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Moto X levers

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Wypuk, May 14, 2006.

  1. Hey i was just thinking if its possible to change the brake and clutch lever on the gpx with motoX ones, im bad and i only use 2 fingers on both so i was tinking about getting shorteded ones so that if i come off the other fingers wont get aputated :shock:
    So yeah if any1 has done it please let me kno as im curious as to the friction point and bite on the clutch being affected by such modification.

  2. Is this a bad habit that's developed since you got your road L's, or have you been dirt biking for a while?

    Either way, i think you'll find your going to be better off learning your way around it instead of modifying the levers. What happens if for once you need to stop in a hurry and actually need all four fingers worth of pressure to modulate the lever? If you had a stumpy 2 finger lever on you just wouldn't be able to get the leverage to stop in time.
  3. I did the same thing when i first started riding aswell, which was a hangover from Dirt squirting. Your better off learning to use more fingers on the levers. Apart from better leverage on the lever if you really need to haul it on, i have found that you get a better feel through the use of more fingers aswell.

    It won't take long for it to become habit.
  4. my bikes levers are cut so they dont break when you fall off. :) i'm a cheapo :LOL:
  5. Heheh na i never did dirtriding i just spent alot of time on a bmx and mountain bike

    i can see where u guyz are coming from in regard to the brake and yeah ive noticed since gettin my Ps and being taught better braking technique ive been using 4 fingers in i emergency brake.

    however with the clutch i never use more than 2 fingers, partly because its comfy, and partly koz i feel like my hand flys off under hard accel.
    so wat do the Pros say about a shortened clutch lever now?
  6. I was riding dirt bikes long before roadies and have to make the consious effort to use four fingers as well, mainly when braking slowly. Although when I have to do an emergency brake I will automatically use all fingers. :roll:
  7. yeha ive been more concious of using 4 fingers when i brake but clutch is useless lol i feel like im gonna fall off if i dont hold on to the handlebar with 2 fingers so yeah. maybe i need to buy a moto X clutch lever already and just shut up :p
  8. had the same prob when i first started due to mountain bike riding. Soon broke the habit though. Thats the best thing rather than modifying your bike i believe..