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Moto Guzzi V7 Classic - useful as a daily commuter?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by duncan_bayne, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm exploring options for replacing my beloved GS1100G with a more reliable daily commute. One option that has come up is to lease a new bike through my own company; the bike that stands out if I'm doing that is the Guzzi V7 Classic.

    On paper it's got everything I want: beautiful looks, economy, shaft drive, comfort, new-bike warranty ... looking good.

    I was wondering, though, if any owners would care to share their experience of maintaining a V7 (the modern one that is!). The reason I'm selling my GS is that she's spending a fair bit of time in the shop - partly for enhancements (air horn, w00t!) but partly to have glitches ironed out (stator rewound, tank stripped and coated, etc.)

    Would I be getting a reliability upgrade with the V7, or would I be buying a basket of Italian trouble (like my also-beloved Mito 125, which I use as a track day bike)? Are there any particular worries with this model, or are they pretty solid?

  2. from what ive heard they have a few common problems that are easily sorted out. (15 mins and a $10)

    stuff like gaskets on the valve covers... I saw a really good article about a guy in sydney who got one, if i get time i'll find it.
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  3. That'd be interesting to see...
  4. FWIW - nothing sounded too difficult and everythings easy to get to cause the heads are at the sides.. my GF likes them so we might get her one when shes off her LAMS... sounds like typical italian fiddly crap rather than anything serious.... it wasn't enough to put me off. :)
  5. It should be ideal. They have only improved under ownership by the Piaggio Group, and notably thanks to input from sister company Aprilia's design and manufacturing mojo.
  6. I reckon they are a good thing.......if you do decide to take the plunge make sure to post on NR with some real world, first hand experience.
  7. Yeah, it's hard to find good info on the things.
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  8. Indeed - mechanical spec and media bumf indicate this should be a lovely runner.....

    Real world feedback is always more telling.
  9. Interesting choice, I like the way you're thinking.
    I believe that recent reliability is greatly improved.
  10. I wrote on another thread about my experience with my Guzzi 750 Breva which is essentially the same bike as the V7. I've done 45000k so far and the only thing that's gone wrong so far is one of the baffles has come loose. I got a replacement from a guy in the US for $120 delivered as against $600 for a new one here in OZ. I have put Barkbusters, a Hepco and Becker top box and panniers and a Givi A620 windshield on and am getting the muffler and new suspension fitted on Friday. I usually get around 13-17000k out of a rear tyre and up to 23000 from a front. Apart from this it just get regular servicing, and I'm lucky having a world expert on Guzzi's as my mechanic living just 50 k away. I'm going to be putting at least another 2000k on it next week when I make a trip home to Geelong and then down the GOR and then it'll due for it's 50000k service. It handles well, is comfortable, is reliable and is not very thirsty. It's perfect for me and the V7 might be for you.
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  11. Thanks for the info ... certainly sounding more and more tempting. Might have to find a dealer and go for a test ride.
  12. ... which I've done - going for a test ride next week at A1 Motorcycles in Ringwood.

    Credit to them: I emailed three dealers with a model specific enquiry; A1 replied immediately and called me to discuss options, one other dealer replied the next day to apologise for the lack of a demonstrator, and the third hasn't got back to me.
  13. If the dealer has the demo sorted, you'll be able to tell straight away if you like it or not. You will notice that it vibrates a bit, probably more than the BMW. The handling is reasonably good, if you want to you can do what I did and spend around $750 and get Ikon front springs and shocks and get really improved handling. As far as reliability is concerned, all I've had to do is get it serviced avery 10000k. I've just had a 50000k service and as yet I've had nothing go wrong. Once the bike gets to around 10000k it really loosens up and revs freely and is a joy to ride. I did have to replace the seat cover because my bike lives outside in the elements and the sun and rain caused the vinyl to crack and split, but if you keep it under cover it should be fine. My mechanic (Pete Roper) was talking about Melbourne Guzzi dealers to me the other day and said that A1 were good. The really nice things about Guzzis is that not every one has one and they have a way of getting to you so you enjoy them more. If you want more info you can go to the forum, www.wildguzzi.com.
    Good luck
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  14. Very excited about the test ride (on Thursday afternoon). I'm actually giving free food and beer (courtesy my client) a miss in order to go for a ride :)
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  15. Will wait for results. :)
  16. I think you'll like it. The gearbox may be a little stiff, but after a couple of thousand k's it loosens up nicely. Then there's the sound it makes under load...nice.
  17. I've owned 2 Guzzis, a V11 LeMans and a Norge GT and neither needed anything other than regular servicing.

    However if you do need parts because of something unexpected (like an accident) expect the parts to take longer to arrive than for the mainstream brands because only common parts are kept locally.
  18. Thanks - yeah I can deal with delays due to damage to the bike, it's the endless hunt for parts for my 30 year old GS come servicing time that's getting a bit old.
  19. My mechanic mentioned that there was a guy who works at A1 (Terry, I think) who works on Guzzi's on the side. Apparently he's good. I can find out who he is if you want.
  20. I rode a V7 on Thursday and loved it :) Writeup here.