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MotoDry gloves waterproof ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rbarge, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. I have a pair of motoDry black ice gloves, I rode home in the rain yesterday and not only did my hands not stay dry :( but the gloves acted like a sponge, I have had them in the sun all day and there still damp!

    Should these gloves be water proof, I assumed with a name like MotoDry they would keep my hand dry :) or do they need to be treated ?
  2. I thought the same thing but after my ride back from lakes entrance late last year i realised that this was not the case, took almost a week for them to dry completely.

    If you find a way to waterproof them let us know ;)
  3. Maybe that spray that water proofs leather shoes will work.

    If not will need some new gloves :(
  4. It's just a barnd name, just as Nike is in shoes for example. You want waterproof gloves PM Vic, he used to have a pair I believe, looking around the $250 from memory I think he said.

    If you pay $50 odd for a pair of gloves and expect them to be waterproof you're dreaming, sorry, reality bites sometimes.

    Re waterproofing spray, it kinda works I believe if you spray it thick and very thoroughly but it will after time wear off too.
  5. True but "Nike" doesn't have a meaning, with a brand name like Motodry it implies the gear would keep you dry :grin: