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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by puppywarewolf, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,

    I haven't been here for a while but don't mean I haven't been thinking Motorbike.

    I have noticed an increase in ZZR250 owners and I have been doing a little brainstorming and come up with this.

    I am proposing a "TRACK DAY" ONLY for baby ZZR owners and I will be calling it MOTO ZZR250. Just like Formula Ford, you know?

    When I say TRACK DAY, I actually mean our very own MOTO ZZR250 GP, that means it can be anywhere. Like we might decide to have the MOTO ZZR250 Grand Prix this week at, say, Reefton and next week we move to maybe the Highpoint Carpark, then the week after somewhere else etc etc. We can actually have places that can bid for us to have the MOTO ZZR250 GP in their suburb, cause we will actually boost their economy.

    Because I thought of this concept, that makes me MOTO ZZR250 GP boss, like Bernie Ecclestone. I am a very powerful identity in MOTO ZZR250 GP, and I don't make any rules that I will not enforce, so watch out.

    I have been racing MOTO ZZR 250 GP for a while now, I am actually reigning World Champ and current leader in this years Championship and my factory team is at the top of the other Championship they have for people that aren't actual riders but fix the riders' bikes.

    So I am extending an invitation to all ZZR250 owners to join this exciting new category in motorcycle racing world wide. I am doing this cause I have been dominating this category for nearly a year now and have decided to retire from this category at the end of August sometime to take up a different challenge.

    So I am calling out to all the YOUTH around the world, to congregate at MOTO ZZR250 GP headquarters and ride ride ride at 9,000+ revs in first gear to get you started in a fullfilling career of baby sports touring at it's BEST!!!!!



  2. If this is a joke, 'ah ha ha, amusing...'

    If it isn't, then let me try to translate what you said into reality. ZZR250's although are very good learner bikes. Reliable, sturdy and as such owners generally are learners. What is proposed is... illegal streetracing?

    Learners, and streetracing.... I don't think so.
  3. :shock: HAHAHA!! Why isn't this in the humour section? :LOL:

    *looks outside at her ZZR250 8) * BWAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!! \:D/
  4. :LOL: :LOL: Hey, didn't say it couldn't be done......

  5. Uhm, great. Your understanding of the Internet 250cc handbook which describes what a ZZR250 is great for.... "very forgiving, great learner bike" blah blah blah........

    So what YOU are saying is that 250cc motorcycles are only used as learner bikes... AND you are saying that a ZZR250 is ONLY used as a learner bike, and only LEARNER riders use them???

    Lets open this up for discussion here....

    How many people here ARE NOT learner riders, YET still ride a 250cc motorcycle??

    My proposal was to start a new motorcycle category that will take the world by storm... Just like RUBIKS CUBE did, and JUST like POKEMON did, and JUST like BEVERLY HILLS 90210 did.

    My proposal was a fair and honest proposal. I am not the boss of the most exciting thing to happen in motorcycle riding since the last great thing that happened to motorcycle ri\ding for nothing. This has been in the planning for a while now behind closed doors and consulted with the many great brains of this world to see whether the demand for something like this will be there in the market place.........

    Then I get another member of the FORUM POLICE shooting down an Aussie battler trying to mix it up with the BIG guys, by quoting internet articles reviewing 250cc motorbikes.

    You know, they made fun of KISS at the start of their career. Said they wouldn't last more than 6 months and 30 years later they are still around selling out stadiums while you are cutting and pasting from internet websites trying to be ALL smart and stuff.



    YOUR ZZR250 GP BOSS..... Puppy Warewolf bma. smj lod. shn
  6. I'm not a learner. I love my ZZR250. He just ain't no racing machine :D

    My two cents.
  7. Umm...

    Don't be too hard on takagawa, I think his main concern was that he thinks you advocate street racing, with a "generally" learner population.

    I currently ride a too-fiddy on a full license, but would still be concerned about street racing it. Once I get a bigger machine (dream.... lotto....) I'd be onto your idea in a flash (expanded to include more too-fiddies tho)
    but track only

    Do you mean track racing?, closed road racing, or street racing?

  8. My MOTO ZZR250 GP concept has been well received by many people I have confided in.

    As I said...... Where we will be riding depends on where the "tour" takes us. Mayors and councillors Australia wide will be bidding for the MOTO ZZR250 GP.

    The great selling point of this new category is that the baby ZZR has a very "friendly" reputation. This "friendly" reputation is what will get the baby ZZR ZUPER ZERIES motorcycle showdowns onto the world map.

    Trust me. The marketing department is in full swing. I have got keen promoters that are willing to take a chance on this.

    I would not be the boss of something like this for nothing. And for all you skeptics out there, ask people that know me, they will tell you that when I eneter into new ventures I go 100%. With my entertainment background, and my passion for pyrotechnics, will make this thing a spectacle.

    Imagine seeing 5 rows of ZZR's some grey imports, some local......

    We can have a series of races where we'll market the Grey imports as Evil motorcycles that have invaded the country looking to muscle in and devalue the Australian Family Values, and the local ZZR's will come out fighting and swear that they will avenge the evil grey imports and rip the Japanese sticker from under the seat and burn it in the middle of the track infront of honest Australians.

    Imagine this concept. Embrace it people, cause if you don't think broadly, all you will end up with is a house that looks like a corridor.


    Please discuss further. Your input will make this a success.


  9. :D love it, I'm in!

    :D :D :D :LOL:
  10. Nah man, I'm not like, 'shooting you down'. I'm keeping it real. If it works, and it's not illegal, then hey, I'll try it out. But I'm not sticking on my zzr for the rest of my riding career. I do intend to upgrade when I'm good and truely ready.

    But... eh, you're being very optimistic. 250s sound very 'little-league'. Not saying ALL zzr250 riders are learners. Some stick with it because its a reliable bike, not because its impressive in any other stature.

    My real two cents? It sounds rather stupid. May I ask have you ridden any other bikes other than the zzr250? I say that because there are other bikes that have much more fantastic handling than zzr250 does. ZZR250 wasn't designed to be raced.
  11. :D bwahahah im looking for a new bike, and u might have just convinced it me to get a zzr just to compete in your fantabulous tournament. does the the zzr come stock with streamers for the handlebars or do i have to put them on myself? :D :LOL: :p
  12. If you wanna put streamers on yourself you go right ahead, but they would probably look better on the bike... \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/
  13. :shock:

    Checks calender.... nope not April 1 :?

    Checks email..... Yep, looks just like a Jumbo MKoko Nigerian scam :-s

    Best of luck.....
  14. What do you want streamers for? This isn't some gay operation we are gonna run here. Tonight I was at Chapel Street, doing some recruiting as well as promoting for MOTO ZZR250 GP, and was talking to a heap of R1 owners and they expressed interest, even to the point of them selling their brand new R1's so they can jump back down to Formula ZZR250.

    This thing is gonna be huuuuuge. We have also planned MOTO ZZR250 GP festivities which will include the customery Celebrity Race. We have 'A' list celebrities ringing up our office, and already we have signed up Toadfish from Neighbours, the Greek Gardner from Channel 31, Tom, the photographer for the Western Times newspaper, that chick who sang through her nose on Rove last week.... as well as international 'A' list stars like Paul E Shore and we are very very very close in getting the guy who played Mr Drummond on Different Stokes.

    So people, slag it off as much as you want, but they also slagged off the Flying Fruit Fly Circus as a small operation but it eneded up getting all them bohemian Dole Bludgers from Collingwood and Fitzroy out of their Squatted Homes and into the real world!!!


  15. Believe it or not when I went to a track day at Eastern Creek a few years back a young guy on a ZZR250 was circulating at just under 2 minutes on a ZZR250.

    Whilst 2 minutes isn't flying around EC, it's not hanging around for a road bike either.

    And I would add in Japan they used to (still do?) have a GPX250 race series and there are lots of hot up bits available for them... you can race anything... after all people race harley sportsters :)
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: hahahaa Pup.
    Can I wave the checkered flag?? PULEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEE :D
  17. Flip, you know you got the Chequered flag job, baby.

    There would be no one else that could do that job justice.

    Now that Flipper is on board the MOTO ZZR250 GP band wagon, you can all see the legitimacy. Oh, and Mr Drummond? SIGNED!!!! He's here next year.

    We are gonna have ZZR250 stunt riders where the riders will actually do monos on them..... right down the straight. These guys are amazing. I saw them practising the other day. They are stoked that they are on this crazy FOUR STROKE RINGED CIRCUS we are calling FORMULA ZZR250.

    I am talking with primary schools at the moment so we can go do exhibition races at their fundraisers. We need to get into the schools thing so we can start a developement program to keep this category going even after we are off restrictions and jump to a different category. We need to keep the kids pumping through to keep our love of the MOTO ZZR GP going. So if anyone that has a Black ZZR250 and silver "space-suit" looking jump suits, can you PM me, cause I might need you to accompany me as a selling point and some PR. Need to impress those School Principals. I need about 6 of you.

    So once again, don't be left out in the cold.



    YOUR ZZR250 PUP.
  18. Pup, I think you've been MIA waaaaay too long.....all these newbies who don't understand the delightfully intricate (read confusing and deranged) operation of your mind! :shock: :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Next time you remove the pleasure of your posts, do not,
    I repeat, DO NOT leave it such a long time!!!

    :D :D :D
  19. Hey Pups, nice to have you back man, to quote the famous guinness add, your idea is "Brilliant" :)

    I may have to flog my Laptop off to fund joining this exclusive catagory, which means no more netrider, but Im sure with all the publicity received it will be well worth it.....

    I've heard rumours that they are using zzr250 replica pocket bikes as trophies....is this true? If so thats awesome :)

    consider me signed up :LOL: :p :LOL:
  20. Well Foxy, now that you brought it to everyones attention, I'm gonna have to announce what the winning trophies are gonna be.

    The winner of each race on the MOTO ZZR250 GP tour will receive a Walletbike replica of a Teal 1989 ZZR250 with a statue of Sakahada Wan, the ancient Japanese Goddess of Speed (no, not what they will be giving out at TWO TRIBES). The ancient Japanesians worshipped her. As legend has it she once picked up a peasant in the hills of Mount Fuji, who was hitch hiking back home to his village 9458 miles away from where he was working in the fields. She pillioned him all the way home and he thanked her..... and before she dissappeared on her motorcycle, his mother came to her and said thank you as well.

    Thanking all those who have pm'd me expressing their interest, but I have enough black ZZR250 riders who own silver jumpsuits.


    Our first press conference will be held on the very same spot where Grace Sullivan said good bye to eldest son John just before he left to go to war. This is very significant, because MOTO ZZR250 GP is waging WAR on the Motorcycle Racing World.

    Cheers all. I'm busy!