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Moto GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by phil1972, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Is any-one organising a rental house for GP weekend this year ? If so would like to get some info ..
    I know a bit early BUT im excited :grin:

  2. I'll be in a tent this year, but at least it's a big enough tent to put the bikes in....
  3. does any 1 have imformation about this subject ?
  4. You wernt amongst this lot last year were you :p



    We had hoped to make it down again this year, but as usual work wants to get in the way :evil: If we go we will either crash @ a friend's place who lives there or do what we did last year, bus it to Island from Melb.

    And no its not early, you REALLY do need to plan ahead.
  5. tent or no tent i will be there. joining the army a week after the GP at phillip island this year!! the one year in a while it it being raced in september and not october its like i was ment to go no matter what!
  6. I'm a comuter as no bed feels as good as mine!
  7. haha, those guys were hilarious! They had a dildo on the end of the fishing rod, and were casting it out to any half decent looking female around and reeling it back in slowly :LOL: