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Motobike Power outlet discussion

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Zoli, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    I found 2 of the promising power outlet for my VStar 1100. Need your 2c.
    1. From Aliexpress: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Moto...32307055304.html?spm=2114.32010308.4.2.SzdASZ. With switch so is it mean this will not drain my battery over time even when i dont use it?

    2. From Aus Ebay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/360845155693. As far as i can see, no switch, so is it mean i have to disconnect everytime i am not using it?

    Thanks you
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    yes youll have to disconnect your out let unless you also purchase a switch relay(i think thats what its called) it uses say your headlight power as a switch to turn on your outlet so its only on when your bikes on

    or your dash lights would be better otherwise youll lose power when you change to high beam
  3. ^^^This.
    Mine was connected with a relay and works when the taillight does, so it won't work when the bike is off.

    Downside of that is that I can't charge anything during a short stop (like a lunch stop). Upside is that I'll never flatten the battery with it.

    ETA Mine is just a USB port so not as bulky as those you've listed.
  4. batt----------------- switch-------------power
    ery ++++++++++relay++++++++outlet
    ............................/ +
    ............................/ +
    dash light

    when your dash lights on so is your outlet but in this way you wont be takeing power out of things that cant handle it and remember to always fuse it
  5. Ok, so option 1 has 2 USB outlets that are switched, and the lighter socket which is not.
    Will you ever need a lighter socket, or can you get away with just the USB's ?
    It will save space if you don't have the lighter socket.

    Can you get one with seperate dust covers ? That way if you are only plugging 1 item in, then the other socket isn't filling with dust or water.
    The switch won't help much. Spend a extra $5 to get a switched relay so that it will run off your battery, but only when the bike is on.
    It will be safer for you in the long run.
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  6. Thanks Stever42Stever42 . I'm waiting on mine to be delivered so now at least I have some knowledge! Mine is a double USB port because, as you suggest, I couldn't think of a reason to have a lighter socket.
  7. As mentioned above, if you use the taillight to switch the relay on then you'll never flatten your battery.
    You can then take the power direct from the battery which will be fairly stable (12V) rather than the dips you might get at some other points on the bike.
    You still need to be a little careful with how much power you consume, and that the stator is still producing enough to power everything and still charge the battery.
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  8. The stator and battery will be fine for most accessories. Just be abit careful when someone asks if they can plug the pump for their air-mattress into the socket.

    Be-aware that USB chargers may still draw current even with no devices attached, you should still put a switch or small relay on them.
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  10. It could be used both on and off the bike so it is a flexible option. Personally I don't like backpacks for riding but lots of people use them. I would be interested to know its weight with the battery and the bag storage size, you will loose some storage with the space taken up by the battery.
  11. When I saw these people at Soundwave, they had the same thing on one of those camel drink packs and it really wasn't much bigger. If you look on their website, you can see the power packs they have. I usually take my backpack to work etc, haven't done too much more than that really yet!
  12. well then how are you going to light my smokes babe?
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  14. I see your cat smokes too
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  15. On my street triple I have a 12 volt socket and usb charger connected to the headlights and another 12volt socket connected to the tail light under my seat.
    Only powers on when ign is on

    Both from jaycar
  16. I dare not say any more
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  17. have you got a relay there because if you dont you could end up burning your wires out from to much curent going through them
  18. This is why we have Auto Electricians??
  19. I pefer to not wire accessories into the bikes harness, something shorts and the wiring melts, not good if your in the boonies with no phone signal.

    What I have done is wire in an Accessory Fuseblock, This is wired direct to the battery and has a 30 amp blade fuse at the terminal, the fuseblock can power 6 different accessories with each accesory having its own fuse, each fuse can also be set as switched or non switched, the Fuseblock has a 30 amp relay and is very easy to install.

    I have one at the front of the bike under the right side fairing and another under the seat for the rear end of the bike, i.e. for the rear supplying power into my luggage to charge the phone/tablet etc.

    Makes adding or removing items very easy and protectes the bikes elctrical system by being separate.

    My driving lights (FF50's), GPS (Tom Tom), Trackstick and Phone Cradel plus 2 additional 12volt Sockets all draw power from the front Fuseblock.
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  20. Nice, but for a single accessory is it overkill ? I'd always include a fuse on any installation, to protect the bike, the battery, and your component.
    And the question to be answered, are they switched by the ignition at all, or just directly off the battery ?
    If not switched how do you ensure they are completely off and that you don't drain the battery ?
    If they are switched, where did you take the signal from ?