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MotoGP 06 - Rd 2- Losail (QAT)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. The Camel Yamaha Team flip the royal bird towards Jerez and look towards Qatar in there search for 2006 glory. Even the god-like Mr Rossi has some bad luck sometimes, but the truth of the matter was that they Yamaha’s were always going to struggle that weekend due to chatter, vibration or whatever else you want to call it. It would be great to be a fly on the wall at Yamaha after the Jerez debrief. You can guarantee they will hit back fast though.

    They head of to sunny Qatar where track temperatures can reach about 4000 degrees, and due to the abundance of desert sand, Michelin and Bridgestone have shipped over the latest batch or dirt bike knobbies in the search for grip at the medium speed flowing circuit. It has some funny cambers and changes of direction, plus coupled with the lack of grip off the racing line can lead to a few crashes and little passing.

    Ducati will be on a high after there crushing win at Jerez. They could have done the 1-2 if they employed someone else rather than the forever cursed Sete Gibnernau. Sete and Loris will both be strong at this circuit and they could even repeat a Ducati win, Bridgestone tire dependant of course.

    The Honda teams will be pretty happy with the first hit out from new kids on the block Pedrosa, Hayden, Elias and Melandri. Pedrosa will definitely win a GP this year after a massive debut second at Jerez. The season long grind may wear him down mentally a little bit, but he is one to watch now at every GP. Unfortunately for Hayden, he may have to look at his riding style after being well beaten by his newer team mate. The sideways drift’em in style looks cool as, but the 250 cc high corner speed way could be faster. A mix of the two styles like Capirossi or Valentino is probably the best blend.

    The Kawasakis qualified great at Jerez but went backwards fast, but there is potential with these bikes yet. Suzuki must have been spewing to see the perennial coaster Kenny Roberts Jr, blast past the bright blue nails with the benefit of some Honda power strapped to his old man’s chassis.

    Qatar will provide a good indication to the better tire at the end of the race when the massive track temps turn both the Michelins and Bridgestones to goo. The Dunlops will struggle real bad. After saying that it will rain for the first time in 29476 years at Qatar and wets will need to be flown in!

    Well I hope the rose water flows fast for the Ducati boys as the GP season starts to get its groove on for 2006. I for one am going to partake in several beverages SATURDAY NIGHT!! (You have been reminded).
  2. Stoner secures maiden pole

    Pole positions

    1. Casey Stoner (Aus/Honda) 1m 55.683s
    2. Loris Capirossi (Ita/Ducati) 1m 55.721s
    3. Toni Elías (Spa/Honda) 1m 55.735s
    4. Nicky Hayden (USA/Honda) 1m 55.793s
    5. Dani Pedrosa (Spa/Honda) 1m 56.008s
    6. Valentino Rossi (Ita/Yamaha) 1m 56.076s
    7. Sete Gibernau (Spa/Ducati) 1m 56.177s
    8. Colin Edwards (USA/Yamaha) 1m 56.230s
    9. Shinya Nakano (Jap/Kawasaki) 1m 56.237s
    10. Kenny Roberts (USA/KR211V) 1m 56.272s
    11. Chris Vermeulen (Aus/Suzuki) 1m 56.356s
    12. Marco Melandri (Ita/Honda) 1m 56.822s
    13. John Hopkins (USA/Suzuki) 1m 56.981s
    14. Carlos Checa (Spa/Yamaha) 1m 57.299s
    15. Randy De Puniet (Fra/Kawasaki) 1m57.822s
    16. Makoto Tamada (Jap/Honda) 1m 57.891s
    17. James Ellison (GBR/Yamaha) 1m 58.674s
    18. Alex Hofmann (Ger/Ducati) 1m 59.591s
    19. José Luis Cardoso (Spa/Ducati) 1m 59.733s

    1st - Jorge Lorenzo (Aprilia) : 2'01.755

    1st - Alvaro Bautista (Aprilia) : 2'07.453

    Race coverage
    Fox Sports 1 from 11pm Sat 8th April 2006
    Channel 10 from 12:30am Sunday 9th April 2006
  3. Anyone have any idea what time the actual gp race will start on channel ten here? cause our coverage doesnt start till 1.50am :(

    At that time i couldnt be bothered watchin the other races...
  4. Chanel 10's showing it at 12.30am

    I'll be stayin' up if I can get a nap in beforehand. Got a big telly too if anyone wants to bring some beer over Flemington way!
  5. Unfortunately we have the bisbane Vs essendon replay on here before the gp according to the tv guide.
  6. Well i set my alarm for the race and then woke up with a sore neck on my shitty couch after the race had finished :facepalm: . I dont even actually remember getting out of bed and making my way to the lounge and putting the tv on :oops:

    Anyways i see Casey finished 5th, what an amazing effort in his second apearance at the top level! Hopefully hell be standing on the podium before long :grin:
  7. MotoGP 06 - Rd 2- Results (Spoiler)

