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Moto Guzzi Griso SE Black Devil

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wyno, May 23, 2013.

  1. Picked this new beauty up on Monday. I've only done a couple of 100k on it so far but I'm taking it to Geelong tomorrow and coming back on Sunday so that'll put about 1500 more on it. This thing is so damn fast compared to the Moto Guzzi Breva 750 I've had for the last 2 years. It handles better, it sits on the road better and it's less affected by cross winds. I had to take the Breva out to keep the battery charged today and I really didn't like riding it. It felt too high, too cramped and way too slow, and it was badly affected by the wind. My mechanic said not to baby the Griso when I'm running it in and who am I to argue seeing he's a world expert on Guzzi's. It's so hard to keep the thing at the speed limit too. I'm having to run 3rd or 4th instead of 4th or 5th to keep at the speed limit. Can't wait till after the first service (Monday) so that I can really give it a nudge.

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  2. I forgot to say there's a picture of one as my avatar.
  3. Pics or it didn't happen as they say, avatar doesn't count
  4. I've got to learn how to post pics from my Mac. It's not as easy as a PC.
  5. I wish you much joy of your new bike.

    I don't need to know about your religious problems.
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  6. Hey wyno, do you mind if I ask how tall you are?
  7. Congrats mate - lovely thing the big protruding twin of a Guzzi :D

    FWIW I believe the Rexxer tune does wonders for these bikes after run-in........maybe look at this as a fuelling option....

  8. Viker, I'm just on 6 foot. Apart from the power, the space was the main reason that I wanted the bigger bike. Cheers.
  9. BitSar, I haven't heard of the Rexxer tune before. I'm lucky to have Pete Roper (Guzzi expert) living just 40k away and he's my mechanic. He's never mentioned it to me.
  10. It is just a method of adjusting the ECU tables, much like tuneECU for Triumphs.

    Larger twins tend to have lumpy throttle response and poor fuelling below 4,000rpm while running open loop - the is due to the emission control bullshit and a combination of a lambda probe and PAIR valve mucking things up.

    I've heard a retune for your bike does wonders :D
  11. Love Guzzis. Post some pics please. :)
  12. I've been trying to figure out how to post from the Mac. When Ive worked it out I'll post some pics of the Griso with the 750 Breva I have to sell.
  13. This Rexxer business, is it free software, like TuneECU, and does it work it's magic on a V7?

    When the V7 first came out I lusted after one very seriously, but couldn't come at the potential cost of making the engine actually produce some reasonable amount of power, but, if I can get similar improvements to those achieved by TuneECU, I could again be tempted by the small block Guzzi.
  14. I really can't give you meaningful info Cam --sorry :(

    Rexxer is not free - you need the equipment. There is one guy (that I know of) here in Melbourne who deals with Aprilia, Ducati, Guzzi etc....all Italian.....for race prep etc.
    He is the go-to-guy for the up to date info on the tune.
  15. Another person to try would be Dave Ward from Moto Italia.......I sourced my FatDuc O2 manipulator through him

  16. Thanks wyno, I'd better cross it off my list 'cause I'm over 6.

    Enjoy the Griso!
  17. Damned fine bike sir!!!

    There's something lovely about 'Guzzi's - it's a brand you see parked on the other side of the street and actually make time to cross over to drool over it!

    I *adore* the V7 Cafe Racer but unfortunately it's just not a "sensible" choice for me as I don't own a car and need a bike I can do all sorts of stuff on. Having said that the all silver V7 they released for the anniversary was utterly glorious and when I win the lottery I will be hunting one down mercilessly!!!!

    Enjoy the new bike!!!

    PS: Nearly bought a used Breva last year but read so many average reviews I declined... hope your experience was better!
  18. I just sold my Breva with 56000k on it with a Givi windscreen and H&B pannier and top box racks for $3500 to a young lady here in Canberra. She and another fellow are members of the Canberra Riders forum and know each other and they both came to look at it at the same time. Both wanted it, so they tossed a coin and the lady won. She's going to ride it on the Black Dog ride to Alice Springs in August. She's over the moon about it and the guy is pissed the coin toss didn't go his way. I had a great time on it, but I have to say that the Griso suits me better as it's bigger and really has a turn of speed that the Breva lacks.
  19. Love the griso, i really want one of the green with brown seat ones one day.

    As for posting pics on a mac, its really no harder or much different from a pc mate.

    Go to tinypic.com

    click upload, then navigate to your photos using finder, just click the folders and do the normal file browsing business till you get them, select and upload.

    then once you upload, get the direct link from tinypic to the jpg and link it here by clicking on the little tree icon and copying and pasting the link to your image into the field.

    Pretty much the same as a pc.
  20. Thanks mate, I'll give it a whirl.