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"Motofishing" tips and tricks

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by kate, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Here's a thread for all things motofishing (I guess that is a loose term related to anything that combines fishing and biking simultaneously) (^^^)8-|(^^^)

    I'm very interested in doing some more fishing "tours" on the bike! I thought I'd share my current setup for bringing my fishing gear along and put the call out for some suggestions on improvements.

    I've tried to make everything as compact and lightweight as possible. I have an inexpensive telescopic rod and reel. I have one rig set up which I keep attached to the rod and an enveloped-sized tackle box which holds the essentials (two options of lures, spare hooks should I come across fresh bait, spare sinkers, snaps and swivels etc). I haven't yet figured out a good option for transporting spare rigs. I was thinking of perhaps just wrapping a few around a toilet roll.

    The only knife and tools I have are on my multi-tool. Not ideal but definitely a space saver.

    The whole thing takes up minimal space in my touring luggage. Also fits into a backpack for shorter trips.

    Should I catch any fish, I have aluminium foil and plastic bags - not that I've needed them yet :cry:

    Keen to hear what others are using and any other tips and tricks for "motofishing" :p

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  2. Ride to fish and chip shop. Order. Ride home. Eat fish.

    Sorted.... ;)
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  3. Good on you katekate and I hope you catch lots of fish. You sounds like you've given it a lot of thought, and hopefully those riders who share your enthusiasm for riding and fishing will have a read and share some stories.

    But I must confess to agreeing with chillibuttonchillibutton on this one. With one small difference.

    Order by phone. Ride to fish and chip shop. Pick up. Ride home. Eat fish. Tires stay warm this way. :hungry:
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  4. Hey chillibuttonchillibutton, can we use your technique for catch-and-release styles of fishing?

    I've wanted to get on the bicycle and go for a fish but the logistics (and my lazy demeanor) have stopped me trying.. I haven't thought about it since getting my bike licence, thanks katekate
  5. Why ruin a good motorbike ride with the frustrations of fishing! ;)

    Seriously though, looks a good set up. I wonder if one of those collapsable esky bags might be useful in keeping fish cooler (maybe with on iceblock of some sort)?
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  6. Best of luck katekate

    Although, TBH I only prefer motocoffying and motoeating

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  7. best of luck katekate

    looks like a nice set up
  8. Telescopic rod, tackle box, lures, fresh bait, sinkers, swivels, spare rigs.
    Motofishing sounds very interesting;)
  9. Great idea katekate - have you done much fishing? Might like to get two tackle boxes and use one for river and other for ocean depending where you're riding. The snapper sinkers may be an overkill as they are used for deep fishing, but I haven't fished up there so might be right off track.

    Get some steel wool on the torpedo sinker to shine it up, get a treble hook on the end of the leader and got a killer mackerel rig if they're around.

    Lose the snap swivels. They cause you to lose more fish than anything else.
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  10. Remember once you catch em you gotta get em home !

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  11. katekate your after my heart aren't you? Motorcycling and fishing, my two favourite pastimes.
    I use a pool noodle for my various rigs. Cut off as much as you need, use a pin to secure the swivel end, wrap around and then dig the hook in. Cheap and very effective.
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  12. i dont know anything about fishing, but i rekon its all about the bait.

    any master- bait - ers around here have some good advice about what bait to use?
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  13. on the bike i would take a cpl of hand lines with decent line on them so it doesn't cut your fingers when you cast or get a good fish IE up there i used to use 80lb up, even us much as 200lb for Jewies etc.
    now a hand line doesn't sound like fun or look cool "but" tangling with some of the beasts up there, i can tell you it's fun :)
    and most of all easy to carry.
    i used to also strap a cpl of 1 piece rods to the back of the bike sticking up in the air "like a big aerial" :p
    just be careful of over hanging stuff etc.

    a bait jig would be a good addition to the tackle box, you always catch more fish on live bait up there ;)
    stokes hill wharf, catch some sardines with the bait jig, chuck one out live around that wreck next to the wharf "that's where youll'e get the bait too"
    wait and be ready...
    getting a good fish up on the wharf can be a challenge though :) "that's also where the heavy hand line comes in handy"

    you can get some big Queenies around Fort hill wharf rocks too, but getting the live bait around there could be hard...

    also for adding your pre-made rigs try a swimming pool noodle cut down to what ever
    size you can fit in your bag

    this is my snapper and whitting one :

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  14. i miss read the thread title
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  15. Hi Kate. Not a bad set up. I use a tube attached under my rear rack which will hold up to 3 rods. I use "Travel Rods" which a far better that Telescopic types. Some are 3, 4 or 5 piece rods from Shimano, Daiwa and Shakespeare. Not cheap but they have superior action and strength. A good quality 2500 reel with 2 spools will catch most fish. Go to a Tackle shop and tell the boys where and what you will be chasing and they will put you onto the most efficient gear. Cheers, Greg
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