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Moto-Postie starting pay, anyone know?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. My girlfriend just moved over from the states and is looking for work. She's got her bike license and the idea of her being a postie came to mind. ANyone know the starting pay these days, roughly?

  2. It's around $17.50 an hour gross. As a permanent. That is base without OT or a mealy. Might be up to $18 now. They just had a 3% pay rise.
    They will start her as a casual and promise full time. They lie through their teeth.
    We contractors pay $20 - $25 p/h CIH for relief workers.
    Its a good job. They are the scum of the earth to work for.
  3. Can you clarify this part? Maybe that's what she should pursue?
  4. NO worries. Even though it can cost me my job. We have a whistleblower clause in our contracts ... written in lemon juice. lol funny but true. We are not meant to talk about our work or dislikes of it.
    Aus post hires heaps of people. Uses them for their three month pobation and then gives them the flick. They promise full time but you have to be extremely good or lucky. In the right spot at the right time to even stay on as a casual.
    You get all your mail for your run and then you have to sequence it. It's all mixed up to begin in trays. Around 300 - 500 letters in a tray. 4 - 6 or more trays a day. And you put it into a V sort. A frame that wraps around you so when you are out delivering you just grab the next letter for the next box. You are not meant to go oever 10k an hour but you are timed at 10k an hour. This comes back to it being all timed and that is all you are paid for. ETO's and ETR's... estimated time outs (out of depot) and estimated time of return.
    Most contractors do an hour a day for nothing. Most posties have to explain why they are late. It is just ridiculous and no other company could get away with it. This is why they are going on strike. And have gone on strike. It's beyond a joke.
    They are contracting out most runs these day. You tender for a contract. Then it's all on your shoulders. All the mail has to go out every day. "No matter what". I had to go out yesterday in extreme weather conditions with a huge gash in my calf muscle. I could not get anyone to work for me so bad luck basically. No matter what ok. If I don't I lose my contract strait up. And then have to pay them for someone else to do my job for three months or untill the contract is taken on by someone else. And they can charge me what ever they like for someone to do my run in that time.
    So yes. Any run beside usually the CBD of a town or city is done by a contractor. Because the runs are not profitable enough for Aus Post.
    So yes people like me take on contracts. And if we are sick or need a holiday we have to find someone who can do it for us. Usually X posties. But most of them are so sick of Aus post by the time they leave they wont have a thing to do with it and we cant get anyone to help out. So Thats about it. There are Aus post depots all over the place. Both us contractors and posties work out of the same depots.
    So for your girlfriend I would get her to ring Aus post 131318 and ask about employment. If she can get it through them first then all good as she will get the training required. Then she can decide if she likes it or not.
    It really is like ground hog dday. Same thing day in day out every bloody day haha.
    It might be different in the big smoke for posties. I am regional and this is the way it works.
    For most part I love it. It's my bread and butter. And most times I can get someone to work. I am an instructor as well and do a little Q ride stuff so I have young kids coming through that like to do it. but I have not instructed for a while and am out of staff. Hence why I am having to do my runs.
  5. I joined Auspost recently, originally I was looking for a motorcycling position too but they were all only offered on 3 month contract, so I went for a walking position, permanent but only part time at 25 hrs per week. The quoted pay rate is about right for starting on probation, it goes up a little when you finish the 1st 3 month and again every 12 months after that as you become more experienced. My personal experience with AP has been very positive, walking has the added advantage of exercise, I do around 65km per week and after about 4 weeks suffering the body got used to it and now I would miss the exercise.
  6. I spoke to the local bike postie a hile ago, he said everyone has been knocked of te bike at least once, One guy was back at work with his leg in plaster expected to do a full day sorting as 'light duties".
    He also said Oz post are pricks to work for..
  7. As someone who tried being a postie a few years ago I can confirm all of the above as true. You get treated like poo. After about two months of working for them I decided it wasnt for me and handed my notice in. The branch manager abused the crap out of me for about 10 minutes and kept telling me I was ungreatfull. Theres better jobs out there that being a postie.
  8. Pay rate for me is about 18.50 an hour I think.

    I started a few months ago and I must be lucky, cos my manager is pretty good. Didn't care that I had holidays booked around the state election/christmas, letting me get friday off to make a flight... He's even been throwing off and delivering recently as we've been short on staff. There is a LOT of complaining from staff, but they're all on longer rounds than me and start earlier, but are also payed at a higher salary. I think they're mostly happy with the job though; I've been told you either give it up after 3 months or stick with it for years.
  9. Geeze it sounds like a tough gig..

