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Motodry Nitro or Dririder DriMesh jackets ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by javaman, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Thinking about the Nitro and Drimesh. Anyone can point out the pro/con of these jackets ?

    Nitro: looks great, waterproof. But it's so short (does it ride up?) and maybe too warm for summer.

    Drimesh: Looks ok, will be great for summer. But is it waterproof enough for heavy rain ?

    Other thing, does textile jackets flap around at high speed ?

  2. ...or...DriRider RallyCross.
    It's a more serious jacket than the other 2, compression straps on arms, waterproof zip-in liner, cold-season accessory-pack with thermal liner and 2liter Camelback-bladder available. The jacket has a pocket for the bladder built-in.
  3. I got the moto-dry jacket, its a good jacket, keeps the cold out (has a removable winter lining) but yeah I have noticed it does ride up a bit and I'm always pulling it down when I stop at traffic lights and stuff... they,re pretty cheap though
  4. Agree with Pete, I have the Dririder RallyCross and they are a magic jacket, and heaps of pockets in them, when you upgrade the armour you get the bladder with it.
  5. I was using a dri-mesh in winter weather. The inner lining does a surprisingly good job to keep the weather off i just needed a neckwarmer to seal the neck. In warmer times it is beautiful.

    I now have a Dri-rider Nordic (3 i think not sure :p) and thats absolutely marvelous in the wet!!!
  6. You might also want to consider the Dririder RallyCross because they are adjustable for a tight fit, also they will never get you wet and they are blood warm in winter. I use mine for riding the Road & Dirt Bike as the armour gives you a bit of protection.
  7. I've got the Motodry Nitro, I think its great and like the short style....mine doesn't ride up.

    I've got a large though and probably could take a medium
  8. Thanks all, seems I need some thinking to do (no pressing matter).

    Other alternatives are ok but not in my price range. No I do not have a $250 skin, but unfortunately $250 wallet :oops:
  9. What about the motodry duo?, i have this and it's completly 100% water proof, not too short, has removable lining, armour and zip open air vents.
    The only problem i've found with this jacket is on really hot days your arms get really sweaty and hot because no air can get to there.
    And there cheaper than most other similar jackets too
  10. Ditto on every point
  11. why dont you just roll your sleeves up? :p
  12. I have a Motodry Summer, great in summer, alittle short, sort of water proof with the liner in. Its ok for a light shower....but sustained rain, and you will get wet.
    I bought a Rally Cross a few weeks back, and for the extra money, its a very very good jacket. Waterproof, warm, pockets, liners, you name it it has it. Well worth the money.
  13. I use both jackets Nitro and Summer and with the exception that the summer is a bit short on armour it is a great jacket 6th year now and I disagree on the waterproofing, I used my summer jacket and liner in Melbournes recent downpour and it was more effective than my $990 BMW trousers.
  14. Have to agree on the DriRider ... The wife bought me a DriRider RallyCross Evo Jacket for Xmas. It's excellent ...