    MotoGP Results
    1. Valentino Rossi (Ita/Yamaha) 43m 22.229s
    2. Nicky Hayden (USA/Honda) + 0.900s
    3. Loris Capirossi (Ita/Ducati) + 1.494s
    4. Sete Gibernau (Spa/Ducati) + 4.638s
    5. Casey Stoner (Aus/Honda) + 7.575s
    6. Dani Pedrosa (Spa/Honda) + 10.820s
    7. Marco Melandri (Ita/Honda) + 11.784s
    8. Toni Elías (Spa/Honda) + 19.481s
    9. Colin Edwards (USA/Yamaha) + 22.920s
    10. Kenny Roberts (USA/KR211V) + 34.286s
    11. Shinya Nakano (Jap/Kawasaki) + 35.316s
    12. Carlos Checa (Spa/Yamaha) + 49.245s
    13. James Ellison (GBR/Yamaha) + 1m 01.469s
    14. Makoto Tamada (Jap/Honda) + 1m 10.778s
    15. Alex Hofmann (Ger/Ducati) + 1m 22.051s
    16. José Luis Cardoso (Spa/Ducati) + 1m 33.818s

    Championship Standings
    1. Loris Capirossi (ITA) 41
    2. Nicky Hayden (USA) 36
    3. Dani Pedrosa (SPA) 30
    4. Valentino Rossi (ITA) 27
    5. Toni Elias (SPA) 21
    6. Casey Stoner (AUS) 21
    7. Marco Melandri (ITA) 20
    8. Shinya Nakano (JPN) 14
    9. Kenny Roberts (USA) 14
    10. Sete Gibernau (SPA) 13
  8. Again I found the racing pretty uneventful at MotoGP level to be honest.

    Apart from the Hayden/Rossi dice with 4 laps remaining, in which Rossi showed he was under no real duress making up gobs of time on the Honda, and Pedrosa and Melandri duking it out furiously for 6th/7th spot, the rest of the field was pretty static.

    Stoner led early, but unlike Pedrosa's Jerez through-the-ranks charge and ultimate disappointment, Casey's race was a story of gradual slipping, conceding the lead to Rossi, then letting Hayden past. Capirossi simply had to hang around and wait for his next mistake - and it came quickly enough as Stoner couldn't keep the front down coming out of a turn, and Gibernau likewise took advantage when Stoner's rear wheel flicked out in a mini-highside coming onto the straight.

    So yeah it was a great effort to get out in pole and lead from the start, but the race saw him slowly running out of puff.

    In a way it's good to see Rossi back up there, but how much competition's really going on this season? Hayden looked sheepish and defeated, Capirossi looked rapt just to get up on the podium, the young 250GP guns were comprehensively and calmly done over, and Gibernau was well off his teammate's pace.

    I certainly felt for Hopkins and Vermeulen as their shitty Suzukis crumbled under engine troubles - how much longer will Hopkins stick with this team? He's acknowledged as a very talented rider but has been undergunned for his whole MotoGP career. If the frustration hasn't been evident in interviews due to his humble, grinning character, it was certainly there for all to see last night as he kicked the crap out of the Rizla bike as it sat against the wall useless.

    Still, in bang for buck terms my eyes are glued to SBK for the moment, but let's see where the season goes from here!
  9. That was pretty funny at the same time... looked like a power ranger trying to invoke some dinosaur spirit :LOL:
  10. Yeah that was the race highlight for me :LOL:

    Wonder what the big men @ Suzuki thought of the 'coverage' :wink:

    Real shame that Capirossi settled for third :cry:
  11. MGP really has become a boring spectacle.
  12. Regretfully I have to agree with the Scooter on this one.

    Well it was quite an uninteresting race in the end. I thought there would be heaps more offs, but the cooler conditions meant everyone kept it in line with only a few running wide on a couple of corners.

    Without a doubt the race highlight was Hopper kicking the crap out of his Suzuki. GOLD!!

    Both Suzuki's carking it does not bode well for that team. There is currently some poor engineer being beaten with a brake caliper back in Japan as we speak.

    Stoner did great after pole with the flu, and no sleep and cramps. He may push Pedrosa as the rookie to watch this year. Pedrosa was inconsistent, but that is to be expected for his first year.

    Hayden looked to have transformed his riding style. I barely saw him sideways at all. He was still no match for Rossi and the Yamaha though, and he had the race in the bag after passing Hayden for the lead.
  13. Do you regret that you are agreeing with me or agreeing with the content? :LOL:
  14. I think Stoner's performance was a clear and public statement that he belongs in MotoGP, and up the pointy end of things too. He's not there to make up the numbers.

    Other than that, the higlights for me were the Pedrosa/Melandri stoush and Hopkins doing a Basil Fawlty by assaulting his bike. "Why (boot) did I ever (boot) re-sign (boot) with this team (boot)?"

    The Formula 1 races so far this year have been more engaging than MotoGP, which is pretty startling when you think about it.
  15. I must admit that I've nearly always like the 125cc compared with the MotoGP. Fourth gear flat knacker into corners that the 1000cc are doing 1st gear into.
    I think though Rossi shows his superiority, just hangs around then puts in a squirt to get about a second ahead and then stays there for a few laps to go. Was the same at Donnington in the wet last year, Rossi kept losing traction with the back-end and then puts in a lap record in the driving rain to finish a second up. A cat toying with the mice methinks.
    Like many others, I agree that the highlight was Hopkins kicking the crap out of the bike and Ant West's disgust in the 250's was pretty similar.
    I'm glad we only got to see the two hour highlights, as I would have been pretty disappointed with the races had I been subjected to the normal four and a half hour coverage.
    Glad Looney Lorenzo has made it two in a row though...:LOL:
  16. Doesn't help that Losail is a pretty flavourless track - a bit boring IMO. Need a bit of varying height in the terrain, and a few dodgy corners to gets bikes unstuck.