    What about being a motorcycle courier? Is that better or worse? I have no plans to do it but I'd be interested to know all the same.
  10. Stay away from it, the good times have long gone.
  11. It can be tough. And as I said I love it.
    I could not be a posite though. As in an employee per say. I am totally politically incorrect. I call a spade a shovel. I live hard, play hard and ride hard.
    Being a contractor I go in. Keep my head down and look after my customers. I get no complaints and am always there...No matter what !!!
    They know I wont take any crap. So they leave me alone and I get the job done.
    If I could get someone who knew the job and just wanted casual work every now and then it would be fantastic. But there is always a ying and a yang to everything in life.
    And yes it all depends on the depot manager. If they suck or don't like you then life can be hell.
  12. I wouldnt mind giving it a go but 18.50 justaint enough
  13. That wouldn't cover your 2 stroke oil and rebuilds Trent. I'd get booked too much and lose more money than I'd earn lol
  14. Heres the summary from me, a current postie that has been employed for going on a year now.

    Starting pay was about $18 - this will have risen. You stay on that for three months, and are issued ALL neccessary gear including 5 pair of socks, pants, shirts and then winter vest & long coat, rain gear, windcheater, helmet, gloves (winter & fingerless) plus boots and rainboots. Your bike is issued to you along with a fuel card that is paid for coutesy of Australia Post. It is serviced every 1,500km, also at the expense of Australia Post.

    Pay after 3 months is currently 21.1508 per hour for a PDO (Postal Delivery Officer).

    Overtime is clocked fornightly at 1.5 times your base rate.

    Hours worked are 'as worked', so although no 'overtime' for busy days/rain etc... you will get paid more because you will work longer hours.

    Cheers - boingk
  15. Pretty much on the money Boingk. But those rates are casual not permanent. permanent is a bit less.
    Also your super is paid @14%
    And if you work more than 7.5 hours, you are paid a mealy of $14.50
    U accrue your sick and holidays as well. (roll unused over to the next year)
    I never got any socks. And had to choose between a jumper or vest. Boots were 2nd hand. No wincheater. And the rain gear is next to useless.
    So all in all. I got a helmet. 1 pair of Used boots. 2 shirts. 1 jumper. 1 Pair of pants and 1 pair of shorts. I wet gear. And 1 pair fingerless gloves. Oh and 2 pairs of Bolle sunnies. And a tube of sunscreen.
  16. I haven't had an issue with the rain gear's "waterproof-ness" as such... Just on days like today, when I first leave it's too bloody warm and humid to put on the pants and jacket, but then it starts pouring on me and I only get the jacket on...

    No one's mentioned divide allowance either. If you take on extra work they bump your pay rate by a couple of dollars for that day. Retroactive, so if you get back to your D/c and theres a round with no postie (holidays or whatever) you can do some more if you feel like it, but are not obliged to.
  17. Not in my experience.

    I believe its more like 'Robs away, heres Jackson Dr to Mondew St. Oh, and theres council pamphlets too.' If you in the initial 3 month period you aren't supposed to do cuts, though.

    bretto61 - I'm permanent part time. As far as I know I'm the same as the other guys on my depot? Allowing for seniority bonuses of course.

    - boingk
  18. Our guys have to do splits... Over time. They have no say in it. We don't have enough posties so there is always two runs that are split up every day and have been since I started there three years ago.
    They also get three to four full covers of junk mail every week, and always have.
    They also have to change their runs around every month. To keepit fair ???
    They have not hired a full time postie since 04 in our depot. Over 75% of the workers are part time permanents. That's why I opted for a contract.
    I was on decent money when I was a permanent casual. I think about $23 an hour and why I would never have got permanent full time. I have cert 4 in workplace training and OH&S. And Buisness Management. And my instructors license. All these qualifications Add to your pay.

    Just as a matter of interest. Did you guys get a Xmas bonus this year ???
    We did not even get a thank you note. Not a thing.

    Last year we got a fridge magnet with a rum ball recipie on it and thats it. Serious !!!

    The year before that we got a gift voucher for $78 and a beach towel.

    We also have the biatch from hell as our acting manager. A 40 y/o dyke that hates every one and every one hates her. Has been our contracts manager for the last eight years and we have gone through about five depot managers in that time and she always gets past over for the top job. She cant realise its her and her attitude. So she gets nastier and nastier.
    But I think she has really screwed up with her nastiness this time. Union is coming in forsomething she did. But from what I have seen they are useless.
  19. All these posts about life as a postie and no-one's mentioned me, I feel so unloved :rofl:
    Here's my take on the info given so far;
    boingk and Kha-Khees are as close to the money as can be possible based on my experience which is based on two different DCs in two different states as well as stints at other DCs while acting as a relief postie.

    bretto61's experience is unlike anything I've ever heard of and I can only put that down to the contracting out of rounds.
  20. Nah it's our DC Noosaville. And back to that contracts manager. Nambour, caloundra and gympie are all good. It's just the one I contract out of. A real bad attitude. But she cant be sacked. And no one else will have her