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Moto racing games for the PC / PS2

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mipearson, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Y'all,

    With all the hoo-ha about Grant Turismo 4, I want to start playing racing games on the console and PC again.

    This time, though, I want to play motorbike racing games.

    I tried out the demo of Moto GP 2 and wasn't very impressed. What else is out there?

    EDIT: Oh, yeah, the Across is "working" again. Pissing oil like nothing else, though.
  2. hey I'm interested in any 'arcade' versions that simulate a real motorcycle with countersteering and simulated movement. Anyone know of one somewhere like timezone? I figure I might try the one out at HART during their open day.
  3. There was a game called manx TT ages ago in timezone, I wonder if theres any around still, with the moving handlebars?

    Its the closest motorbike game i've played to the real thing..
  4. MotoGP2 is an excellent game! The learning curve is a bit steep, but the game is intricate and an excellent bike racing simulation. You need to get online with it to really enjoy it. Its a 16 player online motorbike racing game. Imagine you and 15 other riders hooning around circuits online. Using the headset you can hear the 2 nearest riders. Nothing like hearing a smart arse trash talking you as you take him on the inside of Phillip Island. On one occasion I was slip streaming a Spanish dude and he was happily speaking Spanish. I overtook him on the straight and clipped his front wheel with my back wheel coming back in and he went kicking ass over tits. I don't speak Spanish, but the volume, pitch and frequency of the words increased exponentially! This volley was dotted with "Spud Gun" at various points which made me laugh all the more. You can also fully customise your bike, decals n' all, and other online riders can see your customised bike. The game is a bit old now, but still a classic and has a huge online following especially with the biking countries, like Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, etc. MotoGP3 has just been announced and will be out later this year or early next year.

    Have a look at a review of MotoGP2 for the Xbox here.
  5. I just got Mgp3 superbikes on ps2. Wow, I was impressed, it is difficult to get used to but fun as hell. In sim mode you can get these bike powersliding at +150km around corners. LOVIN IT!!
  6. I'm waiting for the release of the IoM TT game someone's putting together for (I think) the PS2.

    They've mapped the entire TT circuit - I just hope the bike behaviour's been well-designed.
  7. If last year was anything to go by then either get in early or preapre to queue.
  8. HART simulator; no counter-steer

    HART simulator is targetted at people that have never ridden before,
    therefore it steers like a car,
    and lacks any counter-steering effect.
    makes it fairly annoying for anyone that has ever ridden a real bike.

    suggest your time would be better spent lining up for the free demo's
    (though, please don't be offended when i push in line) :wink:
    :: HART Open Day 2005 ::