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moto vs. moto lane splitting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tom, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. I was riding yesterday late afternoon to a restaurant.

    I was checking my mirros regularily (as you do) when I noticed that there was another motorcycle rider creeping closer behind me. I was not concerned at all and I figured he'd probably just ride behind in formation (I was riding on the right of the inner most lane).

    There were a set of lights up ahead which turned to green which meant that I only had to slow down for them while traffic picked up speed again. Once I passed the lights I was just about to check my mirror again when to my suprise the guy had just lane split to my left (used the left part of my lane).

    This caught me a little of guard and at the time as I thought it was a reasonably dangerous thing to do.

    Nothing happened out of it but we were coming up to a bend in the road in which case I could have easily collided with him if I decided change my position in the lane. He didn't give me any warning he was about to do this.

    What are everyone else's thoughts on this. I'm still a learner so I had no idea this might happen. I thought he'd just ride in formation. In hind sight maybe he did that delibaretly becuase of my L plate?
  2. some people are fools, cars, bikes, buses included.

    Your biggest mistake here was assuming he would do something. You get better at picking this with practise, as well as getting better at assertively making the lane your own. Don't worry about it too much at the moment, but always be aware of what those around you are doing.

    thumbsup :)
  3. This is now, and will be perfectly legal as proposed in ARR 151. As long as we pesky bikers overtake each other, who cares, but just don't overtake stationary cars or they might have a hissy fit :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  4. Probably shouldn't have undertaken you in your own lane expecially if you are a learner but i don't see a problem with passing on the right side in the same lane as long as you are making it obvious you are going to pass (Not that i would do either)
  5. I try not to assume but I guess I did.

    I guess it stems from the fact I was taught to ride where the wheels of the car would be (cleaner road) and if you are riding behind another rider, to form up so you both have a better view and escape options in an emergency.

    I just thought another rider would do the same.
  6. Undertaking is fraught with danger as it is something that no-one is expecting. Even us Riders.

    Without knowing the roads or conditions, but just to make a general comment...If I haveanother rider approaching from the rear, I will usually drop into the left half of a given lane so that he can either getting slooted into formation in the right half of that same lane, or sneak past if he wants to travel faster.

    This option gives a clear signal to the trailing bike, that passing on the RH side of you is THE option.

    I also nearly always asume that the bike behind me will eventually want to overtake..(or it takes a few k's to see that they are happy to sit back there)
  7. Assumption: The mother of all F#@$ ups!
  8. Assumption: Good chance of getting you killed,,
    I ride a few times a year with 40 odd guys on trips away,,,Scared the hell outta me being a newbie, Hogs, Triumphs, Buells, weaving all over the place, inside, outside, 3 and 4 wide, i know them all but i never assume what they are gonna do.. :)
  9. Mate, it takes a microsecond to over/undertake, i'm sure he made sure u weren't going to suddenly swerve. I don't think he did anythign dangerous- u'll be doing the same in a years time :)
  10. Exactly how the hell do you do that?

    And why do you think there is a L plate on the back of Learners bikes?

    I'd REALLY hope that tom doesn't start taking up this practice, puts both riders at risk.

    If this bloke did this to a learner then he is an absolute moron.

    Had a similar thing happen to me one morning (~2am) when I was on the way home from a LOOOOONG day at work, turned out to be my neighbour who rides an R1. I was waiting at the lights he arrived just as the lights went green and powered past at about 40-50km/h in the left wheel track just as I was taking off myself, even while the left lane was completely free. Scared the living hell out of me. Having seen that I made sure I gave him space, no sense in being near an idiot like that. But he slowed down to wave or something after getting sick of doing 20km/h behind him I went around him and setup to turn into our driveway about 3 metres before my tight turn in he undertook me at twice my speed and a very shallow angle (no way he could see anyone coming out of our driveway). If I say that this bloke has crashed more then me (so far they have all been single vehicle accident with the fault squarely on his shoulders) then I dare say most wouldn't be surprised. I've got no interest in riding near this clown at all.

    Having said that, it might have been the case that the rider that undertook tom was starting to pull along side tom as he was coming to a stop for the lights then when they lights became green he was able to accelerate faster. Unless the other rider was along side tom when he started to accelerate then I'd still consider it a no-no otherwise it was just bad timing. Even then buzzing a learner like that is not a good idea.
  11. Next time tom, move into the left wheel track, and when you are ready for the other rider to pass, signal to them by kicking your right foot forward a few times, the signal for a rider to overtake (not undertake).
  12. this guy sounds like an @rsehole.
    why would you undertake when the right lane is free???? :evil: :evil: :evil: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
    matt232 is right tap your foot out, give them notivce YOU know that theyre there and give them the opportunity when youre ready for them to pass.
    some @rsehole did the same trick to me a coupla months ago on hte gateway when i was loaded up, round a bend in my left hand wheel track.
    chased the c0ck through traffic and he was surprised when i flipped him off..... :roll:
    w@nker :roll:
  13. Thanks guys for some great advice. I never got told this and so my thought was to treat him like a car. Will take this advice next time I see a rider coming up behind me.

    I won't... having experienced it myself. Cheers for the support matt.

    Didn't happen in this case, were were already about 20 metres past the lights going into a bend when one second he was behind me the other he was to the left.
  14. Not game enough to do that while I'm on my L's :)
  15. What is wrong with you guys?

    Its alright for you to lane split between cars - but not to lane split between bikes? WTF

    Its the guy behind who takes the risk and decides whether they can get through the gap - be it what they are going to pass is a motorcycle or car.

    Is it dangerous - I don't think so. Likely to surprise the person being passed? Maybe... But, who is it killing?

    Seriously, I lane split between everything - cars and bikes. Been doing it for many years.... and I'm still here..... :grin:
  16. I can't beleive that the government thinks that splitting cars is inherently dangerous, but splitting bikes is OK.

    As you said, it's pretty much all the same. If anything John, I reckon it is safer to split cars, as they are less manouverable, and it involves travelling in the 'dead' space on the road where there is generally no traffic.
  17. Actually, on the evidence available - ie no statistics to prove that it is dangerous - then I would say that we all have no idea...

    There are times you can do it and times when you can make a judgement that it is not safe to do it.

    You don't need a law for that.

    And on a final note - how about showing some tolerance to other riders guys? Just because someone splits past you doesn't mean that you have to act like a cager.... :? :? :evil: and seek vengence by chasing them down (as I note someone mentioned - no offence).
  18. The point I was making is that he split to the left of me. I wasn't protesting against lane splitting. :roll:

    I learnt from my experience to not assume and to move to the left track if I think a bike is going to split me.

    edit: fixed quote
  19. You misread him. He overtook the guy in the left hand wheel track. This was not a signalled move and Tom had L's clearly displayed. Whilst the guy behind might be an expert, he could also be a total knob. Unfortunately, the end result could be 2 bikes down.

    Generally, I expect people to pass me on the right, unless I am passed on the left by a vehicle in their own lane. I hate it when someone decides to overtake me in the same lane as me on the left hand side. On the way to the World Supers, some guy who had been following me for 5kms or so decided that he just HAD to get past me, on the inside, on the bumpy stretch near the biggest worm thing when there was space to my right and no cars approaching. Why?
  20. There was no lane splitting it was undertaking!!!!