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Motocross boots on a road bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Riderman, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    What are everyone's thoughts on wearing MX boots on a road bike?

    Is this a big no-no?

    I just bought these for the daily commute, wondering if they're overkill? I've just heard two seperate stories of people losing their feet (amputation) due to accidents that were no their fault (cars merging etc.). And I almost got merged into while I was on the bus lane last week, so thought I'd upgrade my shoes at least.


  2. what do you ride. i always wear mx boots on the street, i have a pair of alpinestar tech 6's and for bumming around in i wear alpinestar tech 2's.

    but then again i ride a supermoto.

    they can be a bit heavy and bulky compared with road boots but are tougher, especially in the sole
  3. Hi, does it matter what bike I ride? Well I guess that's part of the question.

    I'm currently on a little Learner 125 'sports bike'

    What if I were to ride a Harley in those, you think people will laugh? Im thinking of renting one out for a weekend in future, just to cruise and see what it is like. Also I'd have a full face helmet .... you think people will think I look stupid? This matters because it's a Harley, and riders of Harleys need to worry about this ;)
  4. I guess my question is, will wearing MX boots on road bikes have any disadvantages other than being a bit heavier? That will be the least of my concerns.

    I can see advantages of the MX boots over mid sized road boots, as MX boots go all the way up to the knee almost.
  5. they will be stiffer than road boots in the ankle action, and possibly not as comfortable. they have sharp edges around the buckles and these 'could' scratch your bike. but not sure.

    no replacement sliders for when boots drag on the bitchumen either.

    i rather mx boots.
  6. I have a pair of Oneal Piston MX boots, and intended to wear them daily when I got my first bike.

    Wore them maybe 6 times in total for long highway trips.. couldn't handle them for just around town as it was too difficult to change gear. Mainly just due to the style of bike and the fact they were still new/stiff.
    In terms of safety I think they'd be brilliant in a stack compared to other styles, as long as they're comfortable.

    Also tried to sell them at one point but had no real interest so they're currently sitting the corner of my room :p
  7. My opinion is they are too stiff, you get very little feel, they are also bulky and it can be hard to tuck your foot in tight if you need to crank it over hard, but each to his own, if you feel safer and have good control go for it.
  8. Hmm i have MX boots for my XR250 road/trail but thats because i intend to do both with the bike, upriver sand/rock/track kind of riding, and in town going to the shops/work/etc.

    Personally if i had a sports bike id get just road boots, MX boots are BLOODY uncomfortable, to prevent chafing you need special socks, (that come up to your knees..) They're not comfortable.

    Also i find it extremely hard to walk with them on, Its surprising how much you miss movement in your ankles when you cannot move everything below the knee!!

    Although i doubt anything would scratch your bike, its plastic, other then the steel covered capped toes, there isnt anything sharp on them to scratch any paintwork.

    Anyway, seems you have already bought the boots i thought it would be a muted argument, you have the boots already, as long as there comfortable, go with them. I personally, would rather use road boots because of improved comfort, ease of use and freedom of movement.
  9. i once had a running race against a few mates after a fair few beers wearing mx boots, that was the hardest thing i have ever done lol.

    the new sidi crossfires have pretty good flexibility.
  10. my first pair of boots was moto-x style, since I bought my bike and my gear in a country town

    but I quickly found that they lacked the sensitivity needed for road riding, and bought road boots....
  11. yeah, agreed. (its a sin i know.. ) I've worn steel capped high ankle work boots when i first got the bike, and MX boots are just so damn hard to move in, and do stuff on the bike (changing gear, for example, cant seem to get my toe under the shifter).

    It's such a problem that itll see me buy road boots, most likely in the near future.. and leave the MX boots in the back for use offroad.
  12. Riderman,

    if your MX boots are not damaging your bike, and (more importantly) if you have precise and unhindered use of the controls they are good to go. Comfort is a consideration too; if your boots are distracting you by being uncomfortable, your attention/concerntration may not be as focused as it needs to be.

    By the way, I reckon they look stoke.

    Good observation about how unprotective the soles in some motorcycle boots are JimmyD. Some motorcycle boots are crap in that respect. I have a pair of Thomas Cooks (dunno what model they are). The uppers seem to be aok. I needed them for work and I was in a hurry when I bought them. I discovered later how thin and soft the soles are.

    In the 90s I bought a pair of Italian made Alpinestars. The amount of work they did before I had to replace them was Biblical. I have no idea if the current Alpinestars which are not made in Italy are as durable.... and comfortable... Felt like I was wearing cosy slippers.
  13. yes, you will look like a complete tool.
    you will stop traffic everywhere you go and people will pile out of their vehicles and point at you and laugh.
    more of a worry though, would be if you encountered patched bikeys on your ride.
    they would consider your defamation of a HD punishable by something i probably cannot mention in this family forum.
    needless to say you'd be walking home very slowly with tiny little steps and you would'nt be able to sit down for a week.