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MotoDry carry bag

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by undii, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Yeah, good one, imagine you took time and had 2 working arms!

  2. Nah, my 90 yr old grandma could've done better! In 1/2 the time.

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  3. No idea. I didn't bother looking, I don't like you!

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  4. What's a poll?

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  1. As posted in another forum, with some extra comments to make it more on topic for this forum.

    Well, since I know I'm off to the GP now [I wasn't sure due to my arm/shoulder injury but with the new brace and the improvement, I feel good to go! yay! ]

    Anyway, deciding about what I was gonna take, I knew my backpack alone wouldn't take enough for the 4 days I'm going so I thought about buying a tank bag or carry bag on the back. It hit me I bought such a bag years ago and have got in storage somewhere about the house. After 10-15 minutes searching, I found it, did a wazza the gimpy engineer hack job to fit it to the bike. And I think it only took 15-20 minutes as well to think about placement, putting it on the bike and tweaking the strap things.

    The (almost) finished product is below. I still need to clean it up a bit but it fits in ok, not too distracting. It looks uneven on a pic or two just because I had a pile of books I was taking back to the library which was heavier on one side. That said, I may put stronger stuff under it to make sure it stays even, but who knows, the pain in my arm might make me decide otherwise on doing more engineer stuff

    I did a test ride with the books at a spirited pace (saying that, I couldn't believe the lack of traffic around my way around lunch time today, Saturday. I usually am at snails pace along the roads I rode today. AWESOME! Bag held up good, I'm pretty sure it will do me proud for the GP. Saved a fair dollar by not needing a tank bag or carry bag of any sort
    Ta da!

    (Pics taken with my phone so don't expect quality photos ok?)

    Pics at http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j250/undii/daytona 675/bike bag/


    :grin: If you have any questions, fire away. I *think* from memory, it was $80 to $100 from Brighton bikes and bits 3ish years ago? Link is here :grin:

    And I added a poll for fun. If you wanna "pay me out" with it anonymously, be my guest. As the old saying goes "Sticks and stones..." :wink:
  2. Funny, one vote and it is "Didn't bother looking, I don't like you" ;)