.
  5. Someone correct me (the memory's a little vague from sleep deprivation), but the 'pedestrian' falls seemed to be on the left handers? Wasn't this a very 'right hander' circuit? Maybe the tyres not getting on that side enough caused traction problems?

    Just thinking out loud for someone to straighten me out :oops:
  6. What a terrible crash, I hope Capirossi and Melandri are back on the bikes in the near future.

    It looked like Stoner cracked under the pressure again, His aggresive style no match for Rossi's experience.

    Is Rossi's bike that much better? or is it just the rider?
  7. I didn't think of that mate. You could be right. Catalunya has two high speed right handers that lead onto the straight similar to Phillip Island lefts. So the circuit really works the right hand side of the tire. Most of the lefts are the tighter, slower corners.
  8. The considered opinion of the masses at one NR veneu was that Gibby, rather than choking at the end of the race just thought, heck, I'm gonna lose to that little Italian, I'm gonna go home now...
  9. Anyone know if the crash footage is available online anywhere yet?

    I'd like to have another look at what happened; it just shows how quickly things can go pear-shaped.

    Good to hear the riders are (pretty much) okay. Melandri in particular. Sete really needs to work on his stoppies, though!
  10. The MotoGP website has it available if you have a subscription to their site. I know of another way though...Not sure of it's legality given the footage is MotoGP copyright.
  11. If you're ever looking for info on rider injuries at either of the GP series then look no further than here http://www.clinicamobile.com/
    (You will need to pick the English version unless you can read Italian)

    Clinca Mobile follow both series and are a separate Medical Team to that provided by the locals. Obviously Italian privacy laws are different to ours looking at some of the pictures and information posted but they certainly don't mind getting stuck into the local medics when it suits them.

    Check out the helmet damage on one of yesterday's press releases.
  12. I love my Foxtel and the recently installed IQ.

    I can watch it and watch it and watch it and watch it and wat.......you get the idea :p
  13. Doesn't the IQ automatically delete the stuff stored on it after a while??
  14. Nope. IQ only delete Box Office Movies within 24hrs of you having watched them. I think it keeps them for 7 days if you have not watched them (it might be 3 days for one movie company).

    All other content stays there for as long as you want. It also supports a 'Keep' function which makes it harder to accidentally delete the program too. And 'Series Link' is great if you are watching the WRC.

    IQ is great. It's probably the only good thing Foxtel have actually ever done!
  15. So............what time Saturday then? :grin:
  16. It was very hot apparently, and much hotter than they predicted it to be and didn't have the correct tyre for that temperature... sounds like their weather forcasts are as good as the ones we get from BOM :LOL:

    Anyone interested in going to the Glenferrie or somewhere else that we can get a big group to watch the race?? I liked the Glenferrie for the big plasma screens and lounge type layout so I'd go back there but being a Saturday night it might not be available to us again (not sure coz I don't normally frequent the Glenferrie)...
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  18. Is this just lost in translation or is this how they write..

    Either way, a beautiful piece of writing! I love the last para!


  19. That's not just a progress report, it's poetry!
  20. I think ole' Dr Costa "treats" himself after hours. :LOL: