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Moto Guzzi v7 vs Bonneville vs Ducati Scrambler vs W800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Matt7168, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. Looking at one of these 4, price not really a factor in the decision.

    Moto Guzzi v7
    Triumph Bonneville
    Kawasaki W800
    Ducati Scrambler

    I am 6'2" and 90kg.

    90% of use is city commuting through heavy traffic with occasional longer trip on 80/100kmh motorways.
    Very rare longer weekend ride

    Storage accessories are important as I need to carry a fair of gear around

    Any comments or experiences welcome


  2. I would get the scrambler due to having the most grunt out of the 4 listed. Saw a full throttle version parked up the other day and it looked very very nice. Not sure about it's luggage options though. None of them are really touring bikes so you won't have a lot of options IMO.
  3. Test ride them as well, if you can!

    I would go for the Guzzi. The sound is enough to make you buy it.

    The Bonneville looks good but is grossly underpowered. Triumph may be launching a 1000 or a 1100 CC version next year so that may be worth the wait as well.

    W800 is a popular bike too..

    On that note - if you like the retro looks, have a look at the Yamaha XJR1300. About the same price as these ones.
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  4. Old man has a bonneville, it's ok but it's a very lazy feeling engine. I hate how it handles but I'm a sport bike guy.

    I'd suggest the scrambler, looks like you can get it with matching soft luggage from ducati.

    Some wildcards... BMW RnineT, and if you can wait a few months, I think the Yamaha XSR700 (a MT-07 in a scrambler style) would be worth looking at.
  5. The Guzzi is the prettiest, the Scrambler seems the most fun, the Bonneville is tried and true and the Kawasaki is just as good.
    Really, you can't make a bad choice here, I'd personally take the Scrambler, I intend to test ride one when I get my full license.
  6. They're all pretty much short people bikes. I think you might be a bit cramped on any of those.
    You could get a low km big block Guzzi for much the same money.
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  7. That was exactly what I was thinking. I looked at the V7 and Bonni because I was short. If I had been 6'2" I would have been looking at other bikes that I liked but felt uncomfortable with tippy toeing.
  8. I would get the Scrambler because I want one and therefore biased! :)
  9. probably the scrambler because it's the most modern by far, still has the retro look you want, and is reviewed as just like riding a big scooter.
    so would carve up sluggish traffic nicely.
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    Rode a Guzzi v7 today, and sat on a W800 and scrambler the other day in the shop. All of them seem too small and I'm shorter than you (scrambler was the smallest). Having said that I'm a 60 y.o. at heart. Something like the above would be nice if money was no object (customising is a money pit).
  11. I like the Guzzi, but at 6'2" I think it is too small.
  12. I'd have to concede the V7 is small. I'm 6 foot and it is marginal - I've thought about gettimg lower footpegs (AF1 in the US have some) but it hasn't been enough of an issue yet. I actually find I'm more likely to cramp if I'm stopping and putting my feet down more than just riding along. Compared to the DRZ your feet touch down very early when you stop ;)

    You buy the Guzzi for how the engine feels.it is kind of a really subjectively nice soulful engine with some relatively ordinary cycle parts around it - more so than the big blocks. Shocks are ordinary, brakes are adequate. But it feels really good to ride at comparatively moderate speeds

    If you want power I think the scrambler is the winner in your 4 choices maybe followed by the Bonnie which is more powerful and heavier than the Guzzi. I think from what Ive read the W is probably similar to the Guzzi in max power

    But as everyone says a test ride is your best bet
  13. Stumbled across this post - a pretty late response, but having ridden all of the above (in a similar search for a bike) - The Ducati Scrambler might not be the best option for city riding. Having ridden one through peak hour traffic in Sydney, i found the snatchy throttle and uncomfortable seat a little bit frustrating for start stop riding. It's a great bike in many regards, I did get a chance to hit the open road away from traffic and it was insanely fun.

    Bonneville / Triumph Scrambler may be a good choice as it's a bit larger than most of the bikes on this list and has the most aftermarket storage accessories available for it. Has heaps of grunt, handles really well and feels really solid. I just didn't like the fact that they are made in Thailand (along with the Ducati Scrambler).

    Guzzi V7 has great character, and is the perfect bike in almost every way. I was about to pull the trigger on a V7 Special but ended up going with a W800SE. Only because I personally connected with the W800 a tad bit more. It is incredibly well built (like the V7) and has quality components. I found the smooth gearbox and slim chassis really well suited to city riding.

    Storage accessories for the Guzzi are expensive - accessories for the W800 are hard to find, I buy all parts etc. from Japan. Both bikes are on the smaller side so the bonneville might be your best bet.

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  14. Rode all three, I found them all a little small and not suitable for my short heavy traffic commute

    Ended up buying a BMW G650GS. Very comfortable and probably a little more practical for what I use it for. Really great value to. I also want to do a bit of touring / flyfishing so the BMW suits that as well.

    Very happy with it so far

    Thanks for all the helpful comments

  15. Do you mind expanding on this? what were the problems for a heavy commute for each of these bikes?
  16. Did you buy the BMW new ?