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Moto GP - where to sit?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by edgelett, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. OK I'm going to buy our seats soon
    just not sure where to park myself!
    we want grandstand tickets
    should we get pit straight or one of the other stands?

  2. Siberia is the goods
  3. +1 on Siberia. Must say I don't mind Turn 1 either...good views of the track from the straight - Honda corner - Siberia...but you pretty much lose sight of the bikes after this, till they come around again.

    edgelett - no matter where you go, you gotta stand next to the fence. Bugger the grandstands. When those bikes go past...well...let's just say it's almost sexual. :grin:
  4. Siberia shows a good part of the track and some of the exciting tight stuff. Main straight grandstand is good for the start, the finish, exit out of turn 12 or whatever that one is called, and for the podium presentations.

    Also handy to exit the track to the buses or bike park.

    Bass Straight is good too, for watching them enter Southern Loop and over to Siberia and to disappear up the heyshed area. But it's a million miles from anywhere and if it's crappy weather can be a real prick.

    I would like to do the corporate thing with one of the corporate boxes either over the pits or near Turn 12, or whatever that one is called, if nothing else but to say that I've done it and waste a few megadollars on it (missus's description of it, not mine when I floated the idea last year).

    Or, you can do it on the cheap and get a throwaway portable seat and prop up against the fence anywhere around the circuit, with Turn One being probably my favorite. You get to see most of the start, SL, Honda Corner/Siberia, etc..

    As well there's often a "Super" screen that you can view.

    Of course, the off-track entertainment in the campgorund adjacent to T1 is shithot. Year before last they had these guys with a dildo attached to a surf rod for which they were using to fish for, well, catches, I s'pose. Then following the race the lads did a lap of the track in a dome tented gokart thingy. Absolutely hilarous looking...

    Their motto was "Phillip Island? Wear the fox hat." So they did...
  5. the stunt bikes ets, I guess they're all on pit straight?
  6. Another vote for Siberia - brilliant.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. LMAO - that's awesome Charmed!

  9. I agree with everything you have just said........, but then I could be wrong...Siberia is the place to be....
  10. Our corner of choice is just out of Southern Loop :cool:

    Edgelett, the stunts will be at different parts of the track as well as the straight. I'm not sure if they do more on the straight though than the other sections :?
  11. i'm with rosie on this one! don't waste ur money! it's so much better to go to different spots over the weekend. my fav spot is just after the grandstands and before turn 1 you can see up the straight and hear the bikes at full noise. its also where they do some of the stunting. great veiws of turn 3,4 (always good if someone comes in too fast),5,6 and limited 1 &7 (and limited 11&12 depending on where u sit) there is usually a big screen there and plenty of toilets and food.
  12. The best seat in the house is on the inside in orange overalls