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Moto Guzzi California 1400 gets launched

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lazy Libran, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Saw this pic below and loved it. What are your thoughts?

    Article HERE

  2. looks like a big mofo doenst it!!
  3. Yeah. I would also add BAD to make it big bad mofo. :)

    Wonder what the price will be?
  4. I really wanted to like it, but I just can't. The back 1/3 of the bike from side on is horrendously ugly and the tank cut-outs don't really work. Also I don't understand why manufacturers can't just use a simple round headlight. It would look so much better than the POS they stuck on the front.
  5. It looks like a CBf1, a Guzzi and an Me109 had a three some. I love it.
    I would have to change the pipes to nice thin loud ones and I would be happy having that in my loungeroom.
  6. The elegance of the 20 or so spoked wheels is inconsistent with the overall bruiser look. The colours for the rear shock and camshaft cover don't blend with the tank and fender colour for me. The radiator looks pretty damn vulnerable. And where is the travel for the front shock absorbers?

    I prefer the more classic look of the Breva range.
  7. If their V7 is a case study in getting proportions right, this one is a great example of getting them all wrong. All the traditional elements are there, but everything is too long, too heavy, too ... something. Just wrong! Add the ugly cut-outs and another awful headlight (there must be some sort of secret competition happening at the moment among bike designers for the most hideous headlight possible) and what you end up is one of the least attractive bikes the money can buy at the moment.

    And again - it's not like I don't like Moto Guzzis as a rule... I just hate this one.
  8. It looks like a Victory. That's not a compliment.
  9. I don't like it and I speak as a Moto Guzzi fan and multiple owner.

    The previous posters are correct, the proportions are wrong.

    None of the individual parts are horrendous (although some are untidy like the head light) but they just work together.
  10. Not sure I like where/how the front brake cable is mounted. No mirrors either. I know it's all about the name but I'll stick to my 1400.
  11. One more pic :


    From what I've read - this is not in produciton yet. Just a prototype so there will be some (or a lot) of changes.
  12. I have a real soft spot for the Guzzi's but this one is just not quite right. I really want to love it but its but ugly - maybe I'll feel differently if/when I see it in the flesh
  13. I must be a sick puppy. I still love it and think in the flesh it will be fat
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  14. hey this model is making me go wild it is really cool superb
  15. There you go again…
  16. Its a bit weird with the cylinders breaking the line of the tank, looks like its developed a growth of some sort.