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Moto gp vs f1

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mr_messy, Apr 21, 2007.

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  2. Yeah, that was informative. Comparing GP bikes in the wet, vs F1 cars in the dry. :roll:

    The lap record for Valencia with the GP bikes is 1:31.8. Nothing like the 1:50 they're suggesting there.
    The video shows Rubens Barrichello achieving 1:20.1.

    Everyone knows that F1 cars are faster than GP bikes, but if we're going to ask "By how much?", then anyone with half a brain would compare in the same conditions. Not wet vs dry.
  3. ... or at least do what the Top Gear crew do and put a "W" after the time to indicate that it is not directly comparable with the dry time....
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  5. Top vid 2cc

    Thought the bike would have been around one tenth and not one fifth the value of the F1 car

    And I've seen ski boats go 105mph, might have been a bit closer - my calcs say about nine secs for a flying 400metres :cool:
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    The problem with that is comparing a 5million pound specificaly built four wheeled vehicle to an essentially modified street legal bike. The comparison should be against a V8 supercar or the like to be at all fair, or get a drag bike that's been specifically built. Apples and oranges.
  7. Talking about the drag race, an F1 vs a MotoGP would be a better test, since both are essentially prototype vehicles in their class built for racing around circuits with corners.

    A purpose built drag-bike wouldn't be fair, 'cos people would then just argue to stick a top-fuel dragster in place of the F1 car.

    In terms of apples to apples (as close as it gets):

    F1 or IndyCars = MotoGP
    V8 Supercars or Nascar = SBK
    Drag Car = Drag Bike
  8. The "modified street legal bike" was worth 1million pounds (and hand built), don't know why they couldn't spend a couple hundred on a set of wheelie bars :p
  9. I'd agree saying that F1 cars are faster however I recon you'd need either bigger balls or more of them to ride the Moto GP bikes at 110ths compared to an F1 at 10 10ths

    disclaimer/whatever:I have absolutely no experience to base this theory on. Obviously
  10. Fast schmast..

    It's all about the FUN/enjoyment :grin: For that (for me anyway) bikes are second to none for land vehicles from my experience :grin: :cool:

    :biker: is a good expression :cool: as opposed to :driver: *grin* :twisted: :cheeky: \:D/ :dance: :bannanabutt:
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  12. Even saying "as close as it gets" I don't think there's a class of car racing that compares to SBK. I mean the only thing that a V8 supercar has in common with a Falcommodore are a couple of the panels, and in the case of NASCAR, nothing to do with the "base car" I don't know the SBK tech rules but I'm sure a SBK has much more in common with a normal street bike than any touring car class has to do with the normal street cars.
  13. http://www.fim.ch/en/default.asp?item=26

    Read and learn.

    The engine cases, OEM bare carbs or throttle bodies, main frame, and external physical appearance, is about it for similarities between a WSBK bike, and its corresponding homologation street bike version. Even the crank-shaft may be changed.

    There's about as much similarity between a WSBK bike to its base model, as a V8 super-car to its corresponding base model. Aside from its external physical appearance (panel shape, and basic main frame), and engine casing, almost everything else is fair game.
  14. Ok fair enough, I didn't realise they had such a free reign over what could be changed.
  15. Yeah, there's a real reason for why WSBK lap-times get to well under 1sec of MotoGP times at various tracks.

    I reckon this would've been a real concern when the moved the MotoGP rules back to 800cc. What would they do if suddenly WSBK started going faster everywhere, and more to the point, WSBK is racing homologated street bikes which directly impacts sales of the homologated model (regardless of whether or not the final racebike shares less than 10% of itself with the homolgated bike).

    If you are interested in true homologation racing, it's well worth your while to check up on what's happening in the SuperStock events (both 600cc and 1000cc). Those two are the race series that bear the most resemblence to what you buy from a shop.
  16. For a fair comparrasin you take the worlds fastest cars and put them against the worlds fastest bikes,

    BECAUSE !!!!

    people smarter than all of us have been working for years with the best technology and everything money can buy to produce the best possible results.

    cars will alway be faster just get over it.

    Apples and oranges??? fcuk off! only if you are talking about 1 being a car and one being a bike is this phrase acceptable.

    German keyboards suck!!!

    Donkey, live Aus Berlin.