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MotoGP 06 - Rnd 07 - Catalunya Grand Prix CAT

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by VtrElmarco, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Ola’ Amigos!!

    It’s great to be back, and I am sure you all been worried sick, rocking back and forth in the foetal position crying for your mums about were my fantastic MotoGP previews have disappeared too. Not to worry little boys and girls, I promise to not miss another one unless I go on another month-long European bender again.

    Rossi finally snapped his run of bad luck with an all time great win at the cathedral of speed that is Mugello. The teams have packed up the circus and left the rolling hills of Florence behind as they head west across Southern France to the sunburnt plains of Catalunya, Spain. A fiercely independent region of Spain, it is host to the 2006 Gran Premi Cinzano De Catalunya.

    The 4.7 km long circuit is only 15 years old and is still considered state of the art, and is a favourite with the riders. It has a nice long straight which should see some crazy drafting action and warp factor 9 like top speeds. Previous victors have included Doohan, Criville, Checa (Set your faces to stun!) and of course Rossi. Rossi won’t expect much support in Spain as he is not so well liked there ever since the “Jerez Incident”.

    Yamaha looks to have sorted the bike out and have even tuned out a minor case of bad voodoo. Rossi just needs the Texan Tornado to pull his finger out and help from the front.

    Ducati are really coming of age now are regulars at the sharp end. Bridgestone are dropping the ball less and less every race now, and look to be on a par with the Michelins at most tracks. This new strength in tires has made the Kawasaki look worse than there promising pre season form indicated while I pity the fools that have to ride the Suzuki’s.

    Honda will be strong as is the usual story. I think the biggest question people have regarding the Honda riders is going to be who will step up and really challenge Rossi?

    Melandri, Hayden and Pedrosa have all had a go at one time or another. I don’t think Honda can afford to wait until Laguna Seca for Hayden to record his next win. Pedrosa looks a little inconsistent race to race. That then leaves Melandri. I personally think he lacks the small element, X Factor if you will, to really challenge for the championship.

    Note: This is my statement designed to outrage and inflame a small internet war between pro Melandri independent groups and one-eyed Rossi supporters. Start firing beer cans at each other people,

    You can kiss goodbye to Tamada after 2006 while the opposite it true for Casey Stoner as he just needs to continue posting great results (Mugello tumble excluded) and he could blag a full factory ride next year. Tony Elias just seems to be there to keep the Spanish money happy.

    So kickback and take a siesta mid Sunday afternoon. Wake up at 5, down a jug of Sangria (Red wine, water, ice and fruit) and watch the only guys on earth crazier than a drunken Spaniard do battle at Catalunya. You can then lob up to work at 10-11 the next morning with a massive hangover like the majority of Spain does.

    Adios Amigos!
  2. Welcome back :LOL:
  3. It's almost like being there, and it's free :LOL:

    Thanks mate :grin:
  4. You rock , great to have the sunshine boy back , Great report as always.
  5. i pity the fool :LOL: :evil:
  6. Great Read :grin: Looking forward to yet another exciting race
  7. :evil: lol
  8. fist time i have read your thread on the GP - Great!!! oh and leep them comming!!!!

    lest just hope that Stoner can get on the podium this time round! still i wanna see Rossi win though..... i know he has won % in a row now but to win all 5 990cc champ's would be great for HIM & his Legend!
  9. Sorry about the Suzuki dig chaps! :LOL:

    I really think they would be better pulling the lights of a Gixxer 1000 and race that than the piece of garbage they have at the moment. They seem to show some signs of speed in qualifiying, and then turn into Smurf coloured mobile chicanes race day.
  10. Great spiel... but what??! ...no mention of King Kenny???
  11. Aaaahhhhh he's back at last. Have missed your writeups immensely babe......you have just missed one vital element......what lap will Sete CHOKE !!! I'm putting my money on lap 12.
  12. Ahhhh....superb, just superb, (as usual).
  13. i don't think that is fair...
    He more Fades than chokes.
  14. Asphyixiates? (Speellling?) :grin:

    He is getting a reputation for that this season isn't he. I don't doubt Sete's speed (ie REALLY fast) for a moment, but he is fragile mentally and has never tried any different strategies in a race. He just seems like he has to try and make a break from the pack. Uses up his tires and then fades.

    I thought he would have tried to shadow Rossi/Pack Leader and dish out some payback, but NOOOOO.

