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Moto Morini bites the dust

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RacingTurtles, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. According to this article Moto Morini have filled for bankrupcy... Another victim of the economic downturn or would it happen regardless? It's a shame, either way. I really liked the look of their Scrambler, didn't mind the rest of their line up, either... then again, I think I'd rather have them gone than taken over by the Chinese like Benelli and Sachs.

    RIP... until the next revival :)

  2. Sad. They were churning out some interesting designs, even if they were pricey. No idea what they were like to actually ride, but a pity to see a source of unique industrial art disappear.
  3. Moto Morini, and all the other Italian motor manufacturers, have had more comebacks than Melba. The world is not a safe place for tiny niche makers these days.
  4. nice looking bikes, but would you buy one? And that is the problem.
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    If i could find someone to service and supply parts i'd buy one over many of Ducati's offerings.....no more expensive, rare, unique and an engine design that is modern :)

    From the information on the site they are not down for the count yet, I think there's a reasonable chance someone will invest/buy them up.

    They had most of the ingredients in place.....a ripper motor, good chassis, a reasonable price (for their exclusivity) and a good warranty (3yr factory unlimited km in the UK at least, 2yr in aus i think). Given time and money their sales would have grown.

    Their reliability couldn't be too bad the scrambler won the street bike class at the [URL="]erzberg prologue enduro[/URL] against things like the bmw GS's etc, not bad for a tarted up road bike.....although it was probably the most powerful thing there by a factor of 2 :)
  6. Typical behaviour of Italian marquees. I wouldn't be surprised if Moto Morini gets resurrected after a while.
  7. "The news comes as a real surprise – Morini has sold 15% more bikes in the first eight months of 2009 than it did in the whole of 2008, and development work on new models was apparently in full swing."

    "“Moto Morini has gone into “Voluntary Liquidation” - this does not have the same implications as under UK law - it is a technical step necessary for any company to block legal action against them from unpaid suppliers. It will enable Morini to continue normal activity and allow the possibility for new investors to come into a "going concern"."

  8. i give them a month :)
  9. A mate has the 1200 roadbike (looks a little bit like a Superduke). Since last year he has had nowhere to get it serviced or to get warranty work done. I think that he could take it to UnZud to get it serviced...
  10. and being a john sample automotive import, i can only imagine what the spare-parts network would be like :roll:
  11. Like all the other Italian manufacturers, Morini has had more owners than models. Sad, because the original company had some very innovative designs, an enviable racing pedigree and a good name.

    The 3 1/2 was a gem.