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Moto One - Service Dept Improvements.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. I bought my Tuono from Moto One in November 2006. All up I was very happy with their service but not with their lead times for getting bikes booked in. After Scumbag left they also didn't have a fulltime service coordinator. After giving A1 a go, I thought I'd give Moto One another chance to see how they've gone since losing the Ducati work.

    My opportunity for doing so came earlier than I'd expected. The Tuono developed a strange cutting out problem, noticeable when coming to traffic lights etc. First off, gave Moto One a call. Quite shocked to find out that I could bring the bike in that week. Hang on, don't I have to book 6 weeks ahead?

    I met Malcolm, their new coordinator. A very pleasant person, calm and very happy to help. Anyway, Brad took the bike and found issues with the front and rear idle mixture. I took the bike home (they lent my a Guzzi for the day, strange bike!) but the problem was still there. Before I'd had a chance to call back Malcolm AND Brad had both called to enquire as to how it was running.

    The bike was booked in again for another check, this time the bike cut out and stopped on the way to the dealer. Luckily I got going again and went home and trailered the bike there. I got a call that afternoon to be told that the stator coil had failed (not unheard of apparently). Malcolm explained to me that wacky warranty process that JSG use, but after a little prodding he gave JSG a call and had the claim approved. New stator on its way.

    Come Tuesday and the bike's not ready and Malcolm is calling JSG to find out why. I placed Malcolm under a fair bit of pressure to chase the parts down, but he got it all sorted for me by Friday (the part was mislaid in transit). I tecieved several calls to inform me of the status and Malcolm was always very polite and helpful.

    I picked the bike up and trailered it home that afternoon and rode it into coffee that night. No further problems and it seems that Amurai's initial post on the AF1 site was spot on.

    Moto One have certainly stepped up their game since last year and the addition of Malcolm to the team has really improved things. Unfortunately Scumbag set a high bar but even he couldn't contend with the stupid delays in getting bikes booked in. Losinh Ducati seems to have made a real difference.