    One thing I learnt in Spain is that Valentino is not a good pretend name to use...
  15. now that sounds like there might be a story involved ther e........

    re Sete.....chokes, fades, whatever....my humble opinion is that he can only handle the Duke while the Bridgestones still have a bit left in them...once they give up so does Sete with monotonous regularity.....hard to believe that Cappirossi manages to do exactly the opposite, the rattier the Bridgestones & the twitchier the Duke the harder he seems to be able to push the damm thing. I have no idea how the hell he managed to stay on the bucking bronco that was the Duke at Mugello, let alone give Rossi a damm good run for his money. (secret note...was kinda hoping Cappirossi would win)
  16. i think sete uses the fact the bike is eating tyres for not doing well.. if it was running fine and not eating tyres, he'd have no excuse for not winning bar for being beaten by a better rider, i think that would poke a huge hole in his ego. cppirossi on the other hand just wants to try his hardest and always manages to impress in the way he rides.

    im looking forward to this race, be interesting to see if its the comeback of rossi or if it was just his race. now all i have to do is fond somewhere that has payTV that i can watch it at lol.
  17. sete is kind of old news already, fading away like a slightly less-impressive max biaggi. He hasn't really been competitive (except if you count qualifying which i don't) for almost over a year now in the latter part of the race (well since the memorable rossi "shunt" incident in race 1 last year and the start of "the curse"!).
    can't see much challenge coming from Gibbers. But motogp has never been better, thanks to stoner, pedrosa (at least when he's on the bike) melandri etc. taking it up to the old farts. May it roll on this way all year!
    and love the write up vtr(less)elmarco. maybe you should audition for a spot over on www.motogpnews.com!
  18. Screw secret. i was really hoping he would.
    I have decided (In my infinite wisdom) that Rossi is a Wanker... A Complete legend yes, but also an agressive tosser. I is big on rubbing sholders, and makeing moves that are make or break. I am prety sure that ivery one was riding with his agresion levels it would all come down to who was left standing to cross the finish line. But people back off as he pushes up on the inside and nudges them out time and time again.

    Yep I agree he is damn good, no argument there, but I don't really like his manner much.
  19. How can you say that? Other than the move on Sete 1st race last season, Rossi is firm but fair. Remember, this is racing....Even that move last year would not have been a problem had Sete anticipated the pass. Remember also that Rossi swore payback for the Honda Pons team protest in Qatar. So Sete should have seen that coming a 1,000 miles back.

    Rossi. Interesting write up from Michael Scott last AMCN. Seems that other than the disappointment of France, he was fine. Even had a -32 on his bike showing how far he was behind in the points and his dog symbol, instead of being perky and happy, was sulking. Now, for a 5* World Champion, that shows good humour and an acceptance that this is not life and death.

    Sete...well, what more can we say. Had more opportunities and chose not to take them Undeniably fast, but has a good bike and a good team. Always has an excuse. And that stupid little 'i love you' he does to the camera on the grid is giving me the shits. Just grow up man!!

    Capirossi, now he's mad. I think it was the pass on Harada that sealed it for me. But since, then, he's been well behaved, but he's still not someone I'd want to meet in an alleyway late at night. I reckon he'd kill you, just coz he could! His bit in the 'Faster' DVD was worth watching. He has a certain glint in his eye when he talks to camera. Certifiable I tell you

    Pedrosa. He needs a haircut or something. He's as inspiring as Criville. It's more exciting watching porridge set. Repsol would love him, Spanish, quick and not enough personality to scare the sponsors. Do something Dani, get a tat, a piercing, something!

    Melandri is from the same manic mould as Rossi. Not the same zest, but he rides well, fast and is able to control the bike when the tyres go off. Enjoys his racing and you don't see him whinge. Same as Capirossi if you met him in an alley, though he might just maim and watch you suffer.

    Stoner. Why do so many people dislike him. He's a genuine star, shows maturity beyond his years and is quick in a team in their 1st year running the big bikes. What more could we ask for?

    Hopper? He's nuts. Anyone who signs for Suzuki when there were other offers on the table has to be. It might only take a couple of races to fix the Suzuki if they can maintain their progress, but Mugello wasn't a good sign.

    Vermuelen. Needs to change the hat. And Rizzla blue looks crap on it anyway. To think he turned down the option of a Honda.

    Edwards...Nice guy, good bike. I'm sure there's a reason he's not as fast as Rossi, it might take him to leave the team to find out (nominated tester for bits etc..). Good guy, but never going to be champ. It'd be good to see him back in Worldsbk. He's as mad as Bayliss and as quick.

    Hayden. How many years do you have to race and be nearly there? Quick, lots of personality, but surely Honda are gonna want some return on their investment soon. It seems that since Doohan and then Rossi left, they've been clutching at straws looking for the answer. But when the question is Rossi and that's all you've got to go on, where do you start?

    Kawasaki? Do they race in Motogp? :oops:

  20. I am going to assume that you are talking about the now infamous "Jerez Incident" :)

    What Rossi did to Sete at Jerez will be argued about for the next millenia. My view on the subject if that Sete left a gap into the final hairpin you could have parked the USS Enterprise in. He also did it on the last lap of the opening GP. He should have known where Rossi was ESPECIALLY on the last corner of the last lap of a race.

    Rossi saw said gap and parked the USS Factory Yamaha into it. Gave Sete a slight( :LOL: ) accidental( :LOL: ) nudge and the rest is history. This behavior at the MotoGP/Superbike/AMA/Aus Auperbike level is perfectly acceptable, because lets face it these guys are racing for mega buck motorcycle manufacturers.

    I think Sete's petulant behavior after the race was the worst outcome from the "incident". He could have laughed it off, said I'll get you next time and gained a lot more respect.

    Maybe at a local rideday this behavior wouldn't be so cool because were just racing to boast to our mates how crap we are!