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motodry overpants = worse than nothing?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. When it's wet, like this crazy morning, I sometimes plonk on my motodry overpants to keep my jeans or suit pants dry on the short ride to work.

    But these plastic buggers are so suffocatingly air-proof that I start sweating almost immediately. So while the outside of my pants is dry, the inside is pooling up. By the time I get to work, I'm usually wetter from my own arse sweat than I would have been from the road spray and rain. So I get there wet AND stinky. Which would be perfect if I was hanging out with bikers who tend to like that sort of thing anyway, but it sucks in an office.

    Anyone got any tips on wet weather overgear that doesn't need a shower at the other end?

  2. My personal tack on this is to wear minimal clothes under my wet weather gear, and have a complete change of work clothes in a plastic bag in my bag on the back.

    I don't have the same issues as you though - my gear is great when it is dry or moderately wet, but if it is relatively heavy for a long duration (i.e. yesterday and a 40 minute ride) then it starts to leak... (and thus I have adopted the above solution)

    p.s. I am using reissa kevlar/cordura gear available from torrini leathers
  3. Goto rays outdoor centre, have a look at some of their waterproof pants (hiking kind) buy them a size larger so you can pull them over your normal pants, they breathe well and are waterproof and warm for the winter months.

  4. Err.... fellow biker here, however wet and stinky MALE arses are not my bag at all!!! Just thought i'd make it clear that not all of us are turned on by this sort of thing! :wink:
  5. it was graphic enough, you didn't need to mention wet and stinky male arses. anyway i got a pair of $25 overpants at aussie disposals a few days ago, i've tested them in moderate rain and they're fine. ..i don't sweat much though.

  6. I hope you weren't suggesting that it was me who brought it up!
    Read closely and you will see it mentioned before i got here, just had to reply cos it was funny!!
  7. That's the way it's always going to be with plastic. It doesn't breath, so the moisture underneath condensates and you end up wetter on the inside than on the outside.

    Gortex/Aerotex/Emphatex type material has the ability to breathe, so it'll let the moisture out from inside your pants whilst stopping the water from the outside getting in. It works relatively well, unless you're running around and sweating a fair bit.

    Or you could use alot of deodorant :)
  8. thats the shot :wink: or aussie disposals etc...

    i've got a pair of textile hiking daks that are tuffer than my old plastics, more waterproof, and actually breathe a little. all necissary for riding a pushy in the rain, so no doubt they'd do the trick on a motorbike :D
  9. I wear the same, but never had a problem with heat... does your bike get particularly hot?