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Moto Heaven - Brighton

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by booga, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Hello All,

    Well tis the first one of these I've written, so here goes :)

    Short Version:
    Two thumbs up, VERY helpful, VERY friendly, Adrian is a rider (and goes to PI race days regularly), and will make you a latte/cuppuchino while he tabs your bill ;)

    Long version:
    I was after a new lid (helmet), and was speaking to my ever helpful mechanic, and he said there is a great shop near his work, so we moseyed on over on Saturday, and I tested a few on, after trying a few I had decided a colour that he didn't have my size in, so he went to order it in for me...

    All seemed standard proceedure till here;

    Then he, and his lovely assistant ;) dont just make idle chit chat, but were interested in knowing a bit about myself, what i ride, doing track days, where i ride, etc
    They weren't interested in selling me something, but making friends, and if they could help me on the way, we'd both be happier...

    I ended up talking myself ( :oops: ) into some leathers, and tried some on in the shop, but didn't fit, and because he knew I was definate, he got in two suits so i could get the best fit for myself, same thing happened with boots...


    I went down on Wednesday (due to probs with his supplier, which he notified me of as soon as he knew) and spent about an hour (and he was willing to stick around after work for me if he needed to), or more, chatting trying on the new suits/boots chatting to him about his PI days, and how much he enjoys getting out there.

    And with his free tickets to the Moto GP with the first few alpine stars leathers sold, how could one resist :grin:

    And considering he took the time to look after me, to get me protected, while looking my best ;) (unlike Poodle Strokers) he gets:
    Double thumbs up, would go see him again anyday.

    So if your in the area, go see Adrian (or any of his staff), I'd be happy to accompany anyone who was interested in going down too. :grin: