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Motobatt Batteries - Are they as good as they say they are?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Deroman50, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Bought a Motobatt battery from Alco Batteries in December 2013. Went to start the Tiger 800 last week and no charge in the battery. I last rode the bike in mid November for a 560ks trip to Sydney and back.

    Trickle charged the battery overnight and the bike started next day. Rode the bike for 900 ks over the next three days, went to start it yesterday and the only thing I got was the clicking of the starter solenoid. Volt meter showed 13.5 volts after an hour's full charging (ie not trickle) but it wouldn't start the bike. Managed to get a Century Katana battery from Super Cheap (I think they might be a Yuasa battery) that almost fitted (it's a little tall so I had to put the seat on its higher setting), filled it with acid, charged it for an hour or so and it got me home.

    Checked the Motobatt site and they've only got a 12 month warranty. Bugger.

    Googled Motobatt and came up with some negative comments www.streetfighters.com.au/forum/showthread.php?26095-WARNING-Motobatt-batteries-are-SHIT http://cruiser.mototribe.com/discuss/motobatt-saga

    I'm off to Alco tomorrow to see what they're prepared to do.

    I won't be buying another Motbatt battery. I'll probably go back to Super Cheap and get the correct battery for my bike. The one I bought yesterday will go into the shed for use as a back up for the mower or the bike.
  2. Google is fast-paced surveys - you'll always find the answer you desire if you look hard enough.
    2 1/2 mths for a battery to sit dormant, and it will be flat. Unless your trickle charger is a recent smart charger, then it will have most definitely fried a glass design battery.
  3. Ive got one the z1000 and absolutely no dramas. But then again I dont leave my bike sitting in the shed for a couple of months.
    Pretty sure once batteries completely drain, they are pretty much buggered for good.
  4. I have installed heaps of them in customers farm quads,mules and side by sides with no issues ,only use that brand
    because that's all the local store stocks.
    They also have the new lithium battery ,light as but have not tried them yet,farmers just want the cheap ones.
  5. I have had one in my Goldwing for 3 years and no problems.
  6. I fitted one to my KLR650 and after a couple of thousand kilometres of dirt road riding it was stuffed. The OEM battery survived for 15,000 under the same sort vibration and shaking.
  7. I've used several without issue. Expecting a battery to last for 3 months without any form of charge and the parasitic loads from it's electronics is a bit rich.
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  8. General rule of thumb is a month of sitting around is the max for standard or sealed lead acid batteris and 3 months max for AGM batteries. Best thing to do is get a trickle charger with a permanent connection on your bike.

    As the battery sat around for so long without getting a charge it is hard to say whether you got a bad one or it is user error.
  9. With respect guys, I'm not an idiot. The situation with this battery is no different to the bike/battery use at my place for the last 15 years. Sometimes they go for a couple of months without starting. When it's been a while I'll have them on a battery tender (I've got two) or give them a trickle when they're a bit sluggish. I fully expected that a trickle charge and 900ks of riding would have resolved any low charge issues. I did not expect the battery to fail.

    My wife's 2yo, 22,000 kilometre Street Triple is still on the original battery and it gets used less than my Tiger. It gets the same amount of trickle charging as the Tiger.

    What has annoyed me is that I paid nearly twice the price of any previous battery I've used and they have lasted a lot longer than just over 12 months. I don't know that the bright colour and the multi connection terminals justifies the extra dollars for a battery that has failed before it should have.

    I won't be spending big on a Motobatt battery again and I'll take my chances with the cheaper brands that I've been using for some time.
  10. Ok, so the battery wasn't sitting around flat for any period of time. This clears things up. Take the battery (fully charged) to a Battery World store and they will perform a test to tell you the heath of the battery including capacity for holding charge as well as the amount of CCAs the battery is still capable of achieving.
  11. Just put a lithium ion anti gravity battery in. You wont regret it. And guaranteed to start your bike after 8 months of sitting. Normal MV Agusta F3 800 battery is a 160CCA yt10z. I got the lithium ion in the same case size but as a 360CCA battery and it cranks like a mother.
  12. I had a motobatt which seemed to be a ripper, then 18months on it dropped a cell. We had a fun paced ride up some twisties, stopped to take a break and then I went back to start the bike and there was nothing.

    After that, I decided I wasn't a fan, especially considering that it was more expensive than my previous generic battery which performed fine for several years.