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Moto GP tickets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Climbatize, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Hey guys can you buy tickets for the MotoGP at the door? I'm having trouble finding an answer to this on the site.

  2. You should be able to get one at the door, that what we going to do on Sunday.
  3. I was wondering the same thing......... wonder no more :)
  4. Yes they are always available at the gate. Just queue up along with everyone else.
  5. Sweet. I think I may go down on the Friday because it's quite cheap.. 40 bucks. It's 70 bucks on Sat and 90 bucks on Sun. Although, Sat & Sun weather is looking ALOT better.

    Sunday would be madness getting home though.. few beers in front of the TV could be a goa for me.
  6. I'm taking my boxing gloves.
  7. I get paid to be there. More to the point I get paid to walk up and down pit lane :D
  8. Lucky u Vic, should be discount to all NR member.
  9. You'd be amazed how many people suddenly find my phone number when it's F1 or MotoGP time :D

    Everyone want's to get into pit lane (y)

  10. So you don't get to see any corners?
  11. There is corners at either end of the straight, for some reason.
  12. lol Joel (y)
  13. Of course I do.
    Well, I see them coming onto the straight off 12. Turn 1 is too far to see/appreciate.
  14. Well isn't getting paid to be around highly tuned motorcycles a biatch..

    Who exactly do you work for Vic?
  15. Pit Lane Security
  16. Vic may not be able to see any corners but there's usually plenty of curves to look at which well and truly compensate for that =P~
  17. Funny you say that Vic, each year I work at the AGP and you're right, suddenly all your best buddies come out of the woodwork :)

  18. +1

    But most of them have worked out after 25 F1GP's that I've worked at that they aint getting a ticket out of me......
  19. I had not considered that.

    Touche! =D>
  20. Whilst on the subject of Moto GP Tickets, did anyone request the offer of free parking/bus pass/or helmet storage ?

    I, as well some other folks that went to the GP last weekend purchased tickets before the end of August 09 . This according to the blurb should have furnished us with the free passes to either of the three stated abide.

    We got fk all cept a lot of grief from the parking guys and gals on all 3 days.

    The response from Ticketek was a crock of poo .

    The parking attendants reckon there were heaps of folks that were in the same boat as us.
    For us that was 3 lots of parking at 10 bucks each over 3 days which is 90 bucks which = a lot of riding fuel or party fuel.