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webBikeWorld Motobrain Power Distribution Unit Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. The Motobrain Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is the most advanced power distribution system available for motorcyclists.

    A PDU is an accessory "hub" or component that provides a centralized electrical distribution centre for connecting all sorts of electrical accessories without having to power each accessory individually from the battery.

    This "hub" can have fused circuits or be completely solid state, but no matter its architecture, these devices provide a logical, safe, easy and cost effective way to connect, configure, manage and control various accessories on a motorcycle.

    The Motobrain uses advanced hardware, firmware and software technology to provide 100 amps of total capacity useable across eight discrete outputs.

    But what makes the Motobrain such a class-leading system is its ability to also connect with and manage input from other electrical devices through the eight input connections.

    This feature means that output control can also be provided by external devices or switches using the input circuits, with the Motobrain app providing the configuration routines.

    The Motobrain is indeed "smart", given its sophisticated on-board firmware and an equally sophisticated configuration and management app for iOS or Android devices.

    Multiple Motobrain PDUs can be installed if more than 8 connections are needed.

    Once the app is installed on a compatible Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device, it is capable of managing multiple Motobrain PDUs (each one has its own unique identifier).

    The app communicates with the desired Motobrain PDU, enabling direct and simple control of that PDU.

    So once the desired input and output connections are made between the accessory and the Motobrain, configuration and management is done via the wireless Bluetooth link via the app.

    Thus, "hands-on" becomes a screen exercise.

    Updates and enhancements to the Motobrain (many have already been implemented and more are planned), are a breeze to exploit, as the Motobrain system can receive and seamlessly install over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates.

    This is another unique capability for a very unique product.

    Industry leading features and multi-faceted programming functionality sets the Motobrain system apart from competing products; it has no peers at this point in time.

    A good example of how the Motobrain can be used to connect and manage motorcycle accessories can be seen in the following sample wiring diagram:


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