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Moto2 And the Verdict is???

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by FALCON-LORD, May 3, 2010.

  1. So what are peoples thoughts on Moto2?
    I know one Netrider who has made is opinion very clear on its shortcomings, but what is the over all view on it.
    I see that from a Technology perspective it is absolute garbage.
    But the Racing is some of the tightest & most exciting I have seen.

    Even excluding the Synchronised Lowsides.
  2. was a good watch. what else matters. i do like my 2 bangas though
  3. Seems like they could do with some stronger engine side covers. Watching that dozen or so riders go down was a farce. Too many riders I reckon. Good racing though.
  4. First time watching for me last night. Loved it!

    Got to feel for the riders - with negligible bike differences and similar rider skills, passing is always going to be interesting.
  5. loved it, and the skill of the riders as the bikes were all crossed up coming into turns.....should ditch all electronic crap in the gp too
  6. Loved it also. A lot more exciting to watch than the GP race. That many bikes on the grid makes for an interesting first corner (and other corners). Definately shows the skill of the rider with no electronic aids helping out.

  7. Yep now supersport is more meaningful than the support class for the premier motorcycle class.

    It's a bit like saying that once drivers have been successful in Formula Ford that should get a run in F1.
  8. on what channel was it?
  9. The reason they're all crossed up is that the spec slipper clutch is not all that good. A bike running sideways isn't a quick way to ride.

    I know the racing is close and we all love close racing. But I can't abide what is in effect a spec racing series being adorned with the title of a Grand Prix. GP racing is supposed to be the best, riding the best. Moto2 bikes make 125hp and are basically a CBR600RR engine. They run a spec ECU and spec tyres. The freedom to use different frames will eventually settle on one format, probably an alloy beam type as commonly used in all other classes. We then have lots of people racing, but only a few will ever win.

    A lot of BS has been written about how the different costs of Moto2 and 250GP. Sure, the top spec Aprilia's were incredibly expensive. But the only part of the Moto2 bike that's cheap is the engine. Every other part will be the same price, if not more. What's made the class open up is the free availability of engines, not the cost overall. Aspar are apparently spending the same this year as they did last year, so no great savings. The best teams will hire the best riders, the best staff and have the best components. I predict that in a short while when everyone has worked out what makes a good Moto2 bike we'll be back to the old 250GP routine where we would have 6 or 7 bikes battling for the lead. And the rest will be some distance behind scrapping for the lower positions. Just like the old times.

    So what's actually better about Moto2? We lose all technical innovation, no new entrants with different engines, it will become less technically innovative than Superstock. And the results will be the same.

    The original plan for Moto2 was awesome. Any engine, any configuration. The only limiter was that there was a claiming rule. No one is going to build a $200,000 engine if it can be bought for $25,000. That would allow innovation and that innovation would create better bikes for us to ride.

    Stewy, what other electronic crap would you like ditched? Fuel injection? Traction control? Adjustable on the fly mappings? Electronic throttles? These are all now routine parts of modern bikes, and, imo, all the better for it.

    The *ONLY* part of Moto2 I don't like is the spec engine. And to think it is a Honda engine just makes it worse. Honda are the Microsoft of the bike racing industry and connive and conspire to get their way. In making Moto2 a spec series they effectively destroyed the Aprilia racing department and killed several small engine building and tuning houses that were intending to race in the series. How is that a good thing?
  10. Any sort of racing will always end up as a battle between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots', though, surely? What the owners of GP racing need to decide is whether racing is a business based on the pyramid model, or entertainment.
  11. yeah i don't like the way the computer leans out the fuel to make it too the end of the race, put fuel in and ride, don't put enough in well that is your problem, it shits me watching a rider slowing without know why and wild guess ah the bike must be leaning out the motor out.... not completely sure on this but aren't they still running a form of TC?
  12. wicked technology that though. imagine beinh on you sv and realising that your not gonna make the petrol station and being able to press a button that drops 50hp but inreases fuel efficiency.

    dont like the idea of it just leaning out though
  13. I don't believe so. Dorna supply the whole ECU, at a cost of 650 Euro's. I can't see a decent TC system for that price.

    And I agree with Slick, even leaning technology can have a place on a modern bike. What about the clever stuff they did to send the angle of the bike and working out that in a corner, at that lean angle, you can run a different map?

    As I said, the only part of Moto2 I don't like is the spec nature.
  14. meh, i dunno i sort like keeping thing basic, i have a light that starts flashing when i am within 70km of empty, at normal riding pace.....

    I just sort of wonder if we are going over the top, i mean what happens when they replace the rider with a computer? we end up with battle of the geeks

    meh i am still a fan of give em the biggest most powerful bike with a brake and a throttle and a full tank of fuel, and put the cameras on the best dual happening in the field instead of following the names that might be a mile out in front
  15. Don't care about the particulars, but last nights race was one of the best I'd ever seen. I passed up a shag to watch it.
  16. Geez, you gave me a heart attack. I was ready to don the flame suit and come out fighting.

    My mistake.
  17. I like to see riders beat other riders...not a race where the rider with the best electronics package wins...

    Moto2 lst night was a refreshing change, you could tell they were riding their arses off, it was exciting, I was on the edge of my seat the whole race...by contrast except for the last lap the MotoGP race was a snoozefest...

    Electronics are all well and good BUT when they influence the outcome of a race more than rider skill they need to go
  18. I actually did fall asleep during the MotoGP race! Woke up during the post race interviews and had no idea what was going on! I'm a sorry excuse for a 23 year old, falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV!

    I guess with Moto2 only time will tell if it remains fun and chaotic to watch. I'm enjoying it for the moment though!

  19. Im with you. Best racing I've seen in a long time but, Im married with two kids so I only missed out on a wank.
  20. Hahah... nice ;)

    Yeah being married will do that.