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Moto Guzzi V65 Lario - started rebuild (pics)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Trevor G, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. One of Moto Guzzi's sportingest rides, the V65 Lario weighs around 180kg, has a 5 speed gearbox with shaft drive, and outputs around 58 hp according to the factory, although that was probably measured at the cylinder head. ;-)


    The Lario has a 4 valve cylinder head, easily identified by the flat, rectangular rocker cover as shown in the pics, and a squared-off cylinder head at the spark plug area. The 2 valve models use a tapered head at the spark plug and a smaller, more trapezoidal rocker cover.

    This particular bike is one of a number which had silver painted engine and gearbox components - evidently the beautiful raw aluminium look was not good enough! I used to loathe these particular trimmings, but now that I own one I have grown to like it.

    Oh, while they started out as silver (I have been assured by those who were there at the time) once certain degreasers hit the paint it actually turned to white!


    Of course, 4 valve cylinder heads are very common these days, but not at the MG factory! They were one of the first manufacturers to use the new technology, back in the 1920s, even, but then let it go for 60 years until the Lario in 1985.

    Styling is very classic Italian: viewed from just about any angle you can see intersecting and matching lines. The rocker cover matches the line of the side panel and, I could go on but I won't. :)

    This is the cockpit view. Note the assymetrical instrument panel layout dominated by the larger tacho, redlined at 7,800 rpm. Mario from Thunderbikes in WA used to race one of these and assures me he could safely (and frequently) take it to 9,000 rpm.


    Of course, this shot from behind is also the same view that Ducati riders will get should they encounter a Lario on the road.


    I have just bought this bike, with recently new clutch, gearbox components and a genuine 65,000 km. It certainly looks like a young bike - my other one, which shows 57,000 km now, must certainly have been around the clock once already.

    It's great to see all the youthful components, but there is one part I never expected to see on a Lario. Yes, in case you hadn't heard or guessed from some of my earlier comments, that delightfully free-breathing 4 valve head was also the Lario's downfall.


    Darn. That's a hole in the piston crown - the dreaded Lario "valve head breaks off the stem and makes a dreadful mess" has occurred. I'll post some pics in the technical section as I attempt to overcome this expensive factory mistake.

    Some people swear it can be done. I hope they are right.


    Trevor G
  2. Nice bike. Hope you can get valves sorted, just remember there are many specialist valve manufacturers in the US, it may pay to get some custom made (titanium, stainless alloy?) rather than persevering with something factory!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Congrats on the New Bike Complete with Belly pan. I am blessed with a MK4 and a Lario 650 with a Stucci Fairing, The Larios a great ride smooth easy to manage around town. Im in Melb and there's a few places to get parts here if you get stuck, Have Fun,
  4. give tom a call at don newells in brisvegas a call(google it )

    he will set you in the right direction of where to get the head sorted out or may have something 2nd hand
  5. Lario gets a new piston

    After some delay I have finally started working on the new Lario.

    Took it to Allan Wilson in Lavington this week to have the old, holey piston removed and a newer one fitted. I tried, but couldn't budge the gudgeon pin.

    Here's how it looks now:


    In case you are wondering about the cloth surrounding the piston: a previous owner has shortened the mufflers (probably to hide the effects of rust) and before the neighbours complain about the noise I decided to put a sock in it.

    I am wondering whether this engine has had some performance mods. If you check carefully inside the circled area you will see that the exhaust pipe has a restricted area right at the top. This is not on my other one, and the only reason I can think of is to improve exhaust scavenging. We will see.

    It might explain why the previous-to-me owner said, "It has a power band at 5200 rpm." I thought that was a strange comment, so we will see when I get it running. He said he never took it over that point.

    Oh, in case you are wondering, I will get both heads rebuilt with new stainless steel valves before I ride it.


    Trevor G
  6. Hah, strange fate sometimes.

    In my last ride report (Five Seasons, no not by Vivaldi) I told how I holed up at the general store/garage at Tarago, between Goulburn and Braidwood. Carl, the owner has, guess what, a Lario in various bits in his shed. It's his wife's bike, and has been off the road for over a year 'waiting for parts'.

    Perhaps you two could get together; "I'll see your cylinder head, and raise you one clutch cable..." :LOL:.

    Good report, though Trevor, and I look forward to seeing it come together, eventually :roll: :LOL:.