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Moto3 : Bikes

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by TAX123, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Just looking around what bikes will be with who in Moto3 in 2012?
    So far they only mention Honda Nsf250r, Mahindra (Indian Bike) and KTM.

    Found a picture of a Suzuki RM-Z250R and Yamaha Boss talking about making a bike. Aprillia?, Kawasaki? any more, or will they all end up being boring Honda motors like in Moto2. Why do they like killing off factory teams, nice to see a large list of manufacturers competing with each other.
    [​IMG] Suzuki RM-Z250R

  2. I wouldn't say they like to kill off factory teams. its more factories being tight and not entering. moto3 will proabably have a few different makes because it is a good, low cost entry option for factories
  3. he's right about 'cookie-cutter' formulae, though

    still, back in the 70s and 80s it was all Yamaha TZs with paint the only variation......
  4. well its good they they left Moto3 open to any manufacturer unlike moto2, I dont know if its just me but I find Moto2 boring
  5. the RACING is not boring, in my opinion, but the restrictive nature of the formula is

    we just don't want motorcycle racing to become NASCAR on two wheels ...... 'Let's chuck a caution flag in the last ten laps to bunch up the field......'
  6. Found this image of a potential Yamaha Moto3 Bike being tested

    [​IMG] Yamaha YZR250 M3
  7. They were saying in the broadcast for the motogp yesterday that there will be 20 teams involved and they mentioned a fair few manufacturers
  8. have any other than KTM or Honda & Mahindra said yes for sure?

    Are they going to show the 2012 Test rides on onehd? for the moto3 and the 1000cc gp bikes?
  9. Testing for moto3 starts today with the bigger classes tomorrow and wednesday. I dear say there will be more news in the next few days. RPM will most likely show a bit but dont expect a lot. Other than that youtube might have some videos ot the testing aswell. The next few days will tell.
  10. moto3 is going to be a great series.
  11. This looks like somebody's back yard job...
    Definitely an Aprillia fairing and tail, 'looks' like a mid-late 90's honda RS125GP chassis.

    Sadly, doesn't matter how much they tart these things up, they're still going to sound like shitbox motorcrossers.....
  12. from some reading i've done it seems that the 4 strokes do faster lap times which is good.

    2 strokes sound terrible anyway so good riddance.
  13. Dare I say - different strokes for different folks....

    From motorcyclenews.com, discussing the newly released Honda Moto3 bike.
    "This comparison is against an Aprilia works 125GP machine, so our machine is competitive with an RS kit-bike but not competitive with an Aprilia works bike."

    At PI thats like comparing the front runners in the 125GP to one of our wildcard riders in 28th place......more than 6-7 seconds a lap SLOWER.

    Phillip Island, Saturday, October 15, 2011
    1 5 Johann ZARCO FRA Avant-AirAsia-Ajo Derbi 228.8 1'39.207
    2 11 Sandro CORTESE GER Intact-Racing Team Germany Aprilia 231.5 1'39.558 0.351 / 0.351
    45 Tom HATTON AUS Fastline GP Racing Honda 213.3 1'47.583 8.376 / 1.383

    Nothing sweeter than a horde of 2 strokes, on song.
  14. They are double the cc they should be faster.

    Edit should have read the next post.