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motoczysz documentry

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by live4themoment, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. There is currently a interesting documentry on motoczysz a company started up by Michael czysz to design a bike to race at Laguna Seca against the Moto Gp bikes. Very unique bike and a interesting 2 hour story about how it was made etc. It is on the discovery channel and is being replayed 1:30am and is called Birth of a racer.

  2. Awesome! A bike with a name that impossible to pronounce unless you are Czech or Scotish. :LOL:

    Looks nice from the pics though. Shame it's at a bastard of a time...
  3. I was

    I was just about to edit the post because i noticed it will also be on at 830 tommorow morning as well.
  4. It's on my TV right now :wink:
    Though i havent watched all of it. Been flipping between that and other shows
  5. Something else you might find interesting regarding this thread and the bike in subject or just simply like the concept of the C1 990 is is the gts 100 with Radd suspension, very unique and unusual look for bike suspensions.
    Related sites:


    Loved the idea of this bike and the sexy look of it too didn't go astray either. Did a bit of googling afterwards, found it all very interesting reading, also found another good site to go to is:


    some pretty radical stuff out there.

    Already thinking of signing up for a C1 990 when they come into production, but guess I'd better start savings me dollars now if I'm ever gonna fulfill THAT dream :LOL:

    :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:
  6. or Polish :wink:
  7. Watched it on discovery channel last night.

    Wow that thing sounded mean when it started up and taking off.

    The gyro-scope idea seemed really good balanced out the bike really well, and what the test riders were saying about it was it flip-flopped through corners without any effort.

    Jus point it and away it goes
  8. Just finished watching it on the discovery channel. I want to know what happens next! :p Imagine all the pennies hes pumping into that company.
  9. Or Drunk :LOL:
  10. +1

    Interesting docu.

    Was up until 3am :)

    Everyone was saying how they can't believe no one has thought up those
    ideas (engine design, transmission, suspension) before.

    Whats the latest news on it?
  11. Thankyou rob :)
  12. When is it on again?
  13. Don't know when on next

    Don't know when it is on next but i know if you go to the website www.motoczysz.com you can buy the replica of the bike on show last night for a cool $100,000 i assuming that is American dollars to as it is a American bike and website. The replicas are going to have a run of 50 made so at the moment very limited.
  14. Looks like ya missed out bud [​IMG]

    Checked the 24hr listings until 08/01/2008 & there are no
    repeats showing [​IMG]
  15. Just checked

    I was just flicking through foxtel and for the ones that have asked when will it be on again it is on the discovery channel this morning 6/1 at 830-1030 and this afternoon 330-530.
  16. Thanks for that! Just watched it and thought it was fascinating :eek: Lets hope that they continue to move forward and have some success on the track.