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Motocross - 1st bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TerrorOnTwoWheels, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I am 15. height 6"0. 78kg

    I am looking for a motocross bike and i want to get into the sport.

    I have just a few hours of expirience on a TT-R125LW.

    What capacity and 2 or 4 stroke?

    Thanks guys
  2. motorcross or off road?

    at 6' 78kg your getting a little on the big side for a 125 but then a 250 2s motorcross bike can be a handfull for a beginner.

    what sort of $$$ are you looking at spending?
  3. The new crf250r is sweeet its a four stroke with all the good bits :grin:
  4. Any new 250 4-stroke would be a good choice.

    If you plan on racing (with some success) then it virtually comes down to only two models: Honda CRF250 and Yamaha YZ250F.
  5. Thanks guys,

    I have been on the 4 stroke side.

    no more than 5k, im looking for a used one.
    used 4 strokes from around 2003 are hard to come by.

    Any good classified site other than bikepoint and baikesales?
  6. 78kg is fine for a 125 mate, your not going to be fast if the only experience you have had has been on farm bikes (even thou you may think you will)

    I love 125's but all my mates that have gone over to the 250 4strokes have said they are alot easier to ride and that you dont get as tired as fast.
    but thats from experienced racers.

    I guess i would recomend a 250 for you, more controlable power then the 125.
    but the downsyde to 250s is if you blow them up, then ya lookin at alota $$$, alot more then a 125.

    Ive blown up my 125 about 2wice now, and its not good on the old pocket.
    That wasnt from lack of matience either.

    Its an expensive sport, ive quit for a lil bit.
    not gonna be back racing until ive gone thru school/uni and have a good job to pay for it again
  7. I guess you have not heard of the KTM 250SXF then? :grin: Most reliable of the 4 stroke 250's by all accounts. Not that I'm biased mind you :wink:
  8. if you like technical riding - don't get an mx bike - get a trials bike like a scorpa, gas gas, beta. they're not too expensive either. my beta techno cost $2200 and it's good for easy trail riding, fast rips through the scrub, jumps, slow technical stuff, climbs, you name it.
  9. I had a fang on my mates RM250 on the weekend and im still tryin to get this smile off my face. This things a 2 stroke and its got plenty of go and i am 6'2 and 90kg. Also very light and easy to handle. 02 model for $3800. I've only really ridden a KTM 620 before and it has similar power if you can compare a 4 stroke to a 2 stroke. Except much easier to handle. Would be a difficult bike to ride in the long term, trying to keep in power band but i guess its all up to what you want to ride it for.

    Dunno how those guys do it, had a hand full of laps and im still sore all over. First time on an actual track and its a completely different ball game.

    [Edit: I just lost 100kg. Thanks Cammo.]
  10. alota people seem to miss he said that
  11. :eek: :eek:
  12. Thanks for your opinions guys.

    Definatley not a tirals bike kthnx lol asif.

    When u say "blow up" is it easy to blow ur engine up?

    Of course im not going to hold it on the end of the rev range!!?!?!
  13. If you're buying second hand and will be relying on a mechanic for servicing. Get a two stroke without question.
    For two main reasons

    Buying a second hand 4 stroke is a bit like playing russian roulette. Without taking the head off you could get a treat or a ticking time bomb.

    4 stroke MX bikes are more difficult to maintain and have many more parts. They require more services and are more costly as well. If you rebuild the top end once a year, it'll cost you about $200 for a 2 stroke and well over $1000 for a 4 stroke.
    The 4 strokes need regular oil changes, after every major ride ideally. Valve and cam assemblies need to be checked and measured every few rides.

    All you need to do for a 2 stroke is keep the air filter clean, keep your mixture accurate and make sure all the bolts are done up tight.

    The 4 strokes RRP for 3 to 4 grand more new. So you get much more bike for your buck buying two stroke.

    I learned to ride on a kx125 and am quite partial to the bike. But all of the 125s are created fairly equal. So just pick a colour.
  14. well, depends how hard you ride you bike.
    I race amcross, motocross, longtrack, dirttrack, so my bike gets a fair bit of a workout, im allways on the gas too.
  15. Some advice, get down to your local club, wonder around the pits and have a talk to some people, as a 15yo novice you might be better off looking at a class bike for a season or 2.

    Generaly i'd say go 2 stroke for all the reasons OutbreakMonkey says.
    generaly 250's will need less work than a 125 BUT i'm not sure of the age groups / classes, on a 250 you could find urself riding against a lot more experianced people.
  16. Thanks, Monkey has blew the idea of a 4 stroke out of my head :D

    so it seems two stroke, i have found 2 well priced 2 strokes.

    a RM125 02 for 3.5k and a YZ250 03 for 3.8k

    is the 250 gonna be too much power? coz i think so.
    but its a newer and bigger bike for just 300$ extra.
    They both look clean and in order.

  17. 03 YZ looks like a good prices, if he's asking $3800 you should be able to crunch it to $3500

    get the frame and engine numbers and do a police/finance check.

    get any reciepts for work it should have had at least 1 rebuild by now.

    do they come with a stand from the factory?? if they do and the stand is NOT fitted it's probably been raced.

    allow some $$ to pull the engine down straight away and do new rings and bearings, also check the piston skirt for cracking.
  18. thanks woodsy, u are a good help.

    So what kind of $$$ can i expect to pay on rings and other maintenence parts?
  19. Im selling my RM125
    Great condition, new clutch, and recently serviced think its only done a few local motocross's.

    The bikes at wagga
    if ya interested add me on msn/email me
    i can tell ya more

    im only selling it becuase im trying to focus on school more
    and need the money for my hyosung gt250r/gt650l that im saving up for
  20. Try and ride both if you can. I know this can be hard, but it's the only way to know which will best suit you.

    You might try one and absolutely hate it. Decision easily made then! Take the other..

    If you have only had a few hours on an Ag bike, a 2 stroke MX'er is gonna be a handfull!!

    But if you wanna get into MX, then I guess that there's no better way to start....
    In the end it's all about fun! So, enjoy whichever way you decide to go! :cool: